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ReligionIn the 2001 Census, 81% of the population (542,413) identified themselves as Christian; 124,677 (19%) did not identify with any religion or did not answer the question; 5,665 (1%) as belonging to other major world religions; and 1,033 belonging to other religions.The boundary of the Church of England Diocese of Chester follows most closely the pre-1974 county boundary of Cheshire, so it includes all of Wirral, Stockport, and the Cheshire panhandle, that included Tintwistle Rural District council area. In terms of Roman Catholic church administration, the majority of Cheshire falls in

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ren w :

what does the Cheshire Accent really sound like? because some people say it sounds posh but from the cheshire people iv'e met they sound more like machester than posh. so which parts of cheshire do they sound posh and which parts do they sound more like manchester? thanks

Moi :
"my best mate has a cheshire accent and he REALLY doesnt sound posh at all, but he is from the scummy bit of cheshire- crewe (his words not mine!). he says that just south of manchester is the posh bit with the footballers and footballers wives and most millionaires outside central london, northwest is scouse and the centre bit is vaguely northern"
msxcheshirexcat :

Okay, in that room with all the head-honcho guys [( you know, black table, hologram guys sitting around it? Yeah, that place. )] You know how the guy in black at the head of the table, with the glasses, has that reflection in the glasses? I thought it looked a lot like the Cheshire Cat grin, and I've been trying to find out if they intentionally did that- Considering all the other Alice's Adventures in Wonderland references. However, I can't find any site or anything which says it was put there to deliberately resemble the Cheshire Cat's grin. So what are your thoughts? Well, the Red Queen, her name is Alice, I THINK they said "down the rabbit hole", and there's a few other I can't think of at the moment.

Nushik :
"what are the other references in the movie?"

Born and living in South Cheshire, I keep hearing, usually on the weather forecast, about the Cheshire Gap. What is the Cheshire Gap and where is it?

misen55 :
""The Cheshire Gap" is a topographical phenomenon. Meteorologists recognise it as the flat plain between the Welsh Mountains, the Pennines and the Peak District. It means the vale of Cheshire is protected from the worst of the weathers." ------------ "More fondly known as the "Cheshire Gap" phenomenon, northerly winds blast across a long sea-track, from the west of Scotland, through the North Channel, before striking the coast of North Wales. This sea-track allows plenty of moisture to be picked up, and with enough instability shower after shower often pounds North Wales and Northwest England.""


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Date: 2008-02-05 00:07:16

The remains of an Iron Age man found in a peat bog are leaving the British Museum for the first time in 17 years. Lindow Man was found in a Cheshire marsh in 1984, nearly 2,000 years after his horrific death. Chemicals in the bog preserved the body and researchers found his throat was slit and he was garrotted, possibly as a sacrificial victim.

Date: 2008-02-05 00:07:16

An amateur astronomer has taken the first photo of the US spy satellite which is expected to crash to Earth in the next few weeks. John Locker recorded the top-secret craft tumbling in its faulty orbit as it passed over his home in the Wirral in Cheshire, north-west England.

Date: 2008-02-05 00:07:16

“She’s supposed to be doing a sponsored horse side (sic) from Egypt all the way to Morocco for charity. They’re both doing it, that’s what she’s told me..."

Date: 2008-02-05 00:07:16

So this guy comes up to me the other day with this Cheshire-cat grin on his face, pointing to a hat that sat rather awkwardly on his head.

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