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// HistoryOriginally known as Ekab (Black Earth), what is now the northern district of the state of Quintana Roo was thickly populated by people speaking the language now known as Maya when the Spanish arrived, according to conquistador Bernal Diaz del Castillo. In the years after the Conquest, most of the population died or left as a result of disease, warfare, piracy and other factors, leaving only small settlements on Isla Mujeres and Cozumel Island.According to the Cancún User's Guide by Jules Siegel (an American journalist who has resided in Cancún since 1983), Cancún resulted from a

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bdmrplemons :

Has any one been to cancun????, where is the best place to stay? How many days is good to stay, and how expencive is it to go??????

D R :
"nope never been but i heard that you can get a deal for like $550/person!!!!"
jaguar9022 :
"i own a timeshare in the omni hotel, and i can give you a studio, which is the equivalent of a hotel room that sleeps 4 for $1400."
flightpillow :
"There are many great places to stay, Try a one of the RIU's they are excellent, depending on what time of holiday you are looking for, If you want to be right in Cancun or in the Mayan. You can see many deals on or Have fun!!"
Alicia in Cancun :
"Love Cancun. Before I moved here I would visit 3-4 times a year. I would recommend staying at least 5-days, 7 or 8 if possible. If you stay in an all-inclusive (includes room, all food and drinks) the cost is around $250 per night and up. I always enjoyed staying at the Palace resorts because you are not limited to just one resort to eat can visit all of their properties eat, drink and enjoy the activities. Hope you decide to come to Cancun it is a very beautiful place!"
underboss112000 :

How much money would i need in cancun...going with a girly!! jajajjajan Just spending money,not hotel or flight!$2,000?

widells94 :
"Dude take this advice Don't go to Cancun Its all Americans and way to expensive. Look at Ixtapa,Mexico ANd Cancun has no waves.."
geekmeister :
"probobly around a thousand maybe less maybe more"
Brandoooo!! :
"depends on how high maintenence the "girly" is! good luck"
alpha66 :
"stay in a group...since Bush's visit there a few days ago...alot of animosity is flying around against Americans."
stella39 :
"Usually, you budget $100-$150 a day. How long will you be there? You will do great with $2,000. Unless you are a big spender and plan on doing many excursions, you will come home with money. Enjoy. Have a great trip with your girly friend. (smile)"
underboss112000 :

Need help.....need to know how much u guys have spent while in Cancun...not including hotel and flight.....planning to go in 2 weeks.....need to know how much to take? Going with girlfriend!

mark747 :
"What kind of things do you want to do? More info would help."
Tom D :
"I just got back 3 weeks ago, stayed at the royal sunset- great place all inclusive,anyway it all depends on what you have planned. If its not an all inclusive resort EVERYTHING is expensive, bars in town $30-40 to get in but once you get your wrist band its open bar all night! jets ski's $35-40 for 1/2 hr again it depends on what you want to do while your there. Have fun and enjoy its freakin great down there. Check out coco bongo for sure! daddy rock too"


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