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// Description of the ruinsThe site in Copan is perhaps best known for producing a remarkable series of portrait stelae, most of which were placed along processional ways in the central plaza of the city and the adjoining "acropolis" (a large complex of overlapping step-pyramids, plazas, and palaces). The stelae and sculptured decorations of the buildings of Copán are some of the very finest surviving art of ancient Mesoamerica.Many structures are elaborately decorated with stone sculptures, usually constructed from a mosaic of carved stones of a size that one person could carry.The site als

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mountnrebl :

Going to guatemalan for a mere 10 days and have heard that Tikal is incredible. However it is looks to be about $200 and 2 days which is a big part of the time money allowance. Copan is doable in a day from anitugua to my understanding, and is cheaper to go to. I was wondering if anyone has done these trips and have recomendations on ways to do them. And just how comparable they are?

"I have never been to Tikal, but Copan is also incredible, for what is most famous is for the Estelas, which are like statues of the kings Copan had. Another great thing to watch is that below a temple is another construction which you can enter. Also the town is very nice and you would enjoy it. Copan is about 15 min from the Guatemala border with Honduras and regularly there are many buses that come with tourist from Guatemala. I know you will like Copan"
chapintravels :
"Actually, I would go with Plan C. Skip both, go to Quirigua and Semuc Champey first. If you still have time, go to Copan or Tikal. Quirigua is one of three UNESCO World Heritage sites in Guatemala. Tikal and Antigua being the other two. In general, Tikal is bigger, more grand - but Coban has more detailed sculptures still intact. Both are great, but has more to do with your interestest. However, most visitors to pick Semuc Champey as a place not to miss while visiting Guatemala. There is a waterfall with pools you can swim in. You can go tubing or rafting down the river through the jungle or go on a tour of a cave by candle light and see the waterfall inside! Quirigua is realatively close by and you will not use up valuable time traveling. If you do go to Antigua, do not miss Elizabeth Bell's Antigua tour. It is cheap and informative. Looking for a cheap place to stay in Antigua? Checkout The Black Cat or Jungle Party on Have fun, write if you have any questions."
Gord A :

This seed came from a pod from very tall trees in the Ruins at Copan. The pod opened and I germinated 4 trees. The leaves are compound, approx 18 non serated per stem, the main stalk is very woody, 1 cm wide. It is 9 months old and seems to be flourishing in Southern Canada.

myrtguy :
"There are Ceiba trees at the ruins ... they have pods with many seeds surrounded by a dense mat of cottony fibers. Does this fit? Or it could be a legume (bean-like seed?) of some sort or a member of Bignoniaceae (flat winged seed?). If it is 9 months old it hasn't faced a full Canadian winter yet, I hope you are going to protect it!"
MJ :

1.They are all Maya sites 2.They collapse in the Classic 3.Each had a female ruler 4.They are all Highland Maya 5.all of the above

shoe s :
"mayan sites"
SweetHoney :
"I wonder if shoe s ^ was right."


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Amazing deal from Spirit Airlines for travel between the US and Honduras this summer. This web log provides a great travel guide for vacationing in Honduras. Whether relaxing on the beaches of La Ceiba, touring the ancient Mayan ruins of Copan or diving the amazing technicolor reefs near Roatan in the Bay Islands, Honduras has something for you.


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The Pre-Columbian city now known as Copán is a locale in extreme western Honduras , in the Copán Department , near to the Guatemalan border. It is the site of a major Maya ...
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Copán - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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