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Bruges (Dutch: Brugge, stemming from Bryggja, which assumedly used to signify 'landing stage' or 'port') is the capital and largest city of the province of West Flanders in the Flemish Region of Belgium. It is located in the northwest of the country.The historic city centre is a prominent World Heritage Site of UNESCO. It is egg-shaped and about 430 hectares in size. The area of the whole city amounts to more than 13,840 hectares, including 193.7 hectares off the coast, at Zeebrugge ("sea-Bruges" in literal translation). The city's total population is more than 117,000, of which around 20,000

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My bf and I are planning a weekend away in October, either in Lille or Bruges. I've been to Bruges before and quite liked it. Can anyone who's been to both recommend which they thought nicer? We like a bit of history, local culture etc, good local food, rustic bars etc.

jayktee96 :
"Been to both a few times, Bruges is a bit more historical, but also a good bit smaller, so since you've been to Bruge, why not visit Lille this time. If you're in a car you easily do both in a weekend, and see the best of both cities??"
Felida :
"I've been to both, and I'd definitely say Bruges. Much more romantic and with a more distinctively 'historic' feel. Lille was OK more of an everyday city and much less touristy than Bruges. But I thought Bruges was much prettier and, because it's small and quite compact, you can get round it easily in a weekend. Bruges has been described as a bit of a 'historical theme park' and it's true that it can be very busy, but I just love all that medieval architecture. There are too many abrs and restaurants to mention, but one not to be missed is T'Bruges Beertje - a bar stocking hundreds of different Belgian beers. I can't remember the exact address, but it's in a lane close to Silver Straat. Hope you enjoy your trip. My hubbie and I have been to Bruges three times and would love to go back. We went to Lille once, and don't really feel any desire to go back there."
"Just came back from Belgium dont miss gent,lots of history lots of cafes and very freindly easy going ppl,medevil castle and three beutiful cathedrals close together. Fantastic food try the waffles,Well worth a visit.Enjoy your trip."
cordial :
"I think you can do both on a weekend if you want to. You may start getting bored in Brugge after one day and decide to drive to Lille. While you are in the neighbourhood, you can also try visiting Gent, Knokke-Heist and Oostende."
Chariotmender :
"Lille, scenic old city, obviously has a lot of new parts as well just like any other major city. Good food, good wine and great restaurants. Helped that I wasn't paying though. Fantastic train service from the Garre du Nor in Paris. Try Eurostar!"
ikke d :
"I say Bruges, surely if you want it romantic. Very good restaurants (in all kinds, from the "frituur" - French Fries stall - on the market square to the 3 Michelin stars restaurant De Karmeliet), a lot of pubs with all Belgian Beers but also good wine, and a lot of historical sights and musea..."
Andrea :
"Bruges is BEAUTIFUL but haven't been to Lille.But I know of a great website that I use all the time when I am travelling, its, You just put in where you are going and tells you of any festivals etc that could be on so maybe if there are things going on, you might be able to make your decision on where to go...............I'm off to Belgium on Friday, going to stay near Antwerp with friends!"
morgana :

i'm going to bruges on this saturday for a day, i'll visit the christmas markets, does anyone have any other suggestions of things to see or shop (women's clothes/gifts) or places to eat?

Travelguy13 :
"If you can't find anything fabulous to do in Brugges, one of my favorite places in the world, you need serious help. Brugges is small and beautiful, it is like a small Paris only with romantic canals. Food and shopping are the last things I would worry about if you only have one day."
Cisje :
"I'm sure you'll have a wonderful day! Just go with the flow, ask the locals what's interesting for you (tell them about your interests) or stop at the tourist information office... But be sure to be prepared for some wet's probably going to rain! And here's the official website off the you can already take a look..."
Chantalduvelbeer :
"Visit the Holy Blood church in Brugge, they keep the blood of Jesus in a closed shrine. Eat at the Marilyn Monroe restaurant at 't Zand square, friendly atmosphere and cheap prices and good quality(enough on the plate too!)"
tabasc_oh :

I'm thinking of taking a citibreak to Bruges, just Friday to Sunday or something. Can anyone tell me whether it's better/quicker/easier to go by plane or train (from London)? Also what's the best time of year (may be going in autumn)?

phoenix2frequent :
"Train is great, if you're London-based. You go city to city, rather than starting your short break with a long journey just to get to/ from airports. Short Breaks Ltd is doing two-night trips from £89, which includes accommodation and Eurostar travel, but lots of other companies offer similar packages. Here's the link Bruges is a gorgeous place with stuff happening all year round and I think autumn would be a lovely time to visit, as you'll be clear of the summer crowds."
pstzqueen :
"train is much better - its only a few hours - there's not much point flying what with all the time you will spend in baggage reclaim, checking in early, security checks, etc. Too much stopping and starting by plane."
debzc :
"Eurostar is pretty quick, and it saves the hassle of airport check-ins etc. I don't think it matters what time of year you go, as it has something to offer all year round. I went during springtime, but as much of its beauty and history comes from it's buildings and canals I don't think it matters. And, of course, lace and chocolate is available all year round!! Enjoy."
jon :
"I went just before Xmas but i live in Cheshire, and i drove there if i were you living so close to the folkstone i would drive its more enjoyable and cheaper!"
Mojo :
"Train will be quicker (no check in times)"
♥Nicky Belgium♥ :
"No plane, is small country !!! London to Brussels plane or train "Eurostar" ok Brussels to Bruges by train"
Tom T :
"I'll vote for the train anytime. Take the EuroStar from London via the Chunnel to Lille in France and then take a TGV (Tres Grand Vitesse) train from Lille to Bruges. Taking a train is much more economical, relaxing and roomy and you don't have to spend time getting to and from the airports."
Snowman1234 :
"There's some great advice and links from others here. I'm not sure where you're travelling from, but the train is probably better if you're within 4 to 5 hours. By the time you check in, check out, travel to the airport and v.v. there's little in it. The train is much more relaxed. Spring, summer or early Autumn are all good seasons - i like to avoid the summer tourists, since the attractions are easier to see this way. Here's a link to the Belgian National Tourism Office and a link to cheaperthanhotels for Brugge so that you can compare accommodation prices. Last minute deals can work out very good value, unless you want to be certain and plan. I hope this helps ... good luck with your planning:"
Albert Heger :
"As a Belgian I agree with the previous answers : train is better. (From the Central Station take bus 2 to downtown). But I disagree with those stating any time of the year is OK to visit the city: As from November 1 the boat trips around the canals do not function any more and much of the medieval building illumination is turned off. So my suggestion is to visit in September: out of the maddening crowd but still early enough for enjoying all services and probably good weather. Have a nice trip."


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Date: 2008-02-04 23:09:11

A supplier's anger over unpaid bills forced judges and lawyers at a courthouse in the Belgian city of Bruges to bring their own toilet paper to work.

Date: 2008-02-04 23:09:11

BRUGES (Belgique), 15 mai 2002 (AFP) - Près de quarante ans après l'assassinat de Patrice Lumumba, le Belge Gerard Soete vient enfin de se défaire d'un lourd secret : une nuit de janvier 1961, dans une puanteur d'acide sulfurique et de cadavres écartelés, il fit disparaître le corps du martyr congolais.

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Colin Farrell and cast mates promoting his new movie In Bruges at the Sundance Film Festival

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