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In World War II, Cologne endured exactly 262 air raids by the Western Allies, which caused approximately 20,000 civilian casualties and completely wiped out the centre of the city. During the night of May 31, 1942, Cologne was the site of "Operation Millennium", the first 1,000 bomber raid by the Royal Air Force in World War II. 1,046 heavy bombers attacked their target with 1,455 tons of explosive. This raid lasted about 75 minutes, destroyed 600 acres (243 ha) of built-up area, killed 486 civilians and made 59,000 people homeless. By the end of the war, the population of Cologne w

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fiercefitch :

So im a freshman in H.S. and i have never worn cologne b4 but i want to start. so i was wondering what kind i should use. i REALLY like fierce by abercrombie. so if i did wear fierce than could i only wear it with abercrombie clothes or could i use it when i wear hollister or ae or do i have to wear their cologne. so thank you all sooo much for ur answers! and here are some other optional questions u can answer if u want: if u were a girl and sat by me in class wat would u think of me(like by the fierce cologne i was wearin) also wat self image would i be giving by wearing fierce. AND where do i apply cologne?! and any other tips u can give me

FantasyFootballLegend :
"Ummm well you can try DRIVEN and i have no comment for the rest."
"get some curve is smells good and is inexpensive."
Notorious DPT :
"fierce is a universal cologne you can wear it with anything you wear...put it on your chest and on the back of your neck when the ladies hug ya..."
mandz.w550 :
"you can wear whatever brand of cologne you want with any brand of clothes. just make sure that when you wear it you dont smother youself in it. even if it smells great if its too over powering its a complete turn off for me atleast"
soccerchic12 :
"Wear only a LITTLE BIT. This is something most guys do not understand. It should be so that we have to be close to you to smell it. No one wants to smell you from across the room. Why does it matter what you wear? Wear anything with any cologne! It has GOT to be subtle. That's the only rule that you really need with cologne!"
Drewsky S :
"im in 9th grade too and i have feirce it smells good but my favorit is curve soul , all the wemon love it , and you dont have to were only advercrombie clothes w/ it where what ever you want"
mikedosentcare :
"okay so the BEST cologne is David Beckham Instinct. it smells amazing....all the ladies love it!! I am a sophomore and its perfect for young men!! Definately buy it, i totally recommend it!!"
lil.redxoxo :

I need some nice smelling cologne and I mean I need an ORGASMIC scent. I need to smell good. Does anyone know of a good cologne for men? (Price does not count)

Mallory :
"abercrombie =]] i love their cologne and i can always tell when a guy wears it!! =]]"
coachxovuitton :
"the abercrombie scent is really nice and axe isnt reallt cologne but i absolutely love the smell of it haha =]"
browneyedgirl :
"Tommy the original one...i love it! I also love HUGO"
Reeze :
"Try Polo Ralph Lauren Purple, it's rare but it has a very nice scent. You can get it at Saks 5th Ave, or any Lancome outlet."
Patrick :
"Im a cologne junkie and Ive experimented with hundreds of scents and the ones that I wear the most are Kenneth Cole Reaction, Dolce and Gabana, Armani Code, and Aqua Di Gio. These will get you tons of female complements/attention. Ive seduced many of my past girlfriends just with these scents."
zberles :
"aight well dont go with all the basic stuf earlier ppl said, the last guy said some good stuf tho. right now rele the best tht not alot of ppl r wearing is diesel, no joke it cud defined as an orgasm in a bottle, u can get it at sephora for like $45 for 50ml"
fiercefitch :

so i have fierce by abercrombie and im wondering how much is enough first i sprayed 1 squirt on my finger and rubbed it behind my ears but then tat day it seemed to fade away to much. so the next day i tried tat same 1 squirt behind ears and then i sprayed 1 on my wrist and rubbed it onto my other wrist for a total of 2 squirts. but then i could smell it ever once and a while on me, and i heard if u can smell the cologne after 15 minutes than tat is too much. so is it too much? 2 squirts? and wat about 4 school cause tat is mostly where im gonna wear it. ALSO wat deoderant should i wear wit it, cause i also heard u want no smell deoderant...but i have old spice gel pure sport sent is tat ok for me to wear wit my fierce cologne or will the 2 smells mix and be a disaster. thank u all so much!.

bilsim :
"Just spray a little on either cheek, plus maybe one spray on your chest. Deodrant? Tag."
Aryeh :
"Spray it on the underside of you wrists, you panzy."
it stinks in here! :
"since i cant smell u i wouldnt be able to say. but from here u smell fine"
queen :
"one on the wrist, one on the neck, one behind the ears and one above the pants line. if you cant smell it who can ? also just buy a deadorant that has a weak smell but protects like sure"
Sawah :
"Spray it on your pulse points on your neck. My boyfriend wears his cologne there, and when I hug him and cuddle up to him, I can smell it and I don't wanna let go. That's the perfect place for it! Believe me. As for deodorant, try something subtle. Axe deodorant smells great, but get something subtle, so like you said, they don't mix and become disastrous."
coolone :
"You must wear a non-loud smelling deodorant to keep the musk down under your arms. One squirt on your neck is plenty. Then dab some on your wrists, but not a lot."
Patricia J :
"I have heard you are not supposed to rub cologne once you spray it on. Also : Fragrance should be applied to pulse points. This is where the blood vessels are closest to the skin giving off more heat and acting like mini fragrance pumps. Pulse points are the wrist, behind the ear, crook of the arm and knee, base of the throat. Sometimes although I can't smell my perfume on me others can smell it , so be careful not to overdo it, ask a friend if they can smell it!!"


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Date: 2008-02-05 00:27:23

Secret sex with a famous musician! "Guess who just left my apartment? None other than Mr. Music Biz. He’s so fucking sexy. I love that I can smell the remnants of his cologne in the T-shirt I’m wearing."

Date: 2008-02-05 00:27:23

After a Moroccan thug was stabbed to death in self-defense by a German man he was trying to rob, Muslims in Cologne took to the streets in protest. The dead man, Salih, attempted to mug a 20-year-old German man, who defended himself, stabbing Salih with a pocket knife. Apparently, Muslims ask that Germans simply acquiesce to being mugged.

Date: 2008-02-05 00:27:23

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