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Cortona is a town and comune in the province of Arezzo, in Tuscany, Italy. The Cortona foundation legendThe Etruscan antiquity of the city is not in doubt, but its foundation is lost in the mists of many legends which were already told in classical times. These were later reworked especially in the late Renaissance period under Cosimo I de' Medici. They were concerned with reconciling of two opposed purposes:(a) The Florentine ruling class wanted to portray the huge domain of Tuscany as ancient Etruria, and to trace all its most famous towns right back to the time immediately following Noah's

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Mark :

I'll be renting a villa in Cortona for about a month. Is it more practical to rent a car as well or rely on Taxis?

sueet2b :
"taxis are going to overcharge you especailly you being a foreigner and the only way aroudn getting from one spot to another is by car. ive visited cortona this last summer and it was in the middle of nowhere, real nice country side area, but you would rarely see taxi's. i would think, IF you need transportation from your villa to the closest train station then i would suppose that would fine, be very careful they dont blow you off. but if you need it to reach some distanct area, i would go for the car. plus by car you can stop and take fotos, go in through some odd country side street, steal some yummy grapes, visit a little oil or wine store along the route...ecc."
james d :
"I was there last September. The town itself is walkable. You would not want to drive a car through there. Streets are very narrow and very steep. The countryside around Cortona (and all of Tuscano) is for driving. Nice country roads through beautiful country."
giovanni m :
"If you want to stay in a villa near Cortona you will need a car. In cortona there are not to many public transports by the way i would like to inform you that we owns many villas in Cortona are. if you want you can have a watch at them: "


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Cortona is a town and comune in the province of Arezzo , in Tuscany , Italy . ...
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