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Brisbane (pronounced /ˈbɹɪzbən/) is the third largest city in Australia, as well as the capital and most populous city of the Australian state of Queensland. It is set close to the Pacific Ocean, and is situated on the Brisbane River on plains between Moreton Bay and the Great Dividing Range in south-eastern Queensland.The city is named in honour of Sir Thomas Brisbane who was Governor of New South Wales from 1821 – 1825. The original settlement grew from a harsh penal colony established at his direction in 1824 at Redcliffe, 28 km (17.4 mi) to the north. The colony was moved

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rikki :

What area/ suburb of brisbane is the most expensive as in houses and shops and stuff like that. so where rich people live. p.s i know this question sounds really weird but i need it for this survey thanks xx

Kella G :
"Nope - not weird at all - the link below will help Median prices by suburb - good analysis, perfect for survey data See also If you really need serious info, subscribe to the Midwood Property Report."
Katie L :
"the most expensive in brisbane would be the suburbs closer into the city the closer u are the higher the price range so atm try looking at ascot, the city itself, toowong, etc hope this helps katie :)"
Graace123 :
"It was Ascot for awhile then I think Hamilton overtook it. But generally, the closer to the CBD you are, the more expensive it will be."
brissy_006 :
"Hamilton, The Gap, Paddington, Herston, as the the others listed."
Nickson Faction :
"Ascot Hamilton My preferred suburb would be shorncliffe,expensive,not far from the city and amazing views of the bay and moreton island."
AD :

Want to travel from brisbane to alice springs with three of my mates. Any idea what we could do along the way as in any good places worth visiting. what's the distance between brisbane and alice springs?( 2535 kms according to goole maps but i think it is more than 3000kms) Also names or address of any caravan park on the route: i have selected this one while going there. just tell me whether it is good one or is there a better one? brisbane toowoomba oakey chinchilla miles roma blackall barcaldine longreach winton toko and then follow plenty highway till alice springs. Or any other general idea or advice. Thanks a lot in advance.

mad_mick001 :
"First thing. Unless you have a GOOD, RELIABLE four wheel drive, are competent at desert driving and are totally self sufficient, I would strongly advise against tackling the Plenty Highway, especially in the warmer weather! The distance from Boulia to Alice Springs is 800km and the Plenty is just a dirt track with no fuel between the two! Think about it! Get a copy of the Westprint Heritage Map for the Plenty Highway, phone 03 53 915 233 or a camping shop to see where you are actually going. Better way would be be the Landsborough Highway to Cloncurry, then Mt. Isa. Then the Barkly Highway to Three Ways and south on the Stuart Highway to Alice Springs using it as a base to travel out from. If you MUST travel "off the beaten track" try the Kennedy Development Road west from Winton to Boulia then north on the Diamantinna Development Road to Mt. Isa. Plenty of camping grounds and caravan parks along the way. Forget the Google maps and get a copy of the Complete Road Guide to Australia. Without proper maps you are looking for trouble in the areas you want to travel. Good luck and if you want more help, feel free to email me."
terminal688 :

Hello.. I need your help I must go to a place call Gympie in queensland How do i get there without a car ? train or bus ? if so which service of bus name or train service will that be. I don;'t think brisbane railway would go that far to Gympie Not Gympie north* Its half way from bunderburg and brisbane city I dont no how to get there i must go there and i really dont no how long it takes to get there in a day either its a express bus service or a train that does not stop until it gets to Gympie. can you help? I try visit the queensland railway and i can't fine anything there. im in brisbane city. Best regards Linda Thankd to these who try to post and try and help. Just wanted to add something more.. this is an UPDATE: I cant get there by a car... and also it takes 2 horus or did you just say 21 hours to get there from brisbane ? As far as ive bee traveling by car is from brisbane to sunshine coast burramandi. But never been to Gympie and i need to get there jsut for a very short period of time and get back home same day... so i just needed to know is it that far by bus or train to get there.. is it an express service? This is what i wanted to know how long in hours and minutes does it take to get there and then return back again same day without delays. Just need to get there for meeting someone for a short period of time. Otherwise if its that far i might have to stay in a motel somewhere... As i dont no of gympic is a country side city area.. Abit more info would be great Just want to get there fast and not slow.. which is fast.. bus or train the tilt-train im pensioner.

Evy :
"Hi Lynda - Try the Maccafferty Bus service. They run from Brisbane to Gympie. I live on the Sunshine Coast and have only done this trip by car and it takes me about 2 - 21/2 hours. If you drive, can't you hire a car for the day, probably won't cost that much more. Otherwise you can get the train to Eumundi or Cooroy and catch a bus from there - Call Qld rail, they might be able to give you more specific advice on times, routes etc. Anyway, good luck -its not that far!"
mmdjaajl :
"Maccafferty Bus lines or a train"
i am a dog groomer :
"There is a website:, which covers all transport in South East Qld. It lets you put in from where you are leaving and where you are going to and the time you wish to leave or get there and gives you the train closes to that time. I hope this helps."
auskan2002 :
"Not two hours and I doubt there's a way you can do it there and back in the same day. Its been a few years since I made that drive but its quite a distance. You could rent a car to drive there, take the bus, take a train or try to find someone else headed in that direction and offer to pay your pro-rata share of expenses in return from a seat in their car."
kr_afol :
"If you have been by car from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast, then it is really not much further to get to Gympie. I'd allow about 2 and a half hours by car. There aren't a lot of passenger train services to Gympie and the ones that exist are designed to allow people in Gympie come to Brisbane for the day and return but not the other way around. So if you go by train, you will probably need to stay overnight. So I think (if you can't drive), your only option is the bus. On Greyhound it will take about 3-4 hours each way and cost you about $58 return as a pensioner."
glen w :
"train to eumundi then stay there better than gympie"


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