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Cabarete Bay is a bay on the northern coastline of the Dominican Republic. The bay is formed by a barrier coral reef and is a popular destination for surfers and divers, Increased development of the city of Cabarete and deforestation of upland regions has resulted in increased urban and sediment runoff into the bay and impacted the health of the coral reefs. Overfishing of the coral reefs during the 1980s has also contributed to a decline in ecosystem function. Paradoxically, tourism in the Dominican Republic has helped alleviate one aspect of stress on the reefs. Many fishermen now work in t

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Sandy29 :

I'm organizing a girls getaways for 5 nights in May. We decided to go for Dominican Republic. Although the beaches look nicer in Punta Cana than in Puerto Plata, we decided to go for something a little bit more typical where we can have a real insight with the the people that live there. We are thinking about Cabarete or Sosua. Any recomendations? Which one has the best beach? The best nightlife? We don't really want to be in a resort all-inclusive but it seems to be the cheapest option...Any place you recommend to stay? Anyone has been there? Thanks!!!

jazzpaging :
"Gals I would advise Cabarete! Valero is real nice and Villa Taina is cheaper:) Sosua is more of a single guys paradise and Cabarete is better for couples and gals! Sosua is only 20 minutes away and only a couple of dollars each to cab it one day and check it out! Go to Vimeca (Western Union) to cash dollars for Pesos as they will give you 3-4% less in the street there! Buy food and drink at Janets Supermarket! Good food go to Pomadoro on the Beach for Italian-LAX for casual food-Bliss for French which is on the road to the El Choco Caves across from Ocean Dreams and Tipico Mercedes farther along the same road for good Dominican food-Ocean Sands Casino in Cabarete if you want an after hours bar and gamble! The beach is active during the day for windsurfing and a long beach walk west takes you to Kite Beach where you can watch some exciting Kite Surfers perform! If you are there on a Sunday you must get a cab to the place in Cabarete where the River Meets the Ocean for the time of your life! Live music and people dancing and a nice spot to swim and drink beer and eat food! Sunday is the only fun day there! You are right All Inclusives SUCK big time! Have a great time! I have lived here for 7 years and love it! Email me if you want more info because I can go on for hours:)"
morris :
"Either town is great, I have stayed at both. They are so near you can hop a short bus ride and visit both. I prefer the all inclusive becuase no-one will give you a fair price. You will have to bargain for every meal and drink you get. I get tired of the locals trying to get you to pay $30 or $40 for a meal when they will settle for $10. With the all inclusives you don't have to worry about running low on cash or overspending. Sosua and Cabarete are great for getting to know the local culture, have fun."
Gilbert :
"Sosua is great, Cabarete is more for sports people (surfing), and Puerto Plata has the biggest (New) beaches in the Dominican Republic even much better than Punta Cana (nothing to do outside there). Puerto Plata has like Sosua a great night life. I´m a VIP tour operator if you need info or reservations just let me know. I have a great hotel for you in Sosua."
bikesnow98 :

i want to take a Uncrowded bus from cabarete to santa domingo. us$ cost? and what is the schedule and duration ? thanks.

josbel_07 :
"They is never a uncrowded bus going to the capital. What i cna do for you is hock you up. Cabarete is West from my hometown. Tell whoever to get go on Ave. Duarte towards Gasper Hernandez. It's about 35 Min ride East. Make sure your on Ave. Duarte. When you reach the City, you will see many shops like EL ZAPADO. Now make sure you cross a little yellow bridge, and at teh cruve, There is a BIG gas station on your left adn in front of the Gas station there is a street called(right) Manolo. Usually there is a little food stand at teh corner teh first house that you see on your right that is yellow, thats the house. So your just going East towards Gapser Hernandez,Your going to cross a long brigde that is kinda blue. Then you going to make alot of cruves. When you are going to enter teh city; cross the little yellow bridge, then u see a sign that has a turning sign on it. Then you will see this traffic light that doesn't work, then at the traffic light make a right. Then when you turn make sure you see a hill ahead of you. Now you have turn, U will see a food stand,a White green store, and next to that store is a yellow house. At the house yell excuse me in spanish! loud unless they are infront in the balcy. In spanish say you would like to take the 4 A.M bus to santo domingo with cecilio. They are going to write in a book but tell them you will meet him in the gas station(the big one) and say Josbel Mejia told you about them. Then go home and the night before go to sleep around 7:30-8:00 P.M and have a big meal! Wake up around 2:40 A.M and leave around 3:00 A.M or 3:15 A.M cause you can speed on teh highway at this hour. Meet him at the gas station(One on the cruve that i told you about). While on the trip make sure to do something cause aprox. 11 A.M my uncle makes a pitt stop this food court aside of teh highway and maybe another before entering teh Santo Doimgo area border line. Before you leave give him a number to call however u going to stay with and teh address. You should get into the capitol around 2 P.M. If you need more info email me at!"
Barbarella1958 :

Is it dangerous to windsurf because of sharks at Cabarete coast at Dominican Republic?

morris :
"No, I go to the DR every winter and have never even heard of one shark attack. I did see lots of dolphins offshore at Cabarete. But you must realize that ocean beaches everywhere in the world can have sharks. But the odds of an attack are very low. You are more likely to get struck by lightning."
Sanmigsean :
"Moriss is right"
josbel_07 :
"Thats not true. While going windsurfing, Make sure try not to fall.There sharks everywhere in the Crbn Sea. But if the people in the boat shot something they pull the rope and bring you in. Usually the Sharks "hang" Where u see the line w/ teh two colors. Like Green Marine-Blue. The line i put between teh color, is where teh shrak are. some sharks really hang in teh coast of P.R cause it's warmer tehre"


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