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frank p :

Does anybody know what happened to this particular Chablis, I have tried to source it for some time now and cannot get it anywhere. Have the wine makers stopped making it or have they changed the label? I think it is an exceptional Chablis.

Cascade ranger :
"Is it different from Chablis Les Valery?"
vicky b :
"try this you can order on line..."

I have a recipe called Typsy Chicken, this wine calls for Chablis wine. I am by no means a wine conissuer, but I do like what wines and alcohol due to food. First of all, my wife and I really enjoy sweeter wines. Is Chablis a sweet wine? I have never heard of this wine? Am I going to be able to buy this at a liquer store for around $10.00? Does it have a similiar cousin that might be cheaper....or easier to find? Help me out, I have never heard of this type of wine!

Bren J :
"Chablis is a drier white wine. It has very little residual sweetness, yet, all wines actually have a bit of sugar in them. If the recipe calls for Chablis I really would recommend using it or an unoaked chardonnay. You should easily find one for a reasonable price at a place like BevMo. Enjoy!"
dottie :
"It's white wine, I wouldn't call it sweet..................."
googoogirl :
"I always use Chablis on my Thanksgiving turkey. I heat it gently with a stick of butter. rap bird in cheese cloth and brush on about every half hour. Makes for a verygood bird."
Sew What? :
"Here's a little guide I use for cooking with wine: White dry: chardonnay, chablis, pino grigio or white vermouth. I use vermouth most often for cooking. White sweet: German Riesling or sherry. I usually use sherry. Red wine dry : burgandy or valpoliciella or merlot. I usually use burgandy. Red sweet: Port. I usually use tawny port. Don't use the stuff labeled cooking wine. If you can drink it, you can cook with it. Your chablis will be fine. You can find it in the liquor department of a large grocery store. You shouldn't have to spend $10.00. I wouldn't pay more than that for wine you are going to cook with."
fouth of july :

bought a bottle of chablis in paris in 2006. the bottle was corked in 2004. how long should i wait before drinking it. does chablis need so many years before its flavor is right? i do not want to openit too soon.

Jacqui W Mg :
"It's almost too old to drink. Chablis is not a wine to age. Most white wines are made to drink young - within three years. Chill that bottle and chug."
Amuse Bouche :
"2004 was a good year in Chablis, generally. As with any region, it depends on the producer and the particular vineyard. If it was a reputable producer, they probably managed to make a very well balanced Chablis in 2004. You would be safe to cellar the wine for a few years. Remember that Chablis tends to have bracing acidity and minerality that perhaps could be even more pronounced in a young wine. Letting it mellow would be a good idea, unless it's the firm acidity you're looking for to pair with a rich seafood dish like mussels in broth. Cheers!"


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Date: 2008-02-04 23:57:58

Years ago, the word Chablis was synonymous with California jug wine. At a restaurant, if someone ordered a glass, they likely were given whatever white wine was available. I remember as a kid, the Chablis was a huge jug kept warm in the cabinet and served with ice. Well, things have changed quite a bit.

Date: 2008-02-04 23:57:58

Said James Oliver Cury, "I got a chance to taste-test 21 wines, blind, with two types of oysters. I went in thinking I'd know exactly what I was tasting and that I'd pick the minerally, flinty, dry, slightly lemony, Old-World whites—Sauvignon Blancs and Chardonnays in particular. That's the classic pairing: Champagne, Chablis, and..."

Date: 2008-02-04 23:57:58

Debora (aka Debbie Gibson) and Drag Queen The Lady Chablis Sparks Fly - Atlanta, GA The Queen of 80's Pop Music and the Drag Queen of all times go head to head. Sparks fly and Pride is at stake.

Date: 2008-02-04 23:57:58

Top 10 reasons to stay away from gay reality TVThe Lady Chablis, cast and crew of a Miami-based reality pilot "QUEEN" were said to be STIFFED by the production company, Pheonix Productions...Nasty? Cheap? Homophobic?

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A little town of some 2,700 inhabitants, lying between Paris and Dijon, Chablis is the cradle of some very ancient vineyards. Cîteaux, very close to Dijon, was, in the 12th ...

With all its bad times and good times, the history of Chablis looks rather like that of France as a whole. In the curent state of knowledge of archaeology, it is certain that there ...

The Chablis region is the northernmost wine district of Burgundy , France . The grapevines around the town of Chablis are almost all Chardonnay , making a dry white wine renowned ...

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