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Mikael G :

I am going to Montpellier on july 13th and was wondering if it was worth the trip to Carcassonne to see the fireworks display the next day. And is it possible to get parking anywhere near the Cite on this day?

2 shy :
"The medieval city is quite nice to see whether it is Bastille Day or not. There is a fairly large parking area around the cité, but if everyone in town comes to see the fireworks it will fill up way too quickly. If I remember correctly, parking is free there. My recommendation would be to go early in the day (say after lunch), park your vehicle and spend the afternoon there (there are plenty of things to see, little shops, etc.). The local people will not come that early for the fireworks display. If you decide you don't wish to visit early, but just see the fireworks, there is a nice bridge connecting the new city to the old city (where the medieval city is) and I am pretty sure that the fireworks could be seen very nicely at that point as well. Have Fun!"
Mafalda :
"the fireworks in Carcasonne are so great!!! it definitely worth it!!!"
kate100586 :

is carcassonne still avaliable on xbox live?

Darius C :
"sorry, live has moved on to bigger things. death still has it"
Joc :
norrin_shadowwolf :
"yes, it is, just no longer a free download, you'll have to use points to download the full game version"
Monoxide Child :
"It is no longer free and it isn't worth the 10 dollar asking price in my opinion. You can play the demo but I found Catan quite a bit more entertaining."
Aurora :

Between Hunters and Gatherers, The Discovery, and the original plus expansions, which is the best Carcassonne game?

Pappy :
"Beastiality Makes Best Boys, I love that one its sooo much fun and its hilarious."
Danaerys :
"In my opinion? Original plus limited expansions. My group always plays with all the land tiles from original plus Inns & Cathedrals, King & Scout and Traders & Builders (we don't care for The River). We use the scoring from Inns & Cathedrals and we use the "uber meeples," but we don't use pigs or builders or any of the rules from Traders & Builders or King & Scout. At the end we use the original farm scoring (city by city rather than field by field)."
H_A_V_0_C :
"Original + expansions we play with king & scout, inns&cathedrals, traders & builders, river 1, river 2, and the games quarterly mini-expansion. Because there are now so many tiles, the game takes a lot longer (because there are twice as many tiles). We just take out tiles to make the game last as long as the original base game."
LudoRex :
""Best" depends on what you are looking for. The easiest one to learn if you've never played before is Hunters & Gatherers. You can buy the others when you are confortable with H&G and the expansions when you are looking for more options to the basic game."
monache :
"Try Hunters & Gatherers. Simple and best"


Comments on Carcassonne

Date: 2008-02-04 23:43:01

What looks like a staid tile-laying game set in the French countryside turns out to be a raucous party game - at least the way we play it.

Date: 2008-02-04 23:43:01

Great guide for New players!!!

Date: 2008-02-04 23:43:01

In review, units downloaded is up, alot. Setting aside the free Carcassonne downloads (which were up 120% from last week, that were validated this week), sales were still up. Overall downloads increased from 158,000 units to 235,000 units. Revenue was also up $700,000, before taking Carcassonne out of the mix.

Date: 2008-02-04 23:43:01

A reminder to pick up Carcassonne, the game X-box Live is giving away for its 5th birthday, today. It's free!

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