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Brussels (French: Bruxelles, pronounced by Belgian speakers of French, and sometimes by non-Belgian speakers of French; Dutch: Brussel, pronounced ; German: Brüssel, pronounced ) is the capital of Belgium, and the administrative heart of the European Union. Growing from a 10th century fortress town founded by Charlemagne's grandson into a city of over one million inhabitants., Brussels is also capital of the Brussels-Capital Region, of Flanders and of the French Community of Belgium.Depending on the context, the word Brussels may mean the largest municipality of the Brussels-Capital Region

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xicofb :

I'm thinking of studying in Brussels for a semester...Tell me what you know and think about this city ( PLS no answers like: it's the capital of europe..good beer..etc! that much i know!) Is the french they speak there the same as france's french? What are Brussels' citizens like? Are all the girls blondes? Are there nice parks? How are the museums? Is their royal family as crazy as the british royal family? Are there lots of concerts or rock shows with famous bands? Is it cheap to fly from there to other European major cities? What do u have to say about the Solvay Business School?

Lindsey :
"Is the french they speak there the same as france's french? -- Very close. What are Brussels' citizens like? -- Mostly friendly. I found them helpful with directions! Are all the girls blondes? -- Definitely not. Are there nice parks? -- It's very pretty. Especially at night. How are the museums? -- I can't help you out there, but the architecture is great! Are there lots of concerts or rock shows with famous bands? -- My friend saw String Cheese Incident there. Is it cheap to fly from there to other European major cities? -- there are a few cheap inter-continental airlines, but you're better off to take the EuroRail. Before you go there, buy a EuroRail pass on-line because they're much cheaper to buy in the US than in Europe. I was only there for a weekend, but some things I learned were: they also officially speak Dutch (but not very many ppl really do), it's easy to get to nearby Bruges which is a gorgeous city with a decent nightlife, it's small enough to walk everywhere, and the trains are easy to navigate."
polgara :
"Is the french they speak there the same as france's french? it's close but not exactly the same. some different expressions and such are used What are Brussels' citizens like? a wide cultural mix Are all the girls blondes? definitely not Are there nice parks? yes How are the museums? very many and different. For museums also check out Antwerp, Gent. Is their royal family as crazy as the british royal family? not quite Are there lots of concerts or rock shows with famous bands? yes Is it cheap to fly from there to other European major cities? for cheap flights it's best to use Brussels South Airport (Charleroi) What do u have to say about the Solvay Business School? no personal experience. Info on:"
klaartedubois :
"Even if there is blond and brown beers, no , all the girls aren't blond! Even in Northern countries, they aren't. Nice museum, Modern, ancient arts.And archaeological too.... In fact so many that it is not really possible to say... Even a movies museum! A worldwide renewed opera house, nice to visit if you don't like the music. A very large concert hall for all kind of rock and roll... and all kind of other smaller venues to enjoy it... Brussels is also renewed for Indie rock, jazz festivals and so on... On architecture, well kept Art Nouveau, Bauhaus and old Flemish styles houses... Some of the Belgian expressions in French do make the Frenchies smile, however we understand each other, no problem... Ryannair is very much in Belgian, so cheap flying is possible and I think they are special rail passes (European ones)... O! Solvay?! I see... I will check and tell you later... Do you really mind about the Royal family? And there is a forest called the forest de Soignes which is of course a bit out of the centre... Parks? Of course! Gardens too... And even a little wood called Bois de la Cambre... Look, it is far easier when you ask questions!"
David :

How long does it take I guess by train to get to Luxembourg frim Brussels. I am planning to be in brussels for a week in auguest and think there very close? So would be worth visiting. Also is there easy access to other countires from Brussels? I have been to Amsterdam before and really enjoyed it so might be worth another visit if its not to far? Or Germany?

kwistenbiebel :
"There are trains from Brussels South (bruxelles-midi) about every hour from 0600 am. The trip takes between 2h40 and 3h. I do not know what time the last train goes."
upyerjumper :
"Luxembourg by train is available from Brussel-Zuid (Brussels South)- The journey takes approx 2:30 hours one way. The amount of stops along the way is unknown. Trains from Brussel-Noord (Brussels North) leave for Amsterdam almost as often as the trains to Luxembourg. Trip to Cologne in Germany, or Aachen are possible. As is the otehr direction, France or the UK."
Chantalduvelbeer :
"Between 2-3 hours, ah Luxembourg very good choice!!! Try to visit Echternach, so lovely."
pasanjes :
""Forget" too dull for such a short visit. If you are really in Brussels for only one week , I suggest you take the train from Central Station to the marvellous medieval cities of Ghent and Belgium (travel time 30 to 45 minutes); You might even add some time on the Seaside in Ostend by "jumping on a train for a short trip to Osten from Brugge...)" :
"Train to Luxembourg will take about 3 hours... Luxembourg is beautiful... However if you are just in Brussels for a week, maybe you should consider going round Belgium itself like Brugge and Antwerp.. Especially if you are going to Amsterdam, stay a couple of days in Antwerp. Had stayed here in Antwerp: . Hotel just outside the train station. Antwerp is 'cheap' and you can do LOADS of shopping there..there's also an enormous Zoo and Aquarium.." :
"it about 2 hours if your in luxembourg and need something to do check out you might fine it fun"
chandra :

I am flying to Brussels next Month to the Sablon area - but don't know how to get there from the airport.....any suggestions please? And how long will it take? Just wanted to hop in a taxi really - but how much would it cost? Thanks

tonalc1 :
"It's 12 kilometers away. Looks like it would be about 35 Euros."
Cisje :
"Take the train from Zaventem (Brussels National Airport) to Brussels central station and change trains to go to Brussels kapellekerk or chapelle. This is the closest you can get by public transport. (see map included). It takes you around 25 minutes to get there and it will cost you 2,90 euro. Here's the link to the national railways so you can plan your trip.?&REQ0JourneyStopsS0A=255&REQ0JourneyStopsS0G=zaventem&REQ0JourneyStopsZ0A=255&REQ0JourneyStopsZ0G=brussel+kapellekerk&REQ0JourneyDate=004.002.08&REQ0JourneyTime=008:40&REQ0HafasSearchForw=1&EQ0JourneyProduct_prod_list=1:1111111111111111&Timesel=depart&ViaName=&ViaMode=NEE&DateMode=ANDERS&PLANNER=TRUE&start=1&queryPageDisplayed=yes A taxi will be far more expensive!"
LateD_Kay :
"Take the train from the airport to Brussels Central station then just go on foot. It's not even a 10 min walk. Be sure to make a stop at Wittamer for a nice pastry, chocolate or cake. Delicious!"


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Date: 2008-02-04 23:10:51

Patriotism should be avoided in school lessons because British history is “morally ambiguous”, a leading educational body recommends. […]Dr Hand, the co-author of the report, said: “Gordon Brown and David Cameron have both called for a history curriculum that fosters attachment and loyalty to Britain, but the case for promoting patriotism

Date: 2008-02-04 23:10:51

Brussels, Jan 31 (CT K) - The European Commission said Thursday it has sent a reasoned opinion to Prague advising it that it has insufficiently transposed the EU directive banning discrimination at work in its legislation, for which the country could be sued by the European Court of Justice.

Date: 2008-02-04 23:10:51

As numerous European banks assess whether to make a bid for Société Générale, still reeling from a devastating €4.8 billion trading loss, regulators in Brussels issued a stark warning to the French government Thursday against any effort to thwart open competition to protect one of its corporate jewels.

Date: 2008-02-04 23:10:51

BRUSSELS, Jan. 31 (Xinhua) — Ancient terracotta warriors from China will march into a Dutch museum for the first time ever with the official opening on Saturday of an exhibition in Assen in northern Netherlands.

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