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This is a chart of trend of regional gross value added of West Cumbria at current basic prices published (pp.240-253) by Office for National Statistics with figures in millions of British Pounds Sterling.See also: List of castles in CumbriaSee also: List of historic houses in Cumbria

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vixon :

any people in here from cumbria just out of interest xxxxx

vekswrex :
"dont think cumbria has internet yet lol oj"
harry :
mizz1985 :
"unfortunately from newcastle.but cheers 4 the points anyway"
Sonny Walkman :
"I pass through it quite often"
Di :
"Nope, I'm from Chicago......Cumbria is located in the UK so it's certainly possible that someone will respond from there!"
Belinda B :
abbiesmam :
"I grew up in Cumbria. Left to go to uni now live in Birmingham. I guess you are from Cumbria since you are asking?"
"Exactly cumbria???? U only go there to get to somewhere else, dont you?- like the luvly Carlisle"
Xima :
"Not me, I'm from Sunderland."
Eyedoc :
"I lived in Cumbria once. Not a terribly exciting place. You may like it if you like to have rain for 11 months in a year."
lisa577uk :

my family and i are considering moving to whitehaven cumbria. i have 2 children ages 7 and 6 . is it a great place to live and bring up children?

"its cold."
Lucy :
"Well, I don't know about living their but me and my family went on holiday their and it was just beautiful! The scenery was fantastic and if you love walking then white haven in cumbria is the place to go."
gosforthroad :
"It has some good areas and some not so good areas (like anywhere). A few really good schools as well, I moved here 11 years ago and love it!"
Blokheed :
"No it is not a 'great' place to live. Sure it's in a nice area and very close to the lake district but it is in an area with high unemployment and the rougher areas outweigh the nicer areas. I worked both there and nearby Workington and I was amazed how the people of W'ton looked down on Whitehaven and had little good to say of it - which in turn spoke volumes to me."
Princess Yum-Yum :

Yesterday the BBC filmed a piece by "Lake Windermere" in Cumbria. Which begs the question, just how many lakes are there in the Lake District? BA goes to anyone who can name ALL the bodies of water in the Lake District National Park. BBC researchers take note! What a pity the BBC broadcaster failed to check out his facts before calling Windermere a lake! It is absolutely true that Bassenthwaite is the ONLY lake in Cumbria and the other bodies of water are called either Water or Mere. However, we're still missing a few!

richard_beckham2001 :
"Lake Windermere, at ten miles long, is England's longest lake. It is only one of many lakes and tarns in the National Park. Many are simply termed "Water" as in Derwent Water"
sarch_uk :
"Bassenthwaite Lake is the only official lake in the Lake District...all the others are meres or waters... The names of the thirteen bodies of water are here, along with explanations of how they got their names...."
PhilipL :
"Here are the names of the FIFTEEN bodies of water (otherwise known as lakes!) * Bassenthwaite Lake * Buttermere * Crummock Water * Derwent Water * Devoke Water * Ennerdale Water * Grasmere * Haweswater * Hayeswater * Loweswater * Rydal Water * Thirlmere * Ullswater * Wast Water * Windermere hope that helps Philip"
"Bassenthwaite is the only lake, the rest are meres"
gandyg :
"Bassenthwaite (as we all know the only true lake) Buttermere Coniston Water Crummock Water Derwent Water Windermere Wastwater Ennerdale Water Loweswater Haweswater Thirlmere Brothers Water Overwater Grasmere Rydal water Ullswater Hayeswater Devoke Water Kentmere Esthwaite Water Levers Water Thats all I can think of, I think there are one or two other small one on top of these. Note that some of these are technically tarns, but are named like lakes. I am not going to start naming tarns though, that would take a while"


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Date: 2008-02-05 00:57:34

A three day music festival on the fringe of of The Lake District in Cumbria. Headliners Happy Mondays supported by The Wombats, Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong, Parisian band - The Teenagers, New Young Pony Club, and Manchester band Zenfo ...

Date: 2008-02-05 00:57:34

Off Road Driver Training and LANTRA professional 4x4 qualifications carried out on 300 acres of forest and fells overlooking the Lake District in Cumbria

Date: 2008-02-05 00:57:34

Supported by Sheffield University and the Arts and Humanities Research Council.Watch real video footage of Edwardian Britain in North Lancashire and Cumbria, January 12 and 13 2008.

Date: 2008-02-05 00:57:34

Aliens descover a new planet... but all is not what it seems! A funny animation by Steven McCombe, made during his 1st year at Cumbria Institute of the Arts

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