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Chicago (IPA: /ʃɪˈkɑːgoʊ/), is the largest city in the state of Illinois and the largest in the Midwest. With a population of nearly 3 million people, Chicago is the third largest city in the United States. It is the anchor of the Chicago metropolitan area, commonly called Chicagoland, which has a population of over 9.7 million people in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana, making it the third largest metropolitan area in the U.S. Rich in history and renowned for its innovative and influential architecture, Chicago is classified as an alpha world city.The City of Chicago is located almost e

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Cheri H :

Chicago… I am thinking of visiting Chicago. Is the city cool to walk around? Is it safe? I know NY city is super fun and you can walk around exploring for days. Just make sure to watch your bag and you are safe. Downtown LA, not too fun to walk around. Not too safe. If I give myself 4 days in Chicago will I get bored? I know there has to be a ton of cool stuff to do in Chicago but someone keeps telling me otherwise. Thanks!

lilea :
"chicago wiil be fun if u stay at a hotel or go shoping - goood luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
transam4058 :
"The best place to shop in the US!!! All the great stores are one street and you don't need to cab it around lile in New York. There are great jogging trails along the water in the downtown core and it is very safe. There is no better place for food...great restaurants and jazz clubs."
steph :
"i just came back from chicago.. i was down town in the essex inn.. it wasn't nearly as scary as i thought.. i didn't do much.. but there is this pretty neat shiny chromish bean on michigan ave.. which you should check out"
Danny Bmore :
"i've been to chicago on 2 seperate occasions and i had an awesome time. the people are great, the food is great, music, restaurants, bars. the best architecture if you like that, i do. at night i would be careful not to wind up in the wrong neighborhood, like any big city. have fun! I love Chicago!"
berta44 :
"Four days is fine in Chicago. It is considered an excellent walking city so bring some good shoes and it is safe. I know LA is no place to hang out at night downtown but Chicago is fine."
CarRebuilder :
"Chicago's a great city and you'll have more than enough to do with four days. Shopping is excellent. Entertainment & Food is diverse. Make sure you stay downtown and you can walk, take a cab or ride the EL to almost anything. Here's a great site to find more info on events, resturants and night life. The site is owned and managed by the Chicago Tribune (local paper) and has a lot of great information. As far as safe to walk around.....yes! But like any other city make sure you know what area you're in. Here's a list of a couple good spots to check out. Downtown, Gold Coast, West Loop, Lincoln Park, Wrigleyville, Bucktown, Chinatown"
1985 & going strong :
"Actually, if you choose to shop, or visit the museums, catch a Lake Michigan cruise, go to the theatre, or just roam the highly populated areas (for safety), Chicago has tons of things to keep you busy. If you should decide to search online for the city, almost any site will have a things to do list. Tackle these individually, checking out online the ones that pique your interest. Once in Chicago, be certain to stop at the Visitor's Center, in the Loop, on Randolph St. at Michigan Ave. Brochures and info abound here, and you can finalize your activity decisions. There is much to do, see, and experience in the town. As long as you do not venture into unknown/unverified residential neighborhoods (you can check with your hotel desk clerk, or the concierge), and practice watchfulness elsewhere, you will be fine. Don't forget to have a stroll along the Lake, even if it is still chilly or cold. Dress for it: in any weather, that Lake is spectacular. Despite rumors to the contrary, residents are not lurking everywhere, trying to lure the unsuspecting into a trap. However, as in every city, always practice care and remain ever-aware and vigilant of your surroundings; consider travelers checks, if not an American Express' travelcard. While I do not travel extensively, I do get to travel occasionally. Since some cash & jewelry are ever-present, I am always careful to avoid rushing (as much as possible, with children in tow), a sure-fire way to trip up. You can minimize this aggravation by traveling light (at least, out of the hotel). Enjoy your trip, and let me know if I was right! Hope I helped!"
La Boheme :
"Carrebuilder mentioned, which is an excellent source to find events. I wouldn't worry to much about crime if you stay in the realm of tourism. Chicago is a great cure for boredom so don't worry about that. The person telling you otherwise is pessimistic because just looking at the architectural structures alone can be fun. Figure out the sights you want to see before you go and save money by taking free trolleys. "
steffo :
"No you'll have plenty to do in 4 days, go to Navy Pier, Wriggleyville, Catch a baseball game, explore the museums, shop downtown, and there's always chillin at the lake."
Monica =] :
"There is lots and lots to do in Chicago. You will not regret going there."
Lauren P :
"I've lived in Chicago for 24 years and I can still find things to do that I haven't done yet! You can go shopping at Watertower Place, downtown, Woodfield Mall, the Mag Mile. There are tons of museums. There's the lake and all the parks along the lake. There's Lincoln Park Zoo. There's Navy Pier (a tourist must). There's all kinds of sporting evens (go CUBS!) Not to mention the Sears Tower and the John Hancock Building. As far as safety... downtown, lakeview and the gold coast are generally pretty safe during the day. I wouldn't wander around alone anywhere because you aren't familiar with the city and the bad parts yeah there are bad parts), but stick with the lakefront and downtown. Trust me, you won't get bored in just 4 days!"
heyyyyouu33 :
"Chicago is a great city and you will definitley not be bored here. Chicago has an excellent public transportation system, great museums, dining, downtown area, neighborhoods, nightlife, etc. Downtown Chicago is generally a safe place to walk around. Some neighborhoods to avoid are: -26th street -Englewood You'll have fun, don't worry."
Tina Joy! :
"Dude, downtown is the most safest then NY or LA combined- HANDS DOWN!!! Al Capone died years ago. Our great city will always have that negative image because of him."
Jim K :
"There is plenty to do in Chicago. I would imagine you would end up staying just north of the loop. The key to enjoying yourself in Chicago is to explore the neighborhoods. Spend a day - perhaps while to Cubs are home - to see Lakeview and Wrigleyville. Or, go south and see Hyde Park and the University of Chicago. Chicago is a neighborhood town. While we work in the loop, we live and play in the neigborhoods. Each one is unique. For safety reasons, I would stick the the guidebooks to see which neighborhoods are safe (Lincoln Park and Streeterville, yes; Englewood, no)."
dont_trip :

ok the downtown suggestions werent that great cuz ive done most of them so is there anything to do in chicago!!!!! i have the cta bus pass so i can go anywhere. what is there to do in chicago nothing too expensive but yea like is greek town interesting? do they have a little italy i know most cities do i think? but yea places to hang out n have fun. but no bars cuz im not of age im only 17. the address would b nice so i can know how to get there. thank u for ur suggestions.

Baked n Blended :
"There are sevreal Little Italy's in Chicago. Taylor St and around 24th and Western. Neither are downtown. No museums? Art Inst. is fantastic and cheap. Not much to do in greek town if you don't eat."
Michael P :
"well is a place to start for ideas on things to do and places to go. Besides downtown, there are a lot of neighborhoods you can go to... Have you ever been to Lincoln Park Zoo? This is one of the few zoos around the US that have free admission and its in a parklike setting adjacent to Lake Michigan. ( If you live in Chicago (the city proper) and you have a Chicago Public Library card, you can see if they have a museum pass for any number of museums in Chicago. You would check it our for 7 days and get into that museum for free. Yes Chicago does have a Little Italy...its near the University of Illinois at Chicago campus ( and its south and west of the downtown area. Again check the metromix website may be able to find something to do from there. Have fun!"
Shorty Got Me :

Is chicago a good city for lesbians? I'm considering transferring to Northeastern Illinois U this january. I know there is a GLBT community is Chicago but I'm nervous about not having any dating opportunities. Anybody from chicago feel like adding their two cents?

Cas :
"I know a lot of gay men in Chicago. No gay women, but I would imagine that where there are gay men, gay women can be found too! Sorry I couldn't be more informative. If it is any help, I live in rural Western PA and I still managed to find my love."
mcturtlegirl :
"I'm from Chicago and there on the north east side of the city north of Wriglyville is a part called Boystown/North Halsted, Im not sure of the ratio of guys to girls, but everyone in Chicago knows it as the openly gay part of the city and a little north and west of that is Andersonville which used to be Swedish I think, you can look it up, but it has a significant lesbian population. If you are planning on going to Northwestern then you would go south of the main campus closer to downtown probably hop on Lake Shore Drive and get off around Belmont or get on the brown line, look up cta because Im not 100 percent on that, I really dont go to boystown, mostly because Im in the closet, Ive only been there a couple times because my cousin is a musician and plays at a club out there and besides that I was up there to take photographs for a class at Columbia(my college) in downtown Chicago. Since its close to downtown your going to find alot of clubs but almost no parking. EDIT: Sorry, I barely hear about Northeastern so I put up directions from Northwestern. Its about the same youll want to go south but you have to go more east youll probably have to look that up but Chicago is on a simple grid and Boystown is on the lake and not too far from downtown so missing it is almost impossible, some of the major streets through it are marked with rainbow flags. Warning I love chicago but the weather can kick your butt, last january was pretty windy and really really really cold with sparse snow great snuggle with someone weather though."
Butter :
"Sorry! can't help you there cuz I'm not from the windy city."


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Your neighborhood may have a major influence on how much you exercise, according to a study that looked at data on 8,782 people in 373 Chicago neighborhoods.

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Chicago ( IPA : /ʃɪˈkɑːgoʊ/ ), is the largest city in the state of Illinois and the largest in the Midwest . With a population of nearly 3 million people, the city is the ...
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Chicago ( IPA : /ʃɪˈkɑːgoʊ/ ), is the largest city in the state of Illinois and the largest in the Midwest . With a population of nearly 3 million people, Chicago is the ...
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