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CanalsFrom about 1794 when canal building in England finished, through to the late 1950s when the canal-side flour mills were closed, canals were a popular form of goods transport, and narrowboats carried produce and supplies to and from North Wales (coal, slate, gypsum or lead ore), finished lead (for roofing, water pipes and sewerage) from the leadworks factory in Edgerton Street (Newtown). Grain arrived from Cheshire farmland and was processed in granaries on the banks of the canal at Newtown and Boughton, and salt for preserving food arrived from Northwich.The Chester Canal flowed into t

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Mr. Knowledgeable VI :

What would former President of the United States of America Chester Arther (which was America's 21st President) say about the current President of the United States of America George W. Bush if he was alive today? To learn more about Chester Arther in order to help you make your decision, here is some information about him; >

nickelrustler :
"He would call him a power hungry, wannabe world conquerer"
Golden1 :
"the same thing i would say, but i'd use a lot more cuss words."
sirblackie88 :
"You Kick ASS!!! Bush Rules!!!!!"
kewtber :
"[Arthur referring to bush] "I do believe he needs to learn how to grow a proper mustache...""
notyou311 :
"Do your own homework. No former Pres would have anything positive to say about Bush. He is a disaster."
loryntoo :
"Once he is thoroughly briefed about the war and how we got there, he would be appalled at the misuse of presidential power and the ineffectiveness of the man we are currently calling Mr. President."
viper_2003fu :
"i think he would bitch slap him"
Hamish :
"I'd imagine he'd have the same opinion as everyone else in the world. Bush is an embarrassment to the United States. Chester A. Arthur Quote: Public Money The extravagant expenditure of public money is an evil not to be measured by the value of that money to the people who are taxed for it. Chester A. Arthur"
Automatic Slim :
"I think he would say that like every other President from Grover Cleveland on, he was a colossal failure and that he still remains the greatest President we have had in the last 130 years."
parrotjohn2001 :
"Wait a second, President Bush is alive... or did I miss a really big news story? Oh, you mean that Chester Arthur isn't alive. OK. Arthur was part of the Tweed machine, one of the most corrupt political establishments in American history. So he might get along well with Bush, considering how sleazy and crooked his administation is. Of course, Arthur also did institute a major reform of the civil service system. So he might not be such a fan after all."
lwjksu89 :
"Arthur would throw his hand in the air and start to dance around singing, "Thank goodness finally we have a man in office that is a bigger blunderhead than I ever was"."
dougie :
"High George Ever thought of sending your daughters to Iraq for a night out? And by the way, Just how are you able to say anything meaningful with a silver spoon and your foot in your mouth at the same time: And your head up ..........................."
Xamanator :
"'Gosh, that chap is so badly dressed!' Chester A. Arthur was known as 'America's first gentleman'. He had over 100 suits. Don't know if there's ever been a second."
♥ Miss Black Parader ♥ :

Im truly obsessed with Chester Bennington.Ive even annoyed my BF for talking too much about Chester..hehehe.Hell ya i love him so damn much.Why not? he's HOT,his voice is so strong & so boyish when he talks.I just cant get enough of him.I swear!!! Chester Bennington is lead of LINKIN PARK. Gerard way is lead of MCR

themagicalmuffin31 :
"Gerard Way i duno whe the other guy is :D"
Beautiful Disaster™ :
"Gerard is much sexier. I love him to death, and he is super nice and sweet everytime I see him. I'm not much of a LP fan:("
liquorice coloured glasses :
"Chester Bennington all the way....ever since I saw him in the video for 'one step closer'... he's truly beautiful! could do with putting a bit more weight on though, he seems to have got a bit skinny... but still....♥ gerard way isnt hot....esp not in 'im not okay'!"
Maurice F :

I just handcuffed Chester Taylor as Adrian Peterson got injured in this past Sunday's game. I am looking at Jamal Lewis because I like his matchups week 14-16 and I am 9-0 in my league with a definite playoff spot. My current running backs are: Joseph Addai Edgerin James Marion Barber Chester Taylor I was thinking about packaging Marion Barber/Chester Taylor for Jamal Lewis so that I can get some consistent carry attempts over the unknown Marion Barber/Julius Jones timeshare. Am I packaging too much? The guy I am proposing this trade to has Adrian Peterson and Jamal Lewis as his current running backs.

Ess D :
Zack :
"MB3 is one of the best backs in the league. and Chester is going to be the starter. You are deff giving up to much in that deal"
Jon :
"no do not trade barber he's worth too much!"
mattlog16 :
"You are kinda in a tough spot there...I do not think that you are "packaging" too much, but as you know, Jamal has struggled as of lately, averaging only around 2.0 yards per carry. However, in Jamal's defense, he has faced some decent "D's" in the past few weeks, plus, Jamal is "end-zone friendly" as you have probably notcied. Marion Barber hasn't had the stellar year that he had last season, and Chester Taylor won't keep the starting job for very long. Go ahead and offer the trade, he would more than likely be happy to get Taylor if he has Peterson. The worse that could happen is that he turns it down..."
red sox fan :
"no you could get more for MB3 and taylor (who will start for at least one week)."
dwill :
"You are giving up too much but I agree with your thinking to get Jamal since his playoff schedule is cake. I am in a similar boat and just gave up a ton to get LT just for his awesome playoff schedule in weeks 15-16. A downside is that Jamal is injury prone and you never know if he'll stay healthy. Since you are 9-0 you will definitely get a bye in week 14, so why not go for LT? I'd imagine you could give up Taylor/James or Barber/James to get him, and it'd definitely be worth it for you... You can do better than Jamal"


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