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Dallas is the best person in the world know to man "its always bigger and better in texas"(pronounced /ˈdæləs/) is the third-largest (as estimated by the United States Census Bureau on 1 July 2006) city in the state of Texas and the ninth-largest in the United States. Residents of Dallas are called Dallasites. The city covers 385 square miles (997 km²) and is the county seat of Dallas County. As of July 1, 2006, U.S. Census estimates put central Dallas at a population of over 1.2 million.The city is the main economic center of the 12-county Dallas–Fort Worth–A

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Angelpink :

Can anyone please tell me when Dallas restarts on UKTV Gold

annelazilu :
"i thought it had just finished angelpin"
laplandfan :
"Has just finished but you can buy box sets on Ebay quite cheaply."
Classy Clarissa :
"I know I have been wanting to watch it aswell I mean one minute it's on,next it's off!I was actually going to ring sky lol but it seems like the series has ended for now. Here's more information, but the channel itself claims they are not showing it"
angel.lady :
"I wish I knew , I started watching it all over again, and bang its gone. I was getting right into it, even though I saw it the first time round. My Daughter who is only 17 said "oh mum your not watching this rubbish", yes I said, I am sit down and listen to the accents. We were both in a play at the time and needed to learn the accent. We did, the play went well and now my Daughter is also hooked on Dallas. (but she wont admit it) Did you also see the programme some months ago when Dallas was re-visited, it was quite good to see how these characters had aged. Mr. Barnes (cant think of his first name) is now doing Pantomime in England. That was so funny. I hope you find the answer though as I cant wait to see the next episode....... oh just thought of his name....CLIFF...would not want you to go to bed know knowing the name I hate it when someone does that to me....cherrio...."
magawagga :
"Just finished"
bren :
"Check ebay!"
dancing queen :
"wish i could get uktv gold - i loved dallas. angela - it was justin lee collins who did "bring back dallas". I adored patrick duffy."
nicola b :
"Thank god i wasn't the only sado watching the re run on UK gold. My other half was constantly taking the mick. I loved sitting for 2 to 3 hours on a saturday and sunday morn, gutted they stopped showing it ....just as poor Cliff was in a coma. BRING IT BACK NOW UK GOLD."
Moomintroll :
"why watch it? it's dire!!"
Bob Loblaw :

Is anyone else surprised that they have over 100 points? In a tough division no less. I just don't find them to be that good or stand a chance of going anywhere. I also think whatever team that jostles their way into playing them in the 1st round is doing themselves a favor. Thoughts? Jeff-yes. Turco is a great regular season goalie but a play-off choke so like I said, any team is doing themselves a favor. Who of the top other 5 teams would you rather face? Dallas is the obvious answer. 1st Injuries can NEVER be an excuse-every team has them 2nd Gretzky should stick to trying to look after his own team since that isn't going too well 3rd Madano-the 40 point Madano? Great career-unfortunately the best is behind him. 4th-what is that a list of play-off chokers? Oh sorry then. Lindros and turco are play-off chokers- and we know HOW IMPORTANT GOALTENDING IS. The others have cups for the most part because of Belfour not Turco, plus that was what, like 8 years ago? But the same key guys? Zubov,Sydor, Madano?? It is a young man's game now.

lidstromnumber1fan :
"Wow, I didn't realize they had that many points. I didn't think they had been playing that well. A good example-- they just lost to the Blues. Regardless of their regular season I don't think they will do well in the playoffs. Turco always has an excellent regular season then chokes in the playoffs. This season he has not been too good but I don't think he will do the opposite of usual and after having a bad regular season surprise everyone and have a great playoff season. Brendan Morrow is back and is playing quite well but I think that is too little too late."
Wings Fan! :
"hey any thing can happen in hockey, thats why its such a wonderful game, i mean dallas beat detroit and nashville and then goes and gets beat by the blues. so i wouldn't quite say that whoever gets them in the first round is going to beat them....any thing could happen.....its hockey!"
jeff s :
"Since the 1997 season Dallas has reached the 100 pt marker 8 times... I think there are only 2 other teams that can make this claim. The Stars are a really good team consistently and have been treated as an elite team by the general managers of the rest of the league, if not the NHL fans. I doubt tha any team would seriously think they would be doing themselves a favor if they met them in the playoffs. Now, I am not sure if they will go far in the post-season... I am always suspicious of teams that don't boast at least three 20 goal scorers... but they have made choices to beef up their blue line meaning that they don't want to leave Turco to hang in the breeze alone. But I can't right now think of one team in the Western Conference that can definitively beat the Stars. But no, I am not surprised that they have over 100 points... this is a proud organization with a lot of depth and has won their division 6 times in the last ten years. I'm not surprised at all... they just aren't talked about outside of Dallas, people just don't watch (or hear about) them to know how good they are."
starsfan :
"Dude, what are you smoking? They have a heck of a team. First, They have over 300 man games lost to injury(most in the NHL), yet they have still won 1 more game than Anaheim. 2nd, they are in the race for the best GAA and best GA. Gretzky called them the best Defensive team in hockey. 3rd, They are just getting people back in their lineup. Modano came back from injury and scored 8 goals in 11 games, while setting a record and hitting a milestone in the process. 4th, They have so many great veterans on their team, Zubov, Modano, Ribeiro, Morrow, Sydor, Halpern, Lindros, Turc, Klem, Lehtinen, Barnes etc... They aren't a surefire team to win the cup, but its not like other teams are gonna walk all over them. GO STARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are just ignorant... I was basically saying that their Defense is as good if not better than any one else, and with the return of other players our team is starting to get some much needed offense. Offense gets the glory but Defense wins Championships... Playoff chokers?!!! Over half of the mentioned have Stanley cup rings. Klem, Zubov, and Sydor all have at least 2. Its hard to call someone who has a stanley cup ring a playoff choker, let alone somone who has 2. Hockey is not all about offense, its about defense too! DUDE!!! You can nit pick all you want, but that doesn't change the fact that Dallas is and has been a good team for a very long time... I could probably find several reasons why your team might not do well in the playoffs as well. Plus only two of the at least six cups I mentioned came from the 99 team that Belfour was on. All 3 of Klem's came elsewhere, 1 of Zubov's came from New York, and 1 of Sydor's came from Tampa Bay. HABITANT... Only 3 (which is less than half of 11) of the Vets I mentioned have never been to the finals. Everybody that was on that list except for Halpern, Ribeiro, and Turco has at least been to the finals."
Emily B :
"They only have 102 pts but the ducks have 106 which means 2 games the ducks have 3 left and so do the stars the ducks win 1 and stars lose 1 and the stars are out san jose sucks they have been getin lucky. stars vs ducks fri april 6 the ducks will rock u and marty. go dddduuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkssss"
Stefy [San Jose] :
"sucks. except lindros and morrow. :)"
Detroit Punk :
"Jeff!!! You are a smart man. Dallas is a good team, no matter how many seasoned players they have on there team. Look at the Wings the last 3 times they won the cup!! They were the Old Folks home of the NHL!! LOL!! Although I wish the Wings would give up on the Presidents Trophy because Buffalo will win it, and I would rather see them play Dallas over Calgary!! Dallas is an overall better team the Calgary, but Calgary lately has been on a terror and scaring me on how good they can play. Plus the Kipper is a Goal-tending God."
zapcity29 :
"Tough division? The Stars have been feeding on Phoenix and LA all season, along with the Ducks and Sharks. Their 100 point campaigns are as tainted as The Wings and Preds who've had 3 patsy teams to smack around and rack points off of. I agree that of the bottom 4 teams in the west, the Stars are the least scary. Calgary's got Kipper, Minny is 'New Jersey West' and San Jose's got the full package. If the standings remain the same, the Stars have Vancouver and 100 points earned in the VERY tough Northwest division. I guess anything can happen but, at the end of the tourney, the team with the most consistent keeper and fewest injuries usually lifts the trophy. Can Dallas be that team? I doubt it."
"like you said Turco has great stats in the regular season but when it comes to the playoffs he chokes big time. when they won the Stanley cup last time Modano was in his prime and so was Zubov and they had Belfour in nets a much better team. Modano, Lehtinen not having the greatest years. 9 of the players are older then 33 years old and also not having the best years of their career. i would love to face them in the first round Turco chokes and the team has a hard time scoring goals anyways. and what ever happens in the regular season teams or players stats it doesnt mean you will have a good playoff run. Modano's record wont, help Tuco's 6 SO won't help, Dallas 100pts season won't help, them either. its playoffs, till they prove us wrong they will always be known as a terrible team in the playoffs with Turco. starsfan>>>>i like your list of veterans, the veterans you've named half haven't come close of winning the cup so some of your veteran list wont help out the team as they don't know what it takes to win the big game. GO HABS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1"
Mighty Mouse :
"This three point game crap has made a mess of playoff races, not to mention we can't guage a teams performance based on points. When has a team ever missed the playoffs with over 90 points? Only in the Buttman era."
hockeygirl :
"i only read the first part of ur question. Im not really surprised. I think theyre a pretty good team..but hey the devils i think have 100 or more..thats what i read. And if i do happen to get murdered at that high school...its ur fault k?"
hockey_gal9 :
"Jeez, if you're gonna try to complain about a team, at least spell the players' names correctly, like MODANO. And second, pick a team that actually deserves the diss. Dallas is a kick ass team. Pick on Detroit or Philly."
Paul Grass :

Dallas chooses businessman as next mayor By JEFF CARLTON, Associated Press Writer Sat Jun 16, 11:31 PM ET DALLAS - Choosing a wealthy retired businessman over an openly gay city councilman, voters elected Tom Leppert as Dallas mayor Saturday by a wide margin. PAID POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT Capping a swift rise from political unknown to the top office of the nation's ninth-largest city, Leppert won the most expensive mayoral race in Dallas history. He received about 58 percent of the vote in the final but still unofficial results of the runoff, beating Ed Oakley by more than 13,000 votes. "I understand the trust and confidence they've placed in me," said Leppert, 53. "I am eager to fulfill that trust and confidence." Oakley fell short of making Dallas the largest city in the country to elect an openly gay mayor. "I can't tell you what it's been like ... to serve Dallas, change Dallas and put Dallas on a path of greatness," he said. "I truly believe I've been part of that." Leppert, the former CEO of construction giant Turner Corp., had never run for elected office before. He had scant name recognition when he decided late last year to enter the race to replace outgoing Mayor Laura Miller, who was not seeking re-election. Oakley and Leppert were the top fundraisers before the May 12 election, in which they beat nine other candidates to reach the runoff. Leppert spent about $1.1 million on the campaign from early May to early June, compared to about $833,000 for Oakley.

drgnrdr451 :
"Congratulations Dallas! To answer your question, probably."
Sister Aimee :
"Maybe this will send a message to Liberals that there special rainbows aren't welcome everywhere on God's green earth!"
RudeRo :
"He must be one of the many multi-millionaire, 'BuSh' Buddies! And, as far as rallies and protests; I hope so!"
Scenic Point :
"God Bless him!"
Dead Marxist :
"The capitalism-hating Left is likely drawing up mass protest plans for Dallas, as we speak. They are probably especially energized with outrage, as Mayor-elect Leppert defeated an openly gay candidate (this interferes with their anti-family values agenda)."
mikelew007 :
"No, it looks pretty clear cut, this isn't the 2000 election or anything. Dead Marxist, how does being gay make one anti-family?"
Stony :
"Did anyone protest when Ben Nighthorse Campbell switched parties in 1995?"
Cowardly Bush :
"As a liberal, I am against gays in the military, serving in public office and getting married. Having said that, everyone is entitled to vent their views and protest. This is America after all. Only conservatives dislike protests who opose their views."
cynthiatweedle :
"Probably. But I hope Dallas has no trouble from this. I can't believe that last fellow who answered. Liberals like protests against them?? On answers they seem a tad sensitive to criticism."


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Date: 2008-02-05 01:03:04

Enrique Hubbard, Mexico's consul general in Dallas, said a dozen Mexican families from Oklahoma have applied for consular documents listing their new homes in the Dallas area. He expects more to arrive because jobs are available in north Texas.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:03:04

By Ed Stoddard DALLAS (Reuters) - In a U.S. election campaign where presidential candidates from both major parties have talked openly about their Christian faith, some non-Christians feel shut out or turned off. Despite the constitutional...

Date: 2008-02-05 01:03:04

Dallas Mavericks news, schedule, players, stats, photos, rumors, and highlights on ESPN.com.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:03:04

The Edmonton Oilers took another blow to their lineup on Monday, as the team learned that centre Shawn Horcoff will have season-ending shoulder surgery.Horcoff missed the Oilers’ game against Dallas on Friday after aggravating the injury - which he was nursing all season - in the NHL All-Star Game last week.

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