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The word California originally referred to the entire region composed of the current U.S. state of California, plus all or parts of Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and Wyoming, and the Mexican peninsula now known as Baja California.The name California is most commonly believed to have derived from a storied paradise peopled by black Amazons and ruled by Queen Califia. The myth of Califia is recorded in a 1510 work The Exploits of Esplandian, written as a sequel to Amadís de Gaula by Spanish adventure writer García Ordóñez Rodríguez de Montalvo. The kingdom of Queen Califia, according to Montalvo,

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I'm the man! :

Tell me about it. (Namely Sacramento and San Jose.) I don't plan to move permanently to California, but only for 3-5 years for graduate school. I've heard that people in California are rude, nasty, and impolite? Is this true? What is the quality of life like? (I know the expensive cost of living takes a toll.) What is there to do? What do locals do to entertain themselves (arts, nightlife, entertainment, etc.)? Basically, what can I expect from northern California? I would be moving there from Kentucky, so needless to say I'd be in for a HUGE culture shock. (I'm also considering Texas, Oklahoma, Washington st., and Georgia, just to show that CA isn't the only place I'm looking into.) Thanks in advance for any help!

Unfrozen Caveman 7 :
"californis is the best.......hands down...anyone whos says dirrerent has never been here or is jealous of all we have here"
michelle f :
"It's really nice they people aren't all crazy but their is going to be a couple crazy people any where you go so..It is very expensive very...its a lot better than kentucky!"
Ħallοωeđ :
"Actually the people here aren't rude, nasty, and impolite people from other states are just jealous. I've been to a lot of other places and I'd say the standard of living here is high. Theres so much to do here you will never find yourself board. You can surf, snowboard, and skateboard all in the same day if you want. You can expect a good time."
realbohemian :
"Go to Georgia or Washington or Texas, in that order. I lived in So. Cal for years but my sis went to grad school in No. Cal and left after her first year. She was magna cum laude from a prestigious Southern university and was raised in D.C. She has no accent but everyone bashed her because she was "from the South". You are in for culture shock. Rude is the norm."
Cray_Z...California Gal :
"Go to Texas or Oklahoma because I as a CALIFORNIAN don't want you here... !Just kidding... There's plenty to do here in CA...ref.. to culture, arts and nightlife. NOR CAL features the greatest natural and man made scenery anywhere in the United States of America. (Yosemite, Golden Gate Bridge, the ocean) Sacramento and San Jose are both good choices to keep you busy over the weekends. Good Luck."
clansolas :
"I was born in San Jose and live in Washington and both would be ideal for graduate school. Both have their ups and downs and rude/nasty/impolite people but this is far overstated; people here or there are generally not mean unless you are, then your in for a hell of a time, but I'm sure your not. I know people who attended graduate school in both places and I would have to say that you need to visit them and see which one fits you best--they are both magnificent. However, in my opinion Washington--It would be the best three to five years of your life; Washington is basically two completely different cultural area's; eastern, they are your rural types--not different then Kentucky I'm sure; and western, It's so hard to explain it's greatness you must see it through your own eyes--but its a secret that we don't want every body in the country knowing. Good Luck in school =)"
Felix :
"Dude u must be crazy! It's California u should think staying there all your life! I'd do anything to move in Los Angeles area.. Good luck in cali"
shdw313 :
"i thinlk you've got it all wrong. we californian's are usually left leaning and tend to be very openminded, welcoming and suports of free expression. while we aren't known for anything like southern hospitality, we are in no way anymore rude, nasty or impolite than anyone else. i think a few places have a bad rap like the OC, which is a mainly caucasian area which is rather affluent. the quality of life is high, that is why the living expenses are high. but we also have a higher minimum wage and a higher average household income. we pay more for things like gas becasue CA requires a high standard of filtering to make the gas burn cleaner than other states. there is everything to do. Any major city in CA has clubs, museums, amazing cuisine from all over the world, and a ton of coffee shops. in terms of outdoors, CA is a paradise. in northern california the beach, the city, mountains, and forests are not more than a couple hours drive. I live in a small suburb forty minutes from SF. i believe Norcal is the best place in america to live. it has a lot of divserity, culture, free expression, open mindedness, some of the best food in the world. outdoor lovers have everything you could ever want with Yosemite, Tahoe, the Bay. There is always something to do especially in the bigger cities. coming from Kentucky it will definitely be different, but if you give it a chance you'll love it. i''ve only known less than a handful of people who come to Norcal who don't fall in love with it(except those from Socal, there is a rivalry)."
pinksweetie0104 :

I would like go to a college in California. I want to go to a college that has alot of people and a really nice campus and is affordable. I would like to major in something that has to do with English or Film Studies. I've got great grades... but I can't afford more than 40,000 a year, and that's pushing it. Also, I don't live in California... would living there for a few months before starting college lower my tuition?

TD :
"Go to UCLA or UC Berkeley."
Posey :
"TO get residency you'll need to live here for at least a year to lower the tuition, otherwise you'll be paying through the roof. UCLA, Pepperdine, and Cal State are all good."
Susieqq :
"there are wonderful colleges in california... however note this, A resident student is an individual who has lived in California for at least one year and one day prior to the beginning of a semester, and has taken steps to establish residency within the state. that is a state law. better move here quick! remember its not just about affordable school--its also about an affordable town Bay area of san jose, san fran is not affordable)"
"No. You have to be a resident of California for at least 2 years before a college will consider you a "resident" and get the discounts. You may want to consider moving here and going to a community college for your first 2 years. That way the general ed. stuff will be cheaper and you can decide what college and what major you should go after."
tonalc1 :
"Usually you have to be a resident in the state for one year to not get dinged with the out-of-state fee. SF State has a good English and Film department."
Michelle C :
"UC Berkeley is awesome. It's an urban setting and has lots of people. Out of state tuition costs are kind of steep though, but it helps to apply for financial aid and/or scholarships. There's a great liberal arts program here so English and Film Studies (The Pacific Film Archive is located on campus) are definitely awesome here. Living here for a few months probably wouldn't lower your tuition that much... it really takes about a year from what I've heard from my out of state friends. But definitely try the financial aid route. Also, you could try going to a community college first in California to establish residency and then transfer to a UC or some other school in California during your junior year to work on your major. Good luck!!"
Tay Tay * :

Hey, I live in Washington and I'm thinking of traveling to California for the first time this summer. Do you know any good websites about fun things to do there or any good restaurants in California?

Valley R :
"GO to the Orange County Convention and Visitor's Bureau website."
ontheroadagainwithoutyou :
"California is a huge state. You need to be more specific as to WHERE in California you are heading. It is vastly different in the north and south, etc. Give a shot."
Daniel S :
"Yeah, Hard Rock Cafe is always a Good One. San Francisco is best known for Resturants. I will add some more hold up. There is a little place called Bucca De Beppo, its on Howard St. near Market. It's really popular, and they serve Fresh, probably the freshest PIZZA and Italian food around. Really nice enviroment and decent prices."
Tyron :
"Where in California? California is hudge! Much bigger than Washington..."
Carol :
"well a phone book would work"
"It depends what area in CA your going to....LA,OC,and San Diego have to many places!! If you make it down to San Diego you can even go over the border to TIjuana and ROsarito to party!!!!"
kc :
" simple yet perfuct"
GreenEyedBandit :
"u can try looking up hotspots like disney land in la fishermans warf in sf or even take a tour sac when they first discovered gold"
hunterfishhead :
Serg :


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