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Ev :

how do u pronouce CAMPANIA, where do u put the stress (cam-PA-nya, or cam-pa-NI-a), also for the words, "Foggia" "Bari" "Messina" "Catania" "Calabria" "Puglia" "Molise" "Basilicata" "Emilia-Romagna" "Napoli" and "Perugia" THANK YOU SOO MUCH in advance, i would truly truly appreciate the help thx

cabrobst :
"I have heard it pronounced, cam-PAIN-ya also, na-po-lee, the 'a' short, the 'o' and 'e' long"
Kristina :
Gerardo N :
"cam-PA-nia FO-ggia BA-ri me-SSI-na ca-TA-nia ca-LA-bria PU-glia mo-LI-se ba-si-li-CA-ta e-MI-lia ro-MA-gna NA-po-li pe-RU-gia"
loony_liz :
"gerardo is right"
koneko :
"in italian you pronounce all the A like the A of America.. all the I like english E g+i = j c+h= k c+i/ e= chi / che g+n= something like N in new or gnam s+ci= sh g+li= a sound like.. oh i don't know if english has something like that.. something betweel double L and Lew.. it's very hard to explain.. look in the dictionary how to pronounce GLI campAnia fOggia (fojja) bAri messIna catAnia calAbria pUglia molìse basilicAta emìlia romAgna nApoli perUgia kisses from italy"
Pippa :

I'd like to spend a month (or 3 weeks minimum) travelling around this region, especially the Amalfi Coast and a couple of the islands....What do you think would be the minimum amount of ££ Id need to take with me? I was thinking of doing this late June, early July 07.

Marika :
"I am from Campania. I think that the most expensive thing will be the hotel or the place where you would like to sleep, transports are not too expensive, because the region is small and you can see everything. If you want, you can contact me, we could keep in touch, I can suggest whatever you want, because I live in Naples and I was born here, and I love my region!"
elaineke2002 :
"Its probably the best time to come here as its not that hot, hot yes but not the heat that we have in late mid July and August. It's also low season so hotels shouldn't be that expensive. It depends where you want to stay and what you want to do, for example you can find hotels that cost 50 euro a night and the ones that cost 500€ a night! you should probably hire a car, if you're brave enough to face the deadly traffic, but public transport is quite good! The youth hostel in Mergellina in Naples is quite good, it's clean and quiet but the curfew is at midnight, if you want you can email me and I can give you all the information you need! my mail is"
"I'll suggest you to not go there if you are alone... it's not a very safe place! Ciao! :-)"
Jetgirly :
"I traveled around that region, alone, twice (I'm a twenty-two year old girl). I LOVED the island of Ischia (sooo relaxing and beautiful), Sorrento (good home base for exploring Pompeii and Capri) and Paestum (see Ancient Greek temples without going to Greece- amazing!). I was bored in the actual city of Amalfi. I was robbed in Naples (it wasn't a big deal, someone stole my map when I asked for directions!) and unfortunately I was constantly sexually harassed and offered money for sex in Paestum (it's a small country town). I would say that it's very safe, but dress on the conservative side and hold your head high. I don't speak in British pounds, but if you're planning on staying in hostels I would budget about EUR 75 per day (not including transport TO Italy). You can spend less money if you don't go to the major attractions and only eat take-out pizza... but then you're missing out on half the fun!"


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Date: 2008-02-04 23:28:44

Si e’ parlato in questi giorni della possibilita’, per i cittadini campani, di agire in giudizio per ottenere il recupero della TARSU (tassa sui rifiuti solidi urbani), versata negli ultimi anni, secondo lo schema delle class actions.

Date: 2008-02-04 23:28:44

l'arroganza dei politici che non solo colludono con la mafia sulla pelle dei cittadini ma li rimproverano come rei. In TV si fa la ramanzina ai campani colpevoli di fare capricci.

Date: 2008-02-04 23:28:44

L’Italia, a causa dell’emergenza rifiuti in Campania, è ad un passo dal deferimento alla Corte di Giustizia. La Commissione Europea ha inviato il “parere motivato”, la seconda fase della procedura d’infrazione che il commissario europeo all’Ambiente, Stavros Dimas, ha aperto nel giugno scorso.

Date: 2008-02-04 23:28:44

Come politici e mafia gestiscono i rifiuti in tutta Italia. Il modo, l'organizzazione, le frodi.

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