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Cape Cod (or simply the Cape) is an arm-shaped peninsula nearly coextensive with Barnstable County, Massachusetts and forming the easternmost portion of the state of Massachusetts, in the Northeastern United States. The Cape's small town character and beachfront brings heavy tourism during the summer months.Although the Cape was originally connected to the mainland, the Cape Cod Canal, which opened in 1914, effectively transformed Cape Cod into a large island (though it is not normally referred to as such). Three bridges span the canal from the Massachusetts mainland to the Cape. Vehicles can

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Sara :

Where is Cape Cod found?? I know that you go whale watching there but i dont know what state it is in?

Billy Rowe :
Jeff M :
"southeastern Massachusetts, its a nice place."
Shortiee lyk me :
"Massachusetts my ex boyfriend used to live there!"
kelsiekasie h :


luckylivy123 :
"what town are you going to??? i could give you the names of places if i knew the town."
I want my ¡OLD! mtv :
"It'd be better if I knew where you're staying on the Cape but as a person who goes there for a week every year I've seen my fair share of stuff around there. Chatham and Provincetown both have excellent shopping, it's almost like a giant open-air mall. They don't have your normal stores you'd find in a mall of course but they just have various odds and ends. There's tons of ghost stories and ghost tours all over the cape so there's plenty to choose from if you're into things like that. The Orleans area has some more modern type of attractions from shops and movies in case you need a breath of the real world during your visit. I'm not sure exactly where they are but there's a good string of movie theaters in that area in case you want to see some of the big summer blockbusters out this summer. Historical tours lie mainly on the coast and out on the islands. I'd advise you to take a day trip out to the islands, they're all about the same and they're nice. I've been to Nantucket before and it was good, lots of lighthouses out there. Martha's Vinyard has some more condensed attractions especially around Oaks Bluff including the oldest active American carousel at the Flying Horses right outside of the ferry exit. Block Island is more historical and it also has a lot of tourist shopping to do out there. Also if you want fishing and whale watching things then the Hyannis / Harwich area is where you want to be. It'll take you out on the lower end of the Cape but if you the inner part I'd say go for Provincetown again, head for the marinas or check in with a tourist information person there and they'll give you some good advice. Oh and a few more things: listen closely to traffic reports if you're driving in. I've driven up there about oh 12 or so times and there's 2 main bridges you can take: the Bourne or Sagamore. We've almost always taken the Bourne (the southern one) and I think once we took the Sagamore and I don't think we ever will again; we were waiting in traffic for a long time. And if you're taking 2 cars or more have a walkie talkie system ready whether it's on cell phones or with regular push-call hand held devices, it can spare you the trouble of one car going over the Bourne and the other going over the Sagamore."
astrowulf2002 :

Since the (man-made) Cape Cod Canal completely separates Cape Cod from the mainland, and is deep and wide enough to allow large ships though, would make Cape Cod an island?

xmushroomheadx29 :
"no, it is a cape, DUH! Cape Cod"
crownvic64 :
"It's a peninsula!"
jayleites :
"Definition of "island" -- A land mass, especially one smaller than a continent, entirely surrounded by water -- Sounds like Cape Cod qualifies."
poet_by_nature :
"No, I do not think it is not an island. Look in the encyclopedia."
chefzilla65 :
"'s still part of the mainland...that would be like sayin the americas are not connected because of the panama canal."
submariner662 :
"Geographically, Cape Cod is a peninsula. It is, however, really closer to being an island, as it is surrounded by water. Originally, the Cape was united with the mainland until the US Army Corps of Engineers—realizing a three-century-old dream—dug the 17½-mile long, 480-foot wide Cape Cod Canal from 1909 to 1914 (the world’s widest sea-level canal), giving “birth” to Cape Cod as an independent land mass and joining Buzzards and Cape Cod Bays"
god nose :
"No I think it's still a cape."
shocktrooper342003 :
"Good point, but it's still considered a peninsula, because the canal is in fact man made. That is a great question to ask at any bar around midnight in Hyannis, lol!!"
wat??? :
"is a cape"
rhymer :
"It is a peninsula.."
Taylor B :
"ummmm no its connected....its a cape"
Nelson_DeVon :
"No, it is attached to Massachusetts."
38c :
"I am not sure but CAPE COD makes a great potato chip!"
clrguard1 :
Gatherer :
"It is a peninsula."
JONES99679 :
"No, not an island. It is only completely surrounded by water because a canal was dug. Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket are islands."
ShouldBeWorking :
"No, Cape Cod itself is not an island. Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard are islands which are considered part of Cape Cod."
glamourgirl718 :
"Cape Cod (1033 km²; called simply The Cape by Northeasterners) is an arm-shaped peninsula forming the Easternmost portion of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in the Northeastern United States. It is coextensive with Barnstable County. Although Cape Cod was originally connected to the mainland, the Cape Cod Canal, completed in 1914, effectively transformed Cape Cod into a large island."
salazarjanett :
"No, Cape Cod is a peninsula."


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Date: 2008-02-04 23:37:00

While sand dunes and the National Seashore make up the bulk of Provincetown, there's more than just beaches in this quaint village at the head of Cape Cod.

Date: 2008-02-04 23:37:00

Clinton, the paper said in its endorsement posted today on its website, offers another, better path to change. "It involves diligence, experience, playing through pain," the endorsement says. "That is Clinton's history. That is why she deserves her party's endorsement."

Date: 2008-02-04 23:37:00

Our prime target was Black Sea Bass. Knowing that these fish congregate in Buzzards Bay at this time of year, we quickly headed out around the Cape Cod Canal area of Buzzard’s Bay in around 20-22 feet of water depth.

Date: 2008-02-04 23:37:00

Neat history of Cape Cod's Highland Light, built over 200 years ago to protect ships from the deadly sandbars surrounding the Dangerfield setttlement. Learn the story of the place Thoreau dubbed "a neat building, in apple pie order".

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