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Coniston is a village in the region of Furness, England. It is located in the southern part of the Lake District National Park, between Coniston Water and Coniston Old Man.// Geography and administrationHaving been within the boundaries of the historic county of Lancashire since 1182, Coniston was part of the administrative county of Lancashire between 1889 and 1974. Today Coniston forms part of Cumbria. The village is situated at the head of Coniston Water, the third longest lake in the Lake District. HistoryConiston grew as both a farming village, and to serve local copper and slate mines.

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sean :

Living in Cumbria, we were talking about Lake District at work when someone asked "why did Donald Campbell choose Coniston to attempt his ill-fated water speed record instead of the likes of Windermere, Derwentwater or Bassenthwaite" anyone out there know? thanks

tomo :
"for his thrush.. no that's canasten"
Boudicca's dream :
"I understand from years back it was because it is the deepest of all the lakes with the longest unbroken run. That is what I was told when I lived in Whitehaven. Someone is bound to dispute this. My answer is correct though not so technical as others. ...."
lellyann :
"it is the longest straightest lake. It is quite sheltered therefore it hasn't got large waves."
rdenig_male :
"This is only supposition, but Windermere and Derwentwater would both be out because of the large numbers of pleasure craft. Furthermore, whilst Windermere is 12 miles long, Belle Isle lies right across the middle. Derwentwater is only 3 miles long, which may have been too short for a speed record, and, again, is dotted with islands. Bassenthwaite is one of the largest lakes (4 miles) but one of the shallowest (70 feet) which might have militated against its use. There's no access to the east side and the railway was still in place on the west at the time of the attempt, so logistically it wouldn't have been good. Coniston is longer than Bassenthwaite at 5 miles and much deeper at 184 feet"
Felicity O :
"I can't be bothered to search the Internet, but I think you'll find that some of the western Lakes, Loweswater and Wastwater are deeper than Coniston Water, but are not so accessible by road. Windermere and Ullswater probably have too many islands. Personally, I blame my father-in-law for Donald Campbell's death. A couple of days before the tragic event he was tootling along the road between Far Sawrey and Hawkshead when he spotted what he said was a Ferrari coming up fast behind him. Since his cars never had good brakes, he drove up the banking out of the way and the car shot passed him. He was convinced the driver was Donald Campbell. He returned to Kendal breathing fire and brimstone and invoking all kinds of almighty retribution on the blameless driver."
Kevan M :
"Because he could not extend the lake on his grounds in Tilgate to accomodate the length of water needed. Also as preciously stated it is a good straight piece of natural water with hardly any obstructions and the hills around it leave a very calm and flat surface with not much of a cross wind."
isleofskye :

We are returning to Coniston but this time with our 3 teenages plus 2 friends. Does anyone know of any free things to do with teenagers. We don't have a big budget.

corbeyelise :
"spin the bottle and truth or dare"
J J :
claires82 :
"There are quite a few walks to do up there I went with the school (many years ago) you can walk up coniston olde man that's quite good you will be suprised what you can find to do. I don't live too far away from coniston. If you have teenage girls you can always go places window shopping not just stay in coniston. Hope this helps... Have a good time whatever you do"


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Date: 2008-02-05 00:30:17

Charming lakeside property situated on the shores of Lake Coniston in England's famous Lake District. The cottage has been upgraded throughout but retains a cosy...

Date: 2008-02-05 00:30:17

Charming lakeside property situated on the shores of Lake Coniston in England's famous Lake District. The cottage has been upgraded throughout but retains a cosy original period feel. Come here to unwind and feel instantly at home in an ideal location.

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