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Cannes is a city and commune in the French department of Alpes-Maritimes in the region of Provence-Alpes-Cte d'Azur. Located in Southern Europe at the south eastern extremity of France, Cannes is a privileged crossroads between the Alps, Provence, Monaco and Italy.

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lady ♥ :

If I need to be in Cannes for business and it happens that I cannot stay there because all hotels are already booked at that time, which one of the near-by towns should I choose, in order to have the best connection and easiest approach to Cannes? I am considering places it takes no more than 20-30 minutes ride to get there. Also, could you tell me how much a bus ticket costs? And how much is taking a cab? Very important note, I would prefer a place that is connected with Cannes by bus at night as well. Are there any? I think I have been told there is only train at night, but I also heard that train stations are not very safe at that time there. I apologize if I am wrong about that, but this is what I have been told. Thanks a lot for any information you might have. Yes, it is during the Film Festival. And it is a single room. I just look for a clean and safe place and at the same time for a cheap price, so I am interested in 2 or 3 star hotels. I need to know which town to choose, in case I can’t find anything in Cannes.

Rillifane :
"I find it a bit hard to believe that every hotel room in Cannes is booked except during the Film Festival. Is that when you'll be there? What's your price range? I take it you need only a I correct?"
nonconformiststraightguy :
"I would stay at Mandelieu. There are some small hotels there. A taxi to Cannes would be about 25Euros Or take a bus about 30 minutes"
bibounet0909 :
"Hi there... The best if you go to Cannes for the film festival, and that all the hotels are booked, is that you try to stay in a town which is along the coast... reason being that you can take the train. For example if you stay in Nice, which is 40k of Cannes, would take 25mns by train, and you have a train every 20-30mns... also you could try to stay in Antibes, which is 10mns by train as well. I would consider to take the train, coz you ll avoid traffic jams. As the riviera is very touristic area, you ll not have any problem to find accomodations. Good luck"
gina m :

I would like to know what are the favourite spots for residents in Cannes, where you prefer spending your free time in your beautiful city and what are your favourite activities that has something to do with the city. Like, going to the beach or some parks... And could you tell me something more about Cannes, as I just spent a couple of hours there and just walked down the Croisette, nothing more. Could you describe me some other parts of the city? Could you tell me as well how it looks like to be in Cannes during the film festival? Finally, is it safe for a girl to wander around alone at night in Cannes? Thanks.

Rillifane :
"You might find more actual residents of Cannes by going to Yahoo answers France."
antwan the swan :
"Cannes is crowded during the film festival, i never go there when it's on because it is driving me crazy. Cannes is a living city with a lot of events through out the year. It has a very nice old part call Le Suquet which is very very nice and typical. The most famous street after la croisette is la rue d'antibes where you can find all the shops. There is also a lot of venue to go out at night most of them are very modern, lounge type and kind of expensive too. Cannes is safe but you do not want to walk at night too close to the train station, in summer time you have to be carefull with your handbag and stuff as robbers are waiting tourists."
daeijan :

Hello everyone, I wanted to see if anyone could suggest the best way to get from Paris to Cannes. Last time I was in Europe I took the train everywhere; however, I?ve never actually taken one from Paris to Cannes. I wanted to find out how long it takes by train and what is the ticket price for first class. Also, would it be better to just fly from Paris to Nice and take the train to Cannes from there? Thanks a lot,

suzie :
"Pack me in your suitcase, take the train and you wont even realise the time its taken to get there........:)"
lucky s, :
"Hi my Friend,you sounds smart,why you need to ask on this site,wish you nice trip,Just it's Holiday time so it's busy here so be care full with hotel and ticket reservations etc. good luck."
calvin o :
"There's nothing to do or see at Cannes, really, unless it's the film festival. Take the TGV from Paris to Nice which allows you to drop at Cannes and later continue on to Nice on the same day. Train times and schedules are available at . It's 5 hours between Paris Lyon station and Cannes station. It's quite pointless to fly, really. You first have to get to Orly airport and it's usually at least an hour from Paris centre. Moreover Nice airport is also outside of Nice."
bayali :
"hello, there are direct trains between Paris Gare de Lyon and Cannes. for example, if you leave Paris at 08.00am you will arrive at Cannes around 1.05pm. the price for a one-way ticket in first class is 146 euros. (full fare - you can have a cheaper ticket if you are under 25 years old) I think a train ticket will be cheaper than an air-plane ticket, but you can try to book a ticket with between Paris and Nice and then take a train bewteen Nice and Cannes..."
lulu s :
"if u fly from Paris to nice ud get there allot quicker n then u can go by car to Cannes only half an hour"


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Date: 2008-02-04 23:32:29

The big guns of the music industry are currently getting their heads together at an annual gathering in Cannes, and the key story to come out of the discussions seems to be an overriding belief that ISPs and governments

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Portuguese investigators acted hastily in naming the parents of British girl Madeleine McCann as suspects in her disappearance last year, a senior police official said in an interview broadcast Sunday.

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The disappearance of maddy and the media reaction to it

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