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Coral Bay is a small town on the coast of Western Australia, 1200 km north of Perth. It exists primarily for tourism, with a side industry of fishing. The electricity for the town is provided by a wind-diesel hybrid system.The Ningaloo Reef is a popular diving and snorkelling site with a large variety of coral and fish life and is one of the best places to see whale sharks and manta rays..

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confused :

Im going on holiday next month to Cyprus staying in Paphos and i have found out that my friend has also booked to stay in Coral Bay.. she has said we can go out on the evening because the places are close. Can anyone tell me how close they are?

ojja :
"You can't walk it - it is about 15-20 mins in a car but the taxis are inexpensive. The road is a long staight road along the coast so can be a pretty drive!"
Hoplite :
"15 kilometers there is a bus during day time but it's going to be more fun if you rent a motorbike have a nice time in cyprus !"
Shan :
"Along the same coastline but maybe a little too far to walk especially as the road is unlit and quiet ay night.I would take no chances and get a cab, but you will have a great time, I was in Paphos last year"
red lady-bird :
"No, You will not walk it. If You want to be together then one of You needs to change your destination."
the_wirral_sniper :
"Hi, I'm going to Paphos myself on the 5th September. I went last year aswell and visited Coral Bay a couple of times. You can't walk it but the taxis are very cheap ( and fast and scarey ) and the buses are evn cheaper. Excellent to eat there in the evning. Try to visit the Corallis Bay ( or Bay Corallis ) restaraunt. Have a great time and maybe we'll bump into each other there."
vegasqueen1970 :
"It depends on whereabouts you are in Paphos but it's likely to be too far to walk. Buses are really cheap and the number 15 will probably go past where you are staying and your friend so you can always meet somewhere quite easily and the buses are very frequent and seemed quite safe. Can I recommend going to eat at Fat Mama's restaurant, it's a fab place. You might have to queue to get in but well worth it. It's on the Tomb of the Kings Road which is on the way to Coral Bay so I would guess it's halfway between where you and your friend are staying. Have a great time."
pigwilliam :
"fraid not honey it's quite a way away !. but on the other hand the bus service is brill on time every time ,cheap as chips and runs late into the night. for your own safety don't walk.bus it or cab it. happy hols.x"
sweetshazza :

i was told coral bay beaches r not all that iether can any1 help

zo29 :
"Yeah we went last year, Coral Bay is really nice."
Alex H :
"Ive just got back a few months ago ... It was amazing, there are always problems with anyplace .. those people telling you that are just jelous you will get a tan :>:> hehe xx"
cadaunovera :
"Hey!They are jealous.The beaches arent as good as in protaras/ayia napa but they are not rocky!It depends where u go.Coral bay is good! some pics: Dont forget ur suncream and ur sunglasses,ul have agreat time!x"
"Pafos has nice beaches. Every beach hotel has own sandy beach. Coral Bay is a nice beach which you can reach by local bus You can contact people and ask them"
funstory101 :
"If you are expecting Caribbean-style beaches in Paphos you will be disappointed!"
boxer :
"i have lived in cyprus for 3 years (currently in canada), pahos and coral bay do not have the greatest beaches on the island. Agia Napa and Protaras are much nicer, Konnos Bay is a great cove my favourite beach in between the two. Paphos is a great place for tourists infact most of cyprus now is geared for tourists, its really changed since i first visited 15 years ago. If you drive, hire a car and haggle the price.. its small enough to drive up to napa etc in a day it takes about 2 hours. Every town is very different , Larnaca where my spa was is great if you want to mix with locals etc. Most of the other places are touristy. Try to go over to the turkish side too thats where the best beaches are and its really cheap there. Just enjoy the place i will be back there (my home is there,)in August so anyone who will be there then give me a shout."
glljansen :
"Have been at both places; beaches are fair to good. Personally I prefer Coral Bay; both the beach and the town are smaller and offer lots of fun. Enjoy your holidays on Cyprus. "
fiona s :
"they are not the best beaches in the world but they are ok. Paphos is a lovely place.If you want a better beach in Cyprus try Protaras. Personally though I would stick with the west as on the whole Paphos is much nicer than Protaras"
julie m :
"dont no where but they do ave sandy beaches but not that good"
tsuxtra tsulu :
"the best beaches in Cyprus are in Ayia napa &protaras.paphos is a very touristic place with very nice beaches but not as ayia napa &protaras,coral bay it's one of the best in paphos but the best beach is at latsi(an area in paphos).hope u have fun...paphos is AN excellent place,it has many touristic attractions,not only can visit ancient monuments,go for a walk at limanaki, or spend one day at aphrodite waterpark.welcome to cyprus..."
coolaberni :

table with glass inset. 6 wooden chairs

simon523099 :
"this not ebay"


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Date: 2008-02-05 00:37:08

If you are thinking of taking a holiday in Cyprus then go to Coral Bay. The beaches are wonderful there.

Date: 2008-02-05 00:37:08

There are in fact a complete range of rental villas available varying on both price and luxury accommodation. You may opt for the more luxurious seafront villas as well as private villas with pool in the Coral Bay Beach area.

Date: 2008-02-05 00:37:08

Look at this picture perfect place on the west coast of Australia where the coral is just a step off the beach.

Date: 2008-02-05 00:37:08

This page provides you with all the information for the condos located at Deering Bay Coral Gables. You can find the listings for sale and rent.

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