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going to 16210 yviers in charente

shushin :
"One of these will help you. I could not do it for you as I needed a start point. "
oadbywonder :
"Ive done it myself loverly down there try this i went from Portsmouth"
coolkebab :
"Assuming that you are entering France from England at either Calais or Le Havre: Head towards Paris then pick up the A10 towards Orleans then Tours and Poitiers, go cross country towards Angouleme and down the D routes towards Chalais. A great drive of around 500 miles. You can avoid the toll roads and Paris but I suggest you have a very good sat nav. Either way enjoy the drive."
Amelie :
"Have a look on that website, it's really good.. "
snag :

i am going on holiday with my family in june to this region

Rillifane :
"Its a very popular French seaside resort region. Its also a fabulous place for seafood generally and especially oysters. The regional capital, La Rochelle, is an ancient city with very well preserved architecture. The old harbour is an excellant place to strol around and is filled with seafood rastaurants. The enitre harbour and old town area have been, for the most part, made into pedestrian walk areas. There is an excellant aquarium and you can see the Calypso, the ship used by the famous oceanographer Jacques Cousteau."
Matt :
"In Rochefort; you can visit the Corderie Royale (royal rope factory). They are buidling the replica of a ship called the Hermione. "Since 1997, just two steps from the Royal Rope Factory, the Association Hermione-LaFayette has been building a replica of the Hermione, a magnificent 3-mast frigrate, with a hull 45 meters long and 11 meters wide, originally built in the arsenal of Rochefort in 1779.""
"it's a nice region. small cities with a lot of history. La rochelle is the biggest city. there's 2 island connected to the mailand with bridges. very famous for the oysters, maraines oleron."
alanwoollcombe :

I'm considering going to the Angoulême comics festival at the end of January. Can anyone recommend any hotels in or around the area?

hakunamatata :
"well.. luckily, i live in angouleme and happened to read this question.. the cheapest hotel here is Etap Hotel which will cost you 39 euros per room for 1 night or 42 euros per room if u bring 2 guests. usually, all the hotels will be fully booked. so, you really have to book now. go to or else, u'll have to sleep at someone's place. send me an email if u need to know more."
alan :
"try tripadvisor .com"
mrqprfc :
"please dont stay there , it is a hell hole ... nice hotel at the top of the hill opposite the train station/ bus .... at night the place changes and is full of pimps and prostitutes , not a very nice place at all"


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Date: 2008-02-05 00:03:17

Quelques bons liens pour suivre et débattre des élections municipales en Poitou-Charentes. Un forum à La Rochelle, les Carnets de campagne à Cognac, les candidats de Poitiers sur Facebook, l'opposition de Lagord sur Dailymotion, les initiatives des médias locaux... Il y a quelques bonnes initiatives à signaler en Poitou-Charentes.

Date: 2008-02-05 00:03:17

Poitou-Charentes : All about the region in France. Charente, Poitou. Anything and everything about the region.

Date: 2008-02-05 00:03:17

Conseil régional, université, académie, associations… le libre a le vent en poupe ! Les services publics multiplient les actions destinées à donner du crédit aux logiciels alternatifs.

Date: 2008-02-05 00:03:17

Une démonstration de la fracture numérique : alors que Bordeaux se prépare à accueillir la fibre optique à domicile, comme l’a annoncé Alain Juppé il y a trois semaines, la Charente Libre du jour évoque l’arrivée de l’internet à haut débit dans neuf communes du Sud Charente. Dès la semaine prochaine, des antennes relais...

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