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Idaho :

How long is the drive? Are there buses that work this route? Does anybody know?

French Guy :
"Hello.You have to drive back to Izmir first, then take the highway to Bodrum. It should take about 4 hours to drive if no jam. For buses, it's the same thing, take a bus to Izmir (1hour), then another one to Bodrum (4hours). The bus network is kind of well developed in western Turkey since this is the best way of travel they can offer after car."
Aesthetic Louse :
"I'm sure there are buses that go to Bodrum from Cesme. You may even try flying."
dsp1555 :
"you can use public busses or drive..it will take 4 hours ."
AllsTar :
"lemme think, an hour from Cesme to Izmir and 4 hrs from Izmir to Bodrum. 1+4 makes 5 hrs. But the think is, u need to check for coach stuff otherwise u may wait at the city terminal for a while. Hey recommend ya to go by bus, coz its like a plane, a fulls ervice of soft drinks and some cakes and for a few bucks, taking that trip from Izmir to Bodrum is really a bargain...Think about it. and Enjoy your vac, dude..."
Roland :
"very carefully my friend.. very carefully"
spacestrider :
"yes there are buses.I am from istanbul but I think 4-5 hours it takes by bus"
yeginosman :
jasonQ.Neill :

it is the most beatiful dormitory in izmir!it is opinion jasonQ.Neill(yasin aydin)

Greek Chick :
"It's not Izmir... It's Smirni..."


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Date: 2008-03-21 13:21:17

Cesme is a small resort overlooking the Greek island of Chios 45 minutes from  the city of Izmir. Many Turkish families have second-homes in the area and it has also become a fashionable holiday spot for young people from Istanbul and Ankara . Despite its domestic appeal , few foreigner visit or buy property.      In the […]

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