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Brunnen is a resort on Lake Lucerne in Switzerland, part of the municipality Ingenbohl (Canton of Schwyz), at 46°59′44″N, 8°36′17″ECoordinates: 46°59′44″N, 8°36′17″E.Brunnen has a cablecar that goes to the Urmiberg, a part of the Rigi offering wonderful views of Lake Lucerne and the Alps.Winston Churchill spent his honeymoon in Brunnen. On 31 December 1998, Hillary Clinton visited Brunnen. She arrived from the Lake Lucerne and drives with a car to the railway station. PeopleOthmar Schoeck, a Swiss composer was born in BrunnenMaria Theresia Scherer, nun of the convent Ingen

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hnitalia :

Im looking out for a name of a flower shop and a contact number.if any one has any information pls pass it on to me.

WorldTripper :
"Check at the train station. They usallly have them or next door."
bobo :
"there are the following flower shops: blumen am bach: 041-8220122 blumenboutique sonja küttel: 041-8206410 brunner bluemehüsli: 041-8205282 blumen niederöst: 041-8204283 as i don't know where you are from you will have to sort out the dialling codes from your country to switzerland yourself."
Antiquity Antigone :

also contains words "IFRI Siegfried Schuhmann Lebkuchenfabrik, Nurnberg". it is a cylindrical tin approx. 4-3/4" high, guessing 7- or 8-inch diameter, four panels on the sides, depicting medieval Nurnberg on the lid with the company name Nurnberger Lebkuchen and IFRI Schuhmann on unfurling ribbons painted over the medieval skyline of Nurnberg. colors are terra cotta rooftops, yellow and gold on buildings, and blues and browns on windows and doors. panels and lid are framed in gold with black intricate patterns.

Lisa G :
"Lebkuchen is the german word for a special holiday cookie (Kuchen means cookie). It was said that the dough was made and stored in caves and then using a communion wafer, the dough was settled on top of the wafer and then cooked. Nurenburg is the city where Lebkuchen cookies were originated. Siegfried Schuhmann is the name of the company that made this Lebkuchen (Lebkuchenfabrik). There were many cookie manufacturers. It is quite common to see pictures of old Nuremburg on these tins, especially since much of the city was bombed during WWII. Cookies came in cans or were wrapped in cellophane later on. Sometimes you bought them in sets, so the "story" was followed from can to package to can again. Frauenkirche and Lorenzkirche are churches, Albert Durer' s, the famous artist and engraver, had his house (haus) in Nurmeburg and I'm not sure what Schoner Brunnen is. My grandfather was born and lived in Nuremburg until after WWI and came to the United States. He had his family send Lebkuchen every year for celebrating Christmas. The cookies are definitely an acquired taste- they have a ginger spice type taste, but it's that wafer on the bottom that usually throws your taste buds off. One way to tell the age of a tin is whether the edges are rolled over into a seam or just overlappedand soldered. Rolled edges are generally older. If the can has an embossed look to it, that's older. My best advise is to go on eBay and see what other tins are for sale. That might give you some sense of age and value."


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Date: 2008-02-04 23:09:52

Früher oder später werden viele Eltern von ihren Kindern mit dem Wunsch nach ihrem eigenen Haustier konfrontiert. Ob Hund, Katze, Hamster oder Pony, das Wahl muß, nachdem ein verwendbares Haustier vor dem betrachteten Brunnen sind. Ein Haustier zum zu halten, Mittel, Verantwortlichkeit zu nehmen.

Date: 2008-02-04 23:09:52

Erkunde bei diesem Krimi mit versteckten Gegenständen die tolle Stadt Rom mit Hilfe von 360-Grad-Fotos. Finde besondere Gegenstände an mehr als 25 Orten und tausche sie gegen Hinweise ein, um das Geheimnis des"Fluchs des Kolliers" zu lösen. Entdecke einige der beliebtesten Attraktionen von Rom, darunter den Trevi-Brunnen, das Kolosseum und den Pete

Date: 2008-02-04 23:09:52

Setzen Sie auf Ihrer Halloween Party einen Schokoladenbrunnen ein! Da die Schokolade wie Schlamm aussieht, können Sie dem Brunnen einen gruseligen Namen wie Schlammbrunnen verpassen! Marshmallows und Zucker Schaummäuse passen hervorragend dazu!

Date: 2008-02-04 23:09:52

Ein Brunnen aus Naturstein ist eigentlich immer etwas schönes, aber ein Granitbrunnen mit einem Durchmesser von 5 Metern aus einem Stück ist wirklich was Besonde-res. Das Lübecker Natursteinwerk Rechtglaub-Wolf GmbH fertigt für die Stadt Haldensleben einen solchen Brunnen an.

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