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The site contains many fine stone buildings in various states of preservation; the buildings were formerly used as temples, palaces, stages, markets, baths, and ballcourts. El CastilloDominating the center of Chichén is the Temple of Kukulcan (the Maya name for Quetzalcoatl), often referred to as "El Castillo" (the castle). This step pyramid has a ground plan of square terraces with stairways up each of the 4 sides to the temple on top. On the Spring and Fall equinox, at the rising and setting of the sun, the corner of the structure casts a shadow in the shape of a plumed serpent - Kukulcan,

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the_Bo0geYmaN :

I am traveling to the Riviera Maya and I am considering bypassing the tour to Chichen Itza in lieu of the tour to Tulum. Am I wrong in assuming that Chichen Itza and Tulum are comparable Mayan civilizations?

Rockin' Mel S :
"The ruins at Chichen Itza are much more expansive and much more impressive than Tulum. Tulum has a great natural setting but it is small relative to Chichen Itza. Also, because Tulum is relatively small and very assessable it's almost always crowded, while Chichen Itza does get a lot of visitors too, it's size doesn't make it seem crowded. My first trip to Cancun many years ago I was uncertain if I wanted to miss a day away from the beach to see Chichen Itza but I'm glad I did. I was so fascinated by Chichen Itza that I have since been to 12 other ruins and will be returning this winter to see more. Personally, I love ruins but I know they are not for everyone. If you are not sure, you can always take a morning and see Tulum. From the Mayan Riviera you could leave your resort after breakfast, see the ruins shop at the market there, swim at the beautiful beach and still get back to your hotel for lunch. After that - see what you think, if you feel like you are interested in more ruins then book for Chichen Itza, if not the just enjoy the rest of your holiday. If you have the time, I'd recommend you see Chichen Itza, my wife also recommends the trip and she's not nearly as fanatical as me."
stvchin :
"I've been to both and I'm pretty glad I did. They are comparable Mayan civilizations, but they pulled out all the stops when they built Chichen Itza. The structures at Chichen Itza are actually quite amazing. Pyramids and temples are built to mathematical accuracy, the Mayans have also designed areas in Chichen Itza were you can hear interesting echo effects. During the spring and fall equinoxes, the sun sets over the temple and a wierd snake shadow is projected on the ground. The Mayans sure came up with a lot of sophisticated touches. Tulum seemed to be more of a working coastal city, where Chichen Itza seemed to be a place of worship or a capital city. It's also interesting, but for different reasons. Tulum has great views and a great beach. If you're renting a car and driving, Chac Mool ruins are on the way to Tulum."
Ram :
"I've been to both and they are both worth visiting but if I had to pick, Chichen Itza hands down, will make your trip worth it..."
Soulja Boy :

may i please have facts about chichen itza please

Rich V :
" there is good information here."
Big Kat :
"Hi, This is not for sure, however, at the present time it is believed that Chichen Itza was the center of the Mayan Culture. There are a lot of out laying sites that have only been partially uncovered. The best way the experience this site is over-night. Rent a car at the Cancun Airport and take the Toll Road to Chichen Itza there is an exit sign right on the toll road. Spend at least one night at the ruins, the site is very large. The more time you spend the more you will enjoy the experience. The resort is on line at mayanland resort. This place is located right at the ruins and they have their own entrance to the site. If you stay there you don't have to pay the entrance fee and you can beat the bus tours. Plus you can experience the night show that lights up El Castillo and explains the serpent. The ruins are full of structures to see and visit. The Ball Court and the Market Place are great sites. The Mayans and then the Toltec's ruled this area until Western Civilization entered the scene. Enjoy"
daniel j :
"hola amigo espero que esta informacion te ayude : chichen-itza Chichén Itzá, one of the great cities of the Mayan culture, at the present time archaeological deposit, to 29 km to the southwest of Valladolid (Mexico) in the north of the peninsula of Yucatan. The name, that means ' the mouth of the Natural wells of Itzá', derives from the tribe itzá that it both occupied the territory and of natural wells or natural wells that provided to water to the city and around which was centered the religious and cultural life. Chichén Itzá was founded at beginnings of the century I SAW d.C. by the presence of numerous peregrinations to the great Natural well Sacred, where sacrifices were offered to the God of Chac rain, and left towards year 670. Reconstructed about three hundred years later, when itzaes returned to the region, one became the most important city of all the north of Yucatan and the center of the Mayan culture. Around the year the 1200 city was conquered by the toltecas, invaders coming from the north of Mexico, that promoted their development still more. A century before the arrival of the Spaniards was left. The main about 3 ruins occupy km2 of surface. The generalized type of construction consists of a piramidal platform to which it is promoted by ample stairs that lead to vaulted cameras, whose walls are covered with reliefs, hieroglyphic inscriptions or paintings of alive colors. Each construction is well-known by a name different, as it is the case of the Game of Ball, religious game of symbolic character, formed by two parallel walls of 83 ms of length and 9 of thickness, in addition from another one to 36 m.s From 7 ms of the ground excels in both walls a stone ring carved in form of two interlaced serpents. During the game, the participants tried to introduce the ball by the ring. Another important building is the Castle or temple of Kukulcán, Mayan name of the God Quetzalcóatl tolteca-Aztec. The Castle is a great temple located on a pyramid that occupies 4,000 m2 of surface and reaches a height of 30 ms, with stairs in its four walls that lead to the temple located in the top. The House of the Nuns, the Sacred Natural well, the Temple of the Soldiers and the Caracol or Circular Tower, probably an astronomical observatory, are other remarkable buildings. In 1988, the archaeological rest of the old pre-Hispanic city were declared cultural Patrimony of the Humanity espero que algun dia lo visites"
Jill R :

I'm going to Mexico in Sept. and wanted to know if Chichen Itza is worth spending a day at.

Tiffany :
"YES! It was THE most amazing thing I have ever seen. Yes, it is a long ride and takes a day out of your vacation, but the things I saw there will stay with me forever. Plus if you are taking a tour you learn so much about ancient Mayan culture."
"Yes it was amazing. Make sure u take a van tour instead of the bus tour!"
lpaganus :
"Absolutely! Chichen Itza was just named one of 7 wonders of the world and it is worth the time and effort to see it. Take the kids, I did 40 years ago and they never forgot the experience."
Maiden Fair :
"It is a must see! Recently named one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Plan to go again someday. Enjoy your trip!"
Oh_cielos :
"Yes, definitely. Plus, september is a "slow" month for the area, you won´t have much people there (try not go in a weekend). Enjoy."
nanaa :
"it's consider one of the NEW wonders in the world. so guess..."
The Eye That Sees All :
"Of course!"
Rafael G :
"Absolutely, it's just wonderful"


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The story of Chichen Itza with travel tips, how to get there etc + really nice pictures

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The Maya were expert sky-watchers, careful observers of the motions of the celestial bodies.

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