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Cavan (Irish: An Cabhán, meaning The Hollow) is the main town and county seat of County Cavan in the Republic of Ireland. The town lies in the north east of Ireland, along the border with Northern Ireland. The N3 road connects the town to Dublin.// HistoryThe O'Reilly family (still a very common surname in the area) established a castle in the town in the late 13th century. A Franciscan monastery was also established at around the same time. In the 15th century the local ruler, Bearded Owen O'Reilly, set up a market which attracted merchants from Dublin and Drogheda. King James I of England

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sarah s :

do u know anyone or are you from cavan or do you have relations in cavan?if so could you plz give detales. the reason?could you give second names because i am trying to find second/thid cousins that i do not no.thanx a mill.xxxx

kent_shakespear :
"I have third cousins there: Ginty, McGinty and McGinnity. Also Reilly/O'Reilly, but I've never met any of them."

To keep tradition going, everyone gets extremely drunk and the bride's and groom's families have a storming row and begin wrecking the reception room and generally kicking the sh!t out of each other. The police get called in to break up the fight. The following week, all members of both families appear in court. The fight continues in the courtroom until the judge finally brings calm with the use of his gavel, shouting, 'Silence in court!' The courtroom goes silent and Paddy, the best man, stands up and says, 'Judge, I was the best man at the wedding and I think I should explain what happened.' The judge agrees and asks Paddy to take the stand. Paddy begins his explanation by telling the court that it is traditional in a Cavan wedding that the best man gets the first dance with the bride. The judge says, 'OK.' 'Well,' said Paddy, 'after I had finished the first dance, the music kept going, so I continued dancing to the second song, and after that the music kept going and I was dancing to the third song, when all of a sudden the groom leapt over the table, ran towards us and gave the bride an unmerciful kick right between her legs.' Shocked, the judge instantly responded, 'God, that must have hurt!' 'Hurt?' Paddy replies. 'He broke three of my fingers!

somebodynobody1 :
xxxcli213xxx :
"gud one at least im not from caven come on cork"
proffeser n :
"hahaha lol that is very funny"
Goldrake. :
"lol,10/10,very funny."
lordfa9 :
"well he couldnt keep his fingers away"
♥~{hersheylova}~♥ :
"wat??????so he was touching her"
jaeck76 :
"like it lol"
JAM123 :
"Ha ha ha.!!! That will teach him to keep his fingers out, lol.!!! Excellent one again Gary.!!! 10/10.!!! Cheers man.!!"
compo :
"Best joke i have read for ages good one"
cmj :

i am looking for a chat room with people from county cavan in it or who have connections with county cavan in ireland

Ted Pack :
"There may be one, but . . . what if your fourth cousin, who has your GGGF's family Bible and the letters he wrote to GGGM when they were courting, tied in a bundle with a faded pink ribbon, gets out of the room 23 minutes before you get into it? There are real genealogy boards, with Q and A, just like this one, except they are devoted to specific surnames and counties and they don't get as many teens who think their family has a family crest. They take longer for a response, too. GenForum and Ancestry both have them. You have to register, but they are free. I can send you links if you are interested. You may not be; if you are 18 and looking to chat with someone your age but the opposite sex, you may not want anything to do with genealogy. Most of us are old. We're good looking, for geezers, and plenty smart, but old and cranky."
Feis Ort :
" Slán"


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