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lucyjive :

I want to go to spring Brake in Corfu, Greece. Friends have told me to go to the Pink Palace. I just want to make sure it is not going to be one big drunk collage party. I don't mind a little partying... Just not a bunch of drunk spoiled collage kids running around half dressed. Thanks so much details would be great.

airpole :
"From what I know, that is what you'll get there. If you want something more relaxed that is not the place to be. Try Sidari. Is lively and yet quiet since all entertainment places are a little away from most hotels. Ipsos too can be on the same track. If you are looking for wild partying and drinking, then Kavos is more to that effect."
gary h :
"The resort where the Pink Palace is situated, Agios Gordios, is not known as a big party area, and unless you went in Jul or August, It would be quiet anyway"
hananarama :

Me and my bf are going to St Georges South, Corfu, for one week and we're staying in a self-catering apartment. We would like to eat out most nights and go on one or two excusrions. How much money should we be prepared to spend? Cheers x

pinkyismygirlfriendniluvhur :
"twice the money and half the clothes"
Shaft :
"£500 , each."
Shaggy :
"I think spending money is different with each individual. But i was in Corfu last year, an evening meal cost about £6or7,drinks were £2 pint......overall £370 per person will give you a good time."
everystupididnameisunavailable :
"how are we supposed to know how much you will want to spend. can't you work it out yourself?"
Irene M :
"If you're Greek act Greek. Greek merchants are notorious for charging more to non-greeks. The euro is very strong now so, bring more money than what you would normally take on vacation-especially if you're going to be eating out every night."
dick :
Franklyn :
"it's not very expensive, public transport costs about 2 Euros for short trips, and about 5 euros to long trips. it depends where you are staying, if you're staying in a popular resort it might be a little bit more expensive, but on the whole it's not that much! Make sure to dine at least once @ "Kritikos" it's situated in perama, near corfu town, the locals know about it. Haveeee a nicee journeyy!"
Peter G :
"Yourself - as little as you can get away with, Your bf - lots! If you have the apartment already paid for you will find Corfu reasonably inexpensive. A good evening meal should be around €15-20 per head. Supermarkets cheap but maybe a few cents more than UK for known brands. Jewellery can be good value as the basic standard is 14 carat gold, Worth shopping around a bit and some negotiation is possible. Plastic generally accepted for major purchases. Cash points easy to find and visa common. Souvenirs can be a bit pricey especially if "Tourist Tat". Excursions from travel rep can be expensive, up to £50 per head,( that's where they get their beer money!) but there should be local operators for many destinations. If you get the chance do go to Corfu Town and have a coffee on the Liston. Beer tends to be lager, wines acceptable but watch out for the retsina and Ouzo!. Down that end of the island you will almost certainly find something like the "Rovers Return" selling egg & chips. Yamas! Have a great holiday. We've enjoyed Corfu for the last 14 years"
walexan :

It would be great if you could provide me with specific instructions on how to get to Corfu. Transportation means and cost, how long it would take? Also if you have different ideas on how to get there, please let me know all of them...

"The best way to get to Corfu from Athens is to take the bus from Kifissos bus station to the city of Igoumenitsa (about 15Euro). From Igoumenitsa there are ferries to Corfu every hour or so and it's a short trip there. Great island Corfu, enjoy your stay!"
asimenia :
"As the answerer above said bus is cheapest - takes a long time though - approx 7-8hrs to Igoumenitsa then a ferry which I think is approx 1.30hr. You can also fly there with local planes."
airpole :
"Just to add a few lines. It has already been answered. The cheapest way is by bus, obviously. Departures from Athens are daily 07.30, 10.00, 20.30. Alternative way is through Lefkimmi. Shorter ferry time but longer in the whole.Tues,Thur, Sat at 10.00 The trip lasts approx 8 hours with stops on the way. The fare is approx 35.00€ and about 7.00€ the ferry.The ferry is nearly 2 hours and there are ferries almost every hour. The fast way is the plane which is almost 1 hour flight and the cost approx 100.00€ incl. taxes. If booked in month advance can be cheaper. Buses depart from the Kifissos Bus Station on the west side of Athens. Local buses depart from close to Omonoia sq.and go directly to the depot ."
TTC a little lamb :) :
"The bus may be the cheapest, but can 'cost' you so much time! I always try to book a flight as soon as I know when I need to travel, usually Aegean airways have the best rate, you might even find a seat for approx 50euro. My Fiance drives and takes the ferry Igoumenitsa -Corfu because he doesnt like to fly."
dvatwork :
"Airfare with the taxes is 135 euros, one way."


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Date: 2009-03-11 12:10:00

Natural beauty, culture and tradition, The East and the West, both together form a mosaic of culture, customs and language. Easter in Corfu presents this very peculiarity, customs and traditions which can be traced back to the Western and Eastern culture, in pagan customs which date thousands of years in the past

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Join Friends of Paradise Hotel Corfu to learn about news and specials, what's happening now on Corfu, and meet past guests of the hotel.

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Saint Spyridon the Keeper of the City - Corfu Island - Greece

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For many years, Greece's golfers had a limited number of courses from which to choose, Glyfada in Athens, Rhodes, Corfu and Crete. Two new courses were created, one at Porto Carras in Halkidiki and another one in Crete and their success proved the need for more golf courses throughout Greece.

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