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asiandreamer :

I am planning to go directly to Cha am from BKK airport. Is there bus service available? If not how much will it be by taxi? Also is there gay friendly hotel and beach there? Thanks for your help.

Natta..Thai lives in Thailand :
"You can go by aircondition bus,just catch taxi from Suwanaphum Airport to Southen transportion Station,called in Thai '' Konsong Sai Tai '' around 1 hours,then buy a ticket bus at there but if you catch taxi from airport to Chaaum,it costs around 1500-2000 Bahts,there is a price list attaching at the back seat in every taxis.Nice beaches are Chaaum and Hua Hin,but Chaaum seem to be more silent than Hua Hin.I suggest you rest at Chaaum beach,it's very nearly to Hua Hin,only1/2 hour drive. Hotel lists,just click;"
peanutz :
"Another way is for you to head to the travel desk in the airport and book a return coach trip to Cha'am/Hua Hin. This however will depend on the package timing and may not blend with your arrival. In that case, head for the bus terminal."
nemos :

I have the opportunity to study abroad for a semester (next fall) and I cannot decide where to go. I have never been out of the country and I thought that by choosing an European city I could visit a lot of interesting places while I was there. And, I have taken two years of French. But, most people I talk to say Thailand. Obviously, Thailand is by far the cheapest. When considering my major and credits that I need... Thailand would definitely provide me with more class that I needed for my degree. I really can't decide, and I do have a while to think but I still don't even have a favorite yet. If you don't mind, could you please include your reasoning behind any answer? Thanks!

dcrider125 :
"Vienna or Thailand for sure... Geneva is a POS city really dirty and run down, lots of shady people"
i wanna kno everything :
"well first off i don't think you should make price an issue. i kno it's expensive, but this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. i think it's worth it to save a little on other things but binge on this - seriously it'll be a great experience and shouldn't be limited by cost. that being said, if you really want to graduate asap and need the credits that much, still go w/ thailand. for example, if you'd be stuck in school for another year w/o that credit, then go there. so i guess it depends how badly you want out. but, i think you should go to a french-speaking country. wouldn't it be awesome using the language you've been taking? iono. i'd love that. it'd be daunting at first, b/c you realize how little you actually know, but it's a good learning experience. so for me, i'd say the french-speaking cities, unless you really really really really need that credit. have fun! =)"
Ducky :
"Go for Cha-am, it's a nice town."
★menta★ :
"I suggest you to go to Geneve!! You have already taken two years of French!! Why don't you want to practice it? But if you really need the credits for your major, go for Thailand. Thailand is a good place for tourism too. Enjoy!!"


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