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Champagne is a sparkling wine produced by inducing the in-bottle secondary fermentation of wine to effect carbonation. It is produced exclusively within the Champagne region of France, from which it takes its name. While the term "champagne" is used by some makers of sparkling wine in other parts of the world, numerous countries limit the use of the term to only those wines that come from the Champagne appellation. In Europe, this principle is enshrined in the European Union by Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status. Other countries, such as the United States, have recognized the exclus

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aletor80 :

What if this is champagne? Champagne J. Bourgeois Pére & Fils Brut Francesa. developed by Marne & Champagne

Bentley :
"If that's champagne, enjoy it chilled but not freezing cold. Remove the wire cage from the cork carefully, always keeping the bottle pointed at a safe spot, just in case it decides to pop on its own. Believe me, they sometimes do. Remember to open the bottle by twisting the bottle, rather than the cork. Make sure your glassware is impeccably clean as remnants of soap will cause the champagne not to bubble properly. Do not allow your glasses to be frosted or chilled as this will alter the delicate flavor of the wine. Lastly, enjoy the wine with someone you like as an apéritif with some brie and crackers."
Sauce Monster :
"Yes. It's a small Champagne house that makes a fine bottle."
nato :
"By the French AOC laws... It has to be made in the Champagne Region of France and in the old Chapenoise Methode - to even mention the word Champagne on the label."
michael :
"What if it's not?"
its_just_sweet :

I had this question on a recent exam and took a wild guess at the answer. I tried to google the question to see if I was right but I can't seem to find it. "Champagne was previously made by French monks but is now only made by Belgian monks. Why?" Please only answer this if you actually know.

patrice :
"champagne is only french vine. it is only make in champagne region near Reims."
anastasha :
"Champagne is only frm France, Champagne region."
Frances :

Looking for a good champagne for my friend's birthday two weeks from now, any suggestions?

nikkifever108 :
"hope ya old enough 2 drink"
smileygirl0207 :
"Dom Perion or Cristial"
redrock :
"Asti-Spumante. It's really considered a sparkling wine, but it is also considered a champagne. It's not too sweet and it's not too tart. Goes with everything or alone and most everyone I've ever talked to loves the stuff. Get the big's only $19.00."
MadforMAC :
"I can't remember the full name, it's great and runs about $40, Vive or Vious something. It's very good."
Mitchell B :
"If you want good champagne for a reasonable price. Get moet. The dark bottle is the sweet one. It costs around $50. They sell it at any liquor store. I bought that for my friend's girlfriend's college graduation party."
chefgrille :
"OMG! I'm serious here. Skip the Dom, and get Mumms. It's my favorite ever! I have 30 bottles in the house! If you can't find Mumms, get Moet et Chandon White Star. Or Schramsberg. I love my sparklers.."
ash 7 :
"ever since a friend introduces ASTI, i love it to bits ♥"
keni :
"is it one bottle as a gift or are you choosing champagne for everyone to toast your friend? one bottle - a magnum of Krug non-vintage. Comes in a nice box and costs about 100 pounds (180 US) for a toast- who will be drinking the champagne? If it is all seasoned wine drinkers then get dry brut. If there are people whose summit of alcohol experience is a small sherry on Christmas morning, then get medium demi-sec, perhaps a pink champagne or Asti. Also, if people have just finished their meal, the bubbly drink is symbolic, most won't taste much after all that food. Best English champagne is Nyetimber, around 25 pounds a bottle. Get from Berry Brothers & Rudd, Basingstoke or St James's Street in London."
derek :
"Find something within your budget. There are some really good ones out there in the $25 range (some great ones at $40 & above) Most of the major manufacturers have several selections (one in each price range). Domaine Chandon & Mumm makes some fine wines."
breezeeeee :
"I think Dom Perignon is way over rated and over priced. I have drunk a lot of it and believe me I'm not alone in this opinion. Cristial is good but pricey. We don't know what your budget is. A good medium priced one is Moet White Star and of course, Mumms is a classic old standby in this country. You can get it both imported and not so the price is probably right."
constablekenworthysboy :
"Dom Perignon was a monk who invented Champagne by fermenting Chardonnay and making it effervescent or carbonated. It is a little over rated because of this. Cristal Champagne is the wine of the Hollywood and jet-set and is really not worth the price. Vintage is very important when buying wine and this is true with Champagne as well. A great vintage is 1990, followed by 1996 and 1985. A very good Champagne is Pol Roger, not too expensive unless you get the very best they make, the cuvee Sir Winston Churchill (named after him as it was his favorite!). Also try Veuve Clicquot or James Bond 007's champagne, Bollinger R.D. which stands for Recently Disgorged. A couple of other great ones are Salon Le Mesnil or Salmon Billecart, all about $100-$150 bottle. A Bientot!"
Billy :
"My favorite is Veuve Cliquot! Pale straw, with a lasting fountain of pinpoint bubbles. Appetizing "apple jelly on buttered toast" aromas lead into a full, rich Champagne with a creamy mouthfeel, subtle and delicate. Fine wine and certainly capable of several years' aging. Around $45"


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Date: 2008-02-05 00:00:13

Choose your weapon and gather your gear. If you've purchased a pricey ornamental champagne saber, whip it out. Otherwise, a solid butcher's knife will do just fine. And have some glasses (and maybe a couple of towels) handy.

Date: 2008-02-05 00:00:13

Review of a Great Champagne

Date: 2008-02-05 00:00:13

With the 1972 Miami Dolphins' legacy safe for at least another season, Don Shula took a moment Sunday night to congratulate the New England Patriots on a "great season." But not the greatest season. That distinction still belongs to Shula's 17-0 Dolphins.

Date: 2008-02-05 00:00:13

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