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Budapest (pronounced /ˈbu:dʌˌpɛʃt/ (AE), also /ˈbju:-/ (BE) or /ˈbʊ-/; Hungarian IPA: ) is the capital city of Hungary and the country's principal political, cultural, commercial, industrial and transportation centre. In 2007 Budapest had 1,696,128 inhabitants with an official agglomeration of 2,451,418 , down from a mid-1980s peak of 2.1 million. Budapest became a single city occupying both banks of the river Danube (Hungarians call it the Duna river) with the amalgamation on 17 November 1873 of right-bank (west) Buda (Ofen in German) and Óbuda (Old Buda or Alt-Ofen) together with P

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oregfiu :

Tomorrow I will arrive to Budapest and have to go from Keleti to Somloi according to this instruction: "At Keleti you have to take the metro (red) to Deák tér, then change to the other metro (blue) to Ferencziek tere (1 stop). There you have to take bus 8 or 112 and get off at Mészáros street. When you get off, go to the other side of the road by the traffic light and walk up on Avar utca. Then walk up some stairs and there is the building. Address: 1016. Budapest, Somlói út 51." Could you please give me information as to what kind of ticket(s) and where I have to buy?

Tanju :
"Hi, I found that something, SINGLE TICKET Einzelfahrkarte HUF 230 Single ticket purchased on the vehicle (only on certain marked lines)/ Einzelfahrkarte gekauft bei Fahrer HUF 260 Discount coupon book (10 Ps)/ 10 Stück Fahrkarte HUF 2050 Discount coupon book (20 Ps)/ 20 Stück Fahrkarte HUF 3900 Transfer ticket/ Transfer Fahrkarte HUF 380 One-day travel card/ Tagesfahrkarte HUF 1350 Three-day travel card/ Touristenkarte für 3 Tage HUF 3100 Seven-day travel card/ Fahrkarte für 7 Tagen HUF 3600 Suburban railway (HÉV) ticket (Outside Budapest it is distance-based) Ref: Regards"
calle241031 :

I want to max my time in Budapest, so you Know wich station will be arriving in budapest? I found the times Thanks Horvathi, but you Know how much it cost .Bratislava-Praha and then praha-Budapest and then Budapest- Bratislava, or how I found out?

haslo :
"Check out the Travelocity train service. You can find it on the Travelocity site. It is pretty handy..."
horvathi :
"6:50, 10:50, .... check this page: on the left side click next to the picture of the train. I checked the official site of the slovak railways too, but with the same success: departure times, but without price. more about the price: I found no price on the internet. They write: "You will be provided with price information merely in case you demanded domestic connection. Application does not inform on international prices. If you wish to obtain information on the most favourable price, you will be provided with information about possible discounts by a booking clerk on every railway station with International Certification." My advice for cheap traveling: maybe try to get a train to Komarom, HU. Then make a short walk through the borders to Komarno, SK - aprox 15 minutes?!?(these two cities are really one city - each on the another side of the border). Then buy a ticket either for a train or a bus to Bratislava, SK. i used to travel this way as I was a student. So you buy national (cheaper) tickets than the international. final advice: if you want to travel back from Bratislava to Budapest, it is cheaper to buy a two-way ticket (on the international, direct line). This ticket is cheaper than a one-way ticket (not logical)." :
" is the Hungarian train website. I dont think it lists the prices so you may need to contact the company to get prices. Im not sure which station it would be arriving at, but all the stations are connected to one of the 3 metro lines."
Siri S :
"10000-20000 huf."
addisonalaina :

what is this building??? i believe it is in budapest...(it's the dark looking one kind of in the backround) >

oregfiu :
"This is the building of Parliament in Budapest & Lanchid (=Chain Bridge) through the Danube river. -"
goxy :
"Yes, it's the Hungarian Parliament building, which you can visit with an organized tour, and the best one would be a boat tour on the Danube, with all the landmarks seen from the river. Inside you can see some of the rooms and the Holy Crown, painted windows, the grand staircase etc."


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