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Coordinates: 42°22′31″N, 71°03′52″WCharlestown is a part of the city of Boston, Massachusetts located on a peninsula north of Boston proper. Charlestown was originally a separate town and the first capital of the Massachusetts Bay Colony; it became a city in 1847 and was annexed by Boston on January 5, 1874. Although it has had a substantial Irish American population since the migration of Irish during the Irish famine of the 1840s, since the late 1980s the neighborhood has changed dramatically because of its close proximity to downtown, and its colonial architecture.// GeographyCha

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Adam J :

OK, for any Boston folks out there. My company is moving to the Charlestown Navy Yard. I come in from south of Boston, taking the commuter rail into South Station. It does not seem easy to get to Charlestown from South Station via public transportation...anybody have an idea or the best way to do this?

petey00petey :
"take the redline to alewile...then i believe you have to take a bus to the navy yard"
Hank :
"Sorry, but are you a bit crazy? I mean, you don't know?? Seems strange to me. It is VERY easy. If "south of Boston" means you take the Providence, Stoughton, Forge Park or Needham lines you simply get off at Back Bay, switch to the Orange Line, go to either Haymarket or North stations, and have a most enjoyable leisurely 7-10 minute walk to your job. If it means you take the Plymouth-Kingston or Middleborough train you take the Red Line from South Station one stop to switch to the Orange Line at Downtown Crossing. If for some reason you do not like walking get off the Orange Line at Haymarket. Several bus lines go from there through Charlestown."
bluepotato2 :
"1. There are no buses from alewife to the Navy Yard, and it's miles away in the wrong direction. 2. Orange Line to Haymarket is our best option. The buses to Charlestown from Haymarket are routes 111, 92 and 93."
Insane :
"You can enter your starting Station on the Commuter Rail and your Destination (Navy Yard) into the MBTA's Trip planner @ This will give you the shortest easiest way to do it."
J C :
"take the red line outbound (towards alewife) and switch to the orange line at downtown crossing. then your best bet would be to get off at haymarket and take a bus to the navy yard. you could also get off at the community college stop, but it probably would be too much of a long walk for you."
ashu :

I'll b leaving for boston on B1 visa,with daily allowance of 70$.my working place will be at city square ,charlestown.can anybody guide me about living ,food(veg), and other expenses over there? I'll be there for 3 months....plz answer its imp..!!

luckford2004 :
"My brother-in-law and his family live in Boston. He said living expenses are very high"
WE :
"You will need at least $150 per day including taxes for a hotel. Hotels are very expensive in Boston. Reasonable restaurants can be found easily especially for vegetarian."
yankeebird :
"As was already stated, living in Boston is very expensive. You'll probably need a roommate... I live in the suburbs and pay $1000 to live alone, and that would be almost half your per diem. I'd recommend searching on craigslist. It's where I found my place and where I'm looking for my next one. You can narrow it down by neighborhood, price, and searching for roommates, or subletting (Depending on when you are coming will affect availability. More open places in summer, less during the school year.) There's plenty of vegetarian options. Not sure if you're ovo-lacto or vegan, but as an ovo-lacto myself I can tell you not to worry about that if that's your situation. Veges are so common in Boston that most places have at least one option on the menu, usually more. At the very worst, nearly everywhere in Boston seems to offer pizza, so you could always get a cheese pizza (assuming you're not vegan). Other expenses would probably include transportation. I've only been out here for about a year and don't know Charlestown that well, but you'll probably need a bus or subway pass to get around from home to work and the rest of the city. The transit system is known locally as the T, and is very good. You can look at maps and pass options on their website,. Make sure and leave yourself some of your allowance to do some of the touristy stuff as well. Duck tours, Prudential Skywalk, Faneuil Hall/Newbury Street shopping, and sporting events or concerts. I would think of everything, your biggest concern is finding the affordable housing. Once you've got your housing taken care of, everything else should fall into place. Good luck, and enjoy the experience! Boston is fantastic."
Amanda :
"Read about public transit options to Charlestown here: Then try to find housing (e.g. on along the Orange Line subway or one of the bus lines servicing your workplace. You may be able to find a good apartment deal on the south side of town in a neighborhood like Jamaica Plain. You will probably be sharing a house or apartment with roommates. Try to find housing within a short walk of a source of cheap groceries (such as Stop & Shop or another large supermarket) to help keep your food costs down. As someone else already noted, finding veg. food will not be difficult. Get a monthly pass for the T (bus only is cheaper than subway +bus). $70/day will require you to live frugally, but it's not impossible -- boston is full of college and graduate students trying to live frugally, so you'll be in good company! good luck."
ShouldBeWorking :
"For that price you will need to rent somewhere with a roommate. Rent prices are fairly outrageous in Boston, so you would need most of your money just for that. $70 a day will be fine if you can do that though. Find a roommate, plan for something like $600 per month on rent, and transportation is easy and fairly cheap if you'll use the T and just buy a pass. The rest can go to food, necessities and fun!"
Brookieg :

I have been trying to find out the name of a book. It is a true story, not fiction. It is about a girl named Heather Whitala, I'm not sure of the spelling of her last name. Her mom, last name also Whitala but not sure of her first name, wrote this book after Heather tragically passed away in the 1980's after a long battle with cancer. Heather died in Charlestown RI. The book talks about how Heather communicated with her after she died. I read the book a while ago and can't remember the name of it. I would like to read it again as well as give it to my daughter to read as it is a great inspiration. Thank you for your help!!

Persiphone_Hellecat :
"I can't find anything but there is a rare book store in Westerly RI which is quite close. I bet they could help you. Give them a call. Pax - C Alice B Goodsell Rare Books 196 Potter Hill Rd, Westerly, RI - (401) 377-8270"


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Date: 2008-02-05 00:04:02

Charlestown -- More than 200 people filled a school's gymnasium Friday to donate blood and offset the volumes a 13-year-old boy used after undergoing a heart transplant.

Date: 2008-02-05 00:04:02

Once again the Rhode Island legislators return to their Puritanical views. They seem more willing to lay off workers, reduce benefits and services then to allow gambling into the Narragansett region.

Date: 2008-02-05 00:04:02

By at least one measure surgical pain management techniques haven't changed significantly since the first use of ether at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Charlestown in 1846.

Date: 2008-02-05 00:04:02

By at least one measure surgical pain management techniques haven't changed significantly since the first use of ether at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Charlestown in 1846.

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