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Cairo, which means "The Vanquisher" or "The Triumphant", is the capital city of Egypt. While Al-Qahirah is the official name of the city, in Egyptian Arabic it commonly shares the dialect's name for the country, transliteration: Masr. Cairo is the sixteenth most populous metropolitan area in the world. It is also the most populous metropolitan area in Africa.

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happyboy :

My brother has just returned from Egypt, he says Cairo is the worst most poverty stricken city he has ever visited. Ive never been there but have travelled extensivley in the far east and East Africa. I wondered how Cairo compares? Ive been to Katmandu, Bangkok, Singapore and other exotic destinations and want to know if Cairo is really that bad or is my Brother just not a good traveller!

Grinning_ape :
"He must be right. Think about it. HE has ever visited?"
Sanmigsean :
"In this context, Singapore shouldn't even be mentioned in the same paragraph. Your brother needs to go to Warri, Nigeria and he will change his mind."
TheBear V2.0 (Happy Bearian) :
"I think so too... a real traveler never complains... he/she is ever ready to face the best and worst of scenarios and environments."
peanutz :
"Cairo can be intimidating in comparison to the rest."
"Depends on your point of view, in Cairo, you run the risk of being taken hostage by terrorists, Bangkok, you can contract aids, Katmandu, you run the risk of being trampled by beggars. What else can I tell you."
yanni :
"WHY, whenever Bangkok gets a mention on here does some dimwit go straight to the AIDS thing? These people have obviously never been to Thailand. You do my head in.... (not the person asking the question, the pillock above this answer)"
NextMuffin :

What should I visit, I'm spending a few days in Cairo and Luxor in 2 weeks what are good things to do?

cute devil :
"you should spend a little bit of your time in alexandria in marina it a good place or go to the gharda or sharm el shiek (im not sure of the spelling)"
tangek :
"My husband and I went to Egypt in Jan 2007. We combined 9 nights in Egypt with 3 nights in Jordan, as we wanted to see Petra (which was outstanding -- just as impressive as the pyramids at Giza!!). We based ourselves at the Le Meridien Giza for the first 3 nights. The main attraction was, of course, the pyramids and sphinx. They were the highlight of our trip to Egypt and must not be missed! Bring a large memory card for your camera -- taking photos is irresistable. You can spend an entire day wandering the complex. Note that most pyramids can be entered for an additional fee. But you'll break your back squatting in the low passageways. Watch out for the "security guards" -- they just want to take your photo for a fee. We spent a 2nd day with a private guide touring Saqqara, Memphis, and Dahshur, where you can see other pyramids. These sights were quite interesting as you can see the evolution of pyramids from the step fashion to the ones at Giza. You don't need a guide -- you can hire a taxi for a day at a much cheaper cost. We then flew to Luxor for 3 nights. We spent 2 days in Luxor seeing all the sights on the east and west banks. The temples of Luxor and Karnak are both incredible. The Valley of Kings and Valley of Queens were both interesting, but you can only enter a few select tombs. The temple of Hatshepsut was impressive, with some paintings surviving for thousands of years with original colors. Again, you can hire a taxi to take you around to the sights for a cheaper price than a guide. We flew to Abu Simbel on the Sudanese border as a day trip from Luxor. The temple was amazing, especially since they relocated the entire temple when Lake Nasser was created. The only down side is that Egypt Air forces everyone to stop over in Aswan on the way back for 6-7 hours while waiting for a connection. We made the best of the time by touring the island temple of Philae, which was beautiful, and then had some dinner at a hotel on the Nile River. We spent our last 3 nights in downtown Cairo. The city is bustling and the river traffic on the Nile is fun to watch. We visited the Citadel, which had great views, and the mosques of Old Islamic Cairo. The bazaar is a bit more "down and dirty" than Istanbul's, so be prepared for dirt roads and wandering animals. We also went to the Cairo Museum -- this summarized everything that we had already seen in situ in Luxor -- very good, but might have been more beneficial to see at the beginning of the trip as an introduction. We didn't visit Alexandria due to lack of time, but you could definitely squeeze it in as a day trip. Have fun!! Wish I was going back!!"
"go shopping,pyramiids,try a soccer games,go to a club, resturants ull fid everything there just dont be afraid to go out but dont go out to late"
lena :

I am traveling to the middleast (Isreal, Jordan, Eypt) I will have 4 days in cairo besides the pyrmids of Giza what is considered a "must" see.... Also will there be an issue if I have a isreal stamp on my passport when entering eypt?

تب بخ بخ بخ :
"no, well maybe, but i would say no, no problem. go see khan el khalili, go around el giza. i dont know much about cairo, i only know abt alexandria, aswan, sharm el shiekh, masr matrou7 etc.."
Rokaya :
"if you are not of Israeli origin, just a tourist there will be no problems (well for 99,99999%) :-)"
"I would definitely visit khan el khalili, my favourite place has to be Gamaliyya just for walking around and people watching. Also Muqattam is very beautiful, especially at sunset or night time to have a shisha! Not sure about the passport thing, I heard you can have problems, when my friend went they didn't stamp her passport, they stamped a piece of paper instead.."
Hala :
"Well you must go to the Egyptian museum for goodness sake, i cant imagine anyone missing that out. In our travels a friend of mine did have some problems entering Egypt with an Isreali stamp in her passport. She was taken aside & asked lots of questions, but they did stamp her passport & let her in, just took time. This was about 8 yrs ago."
Balsam :
"There is no problem at all what other countries you visit. The first must is the Egyptian museum in Cairo. Another must is Memphis and Sakkara. Also the citadel with the alabaster mosque. Old Cairo with the old churches and synagogue. You may like to visit Alexandria for one day including the Library of Alexandria, the Roman theater, and the 15 century fortress built in the same place of the ancient light house which was one of the ancient seven wonders of the world and using the stones of the light house that fell in the 13th century. In the evening the sound and light show at the pyramids and the Nile cruise for 2 hours with buffet dinner and show with music."
Autumn :
"There is this HUGE mall in Heliopolis called City Starz.. if you tell any taxi to take you to city stars they will understand.. There are tons of beautiful mosques to visit.. Also in Nasr City there is a beautiful park called Al Azhar park."
Hophop :
"no problem about the Israel stamp, 4 days is really good enough to see most of the great areas of Cairo, i recommend, 1 day trip to Alexandria, it is lovely city and there are some nice to see and 1 day could be enough to have a look over there. about Cairo, pyramids for sure, Mohamed Ali mosque, khan El khalili, Egyptian museum, sakkara rea. wish you a nice trip."
Reem h :
"you should never leave cairo wihtout seeing that: 1-giza's pyramids and sphinx 2-sharm 3-khan el khalely"


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Date: 2008-02-13 06:13:49

By Alaa Shahine CAIRO (Reuters) - Thousands of Egyptians took to the streets of Cairo dancing, singing and waving flags on Sunday after the national football team won the African Nations Cup for a record sixth time. Fans hugged each other on the...

Date: 2008-02-13 06:13:49

The only difference is that the proprietary, non-redistributable CoreGraphics has been conditionally replaced with the Cairo-based graphics backend developed and maintained by the WebKit GTK+ team. This conveniently lets us maintain the new code as an officially supported sub-port of WebKit without much additional infrastructure.

Date: 2008-02-13 06:13:49

Egypt won the African Cup of Nations today. Nothing can be taken away from Egypt, but the Cameroonians had their own problems.

Date: 2008-02-13 06:13:49

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