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// Geography and climateThe city of Bridgetown, and the wider Greater Bridgetown area occupy most of the parish of Saint Michael, an area which covers around 39km² (15 sq. mi). Bridgetown's centre was originally composed of a swamp, which was quickly drained and filled-in to make way for city's early development.At the heart of Bridgetown is the Careenage and Constitution River. This body of water provides the city with direct access from medium sized yachts or small craft boats. Although moderately shallow, the Careenage slices Bridgetown into two parts. During the rainy season the Constitu

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Stashie :

In December, I will be flying Liat from Grenada, West Indies to Bridgetown, Barbados. From Barbados, I am switching to American Airlines to fly to NYC. I've heard that in Bridgetown, when switching flights, you have to collect your luggage, go through immigrations, go through customs, leave the airport, re-enter, and go through security. Is this actually true or can you stay inside the airport when switching flights? I'm worried because I only have 2 hours between the flights so I don't want to miss my connection to NYC.

madeinczech :
"You must be talking about Bridgetown's airport, Grantley Adams International (BGI). I do not know if it's true as I've never had any connecting flights, but what I do know is that the line-ups are shorter and quicker than in Canada (from personal experience), after landing, I'd be out of the airport within 30 minutes or so, so I think you should be fine. But if you're concerned or have any questions, you could give a call (even though it is long distance but better than nothing if you want to know what's going to happen): Tel: 1-246-428-7101 But it is possible that you may have to pay departure tax, so be aware of this, somewhere around $50 to $60 Barbadian dollars. But it's important to talk to someone that issued your tickets i.e. travel agency but if bought online, contact by e-mail or phone and gather information that you need to know. Hope this helps."
kielsa03 :

I moved to the Cincinnati area a couple months ago and need some information about local vets. Bridgetown Pet Hospital is one of the closest, and I've read one or two good reviews of it, but I'd like more opinions. I don't want to take my cats and dog to just anybody. If you've been to that animal clinic, please tell me how your experience was. Thanks! P.S. I'm getting really tired of "answers" that don't even answer my question because they're from people who have no experience with the issue I'm asking about. So if you haven't been to Bridgetown Pet Hospital, please don't waste my time and yours by attempting to answer my question. Thanks for understanding!

PhotoMama :
"My nephews live in Cincinnati. I do not- never been there- but their cat got sick about six months ago and I paid for it to get the help it needed because their mom (single mother) couldn't afford it. Dr. Buckley is fabulous. Even though I've never met him, I know he took good care of my nephews and their cat."
carolyn :
"I have no experience with that hospital or area. But if you dont get the answers youre looking for here, you can try the forums or searching on, OR go to a dog park and ask people, I found out the good and bad vets that way."
mangofish72 :

I want a waterwell/bore on my 2 acres in Bridgetown, but I can't seem to find any diviners. Where do I start? Anyone had any experiences they care to share?

kent m :
"I've "witched" water before, but it is a questionable method. I got 2 two foot long bronze brazing wires from a welder, bent them into equal sized "L"s....not everybody can do it, but you can try it over municipal water lines to see if it works for you. I am a scientific person generally, but it does work...there is something to it. be careful to hold them lose but level...go back and forth different directions...if you get a hit, try it from a different direction...don't let your sub-conscience mind take over and try to fool you. there are times for me that I could not stop the crossing of the wires the indication was so strong. The method is questionable because there is no depth meter on the wires and it could be anything, like differential density of the sub ground causing could be water or something else. I have heard of "witching" graves because of the differential density I suppose."
joanmazza :
"Dowsing is quackery and foolishness, based on superstition and magical thinking. There are scientific ways to determine where to drill a well. Ask a well driller or your neighbors what they advise."


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Date: 2008-02-01 20:47:26

Bridgetown, Barbados, Apr 30, 2007 – Following is the data table of best bowling averages in the Cricket World Cup 2007 (At least 10 wickets).

Date: 2008-02-01 20:47:26

Bridgetown (Barbados), Apr 28 2007 - Prize money allocated for different place at the Cricket World Cup 2007 in the West Indies (all amounts in U.S. $).

Date: 2008-02-01 20:47:26

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, April 30, 2007 - Right-handed Batsman Ramnaresh Sarwan has been appointed as the new captain of West Indies after the retirement of Brian Lara, Caribbean media reported on Sunday.West Indies' CMC Sport said that Sarwan had been appointed as a captain after a meeting of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) on Sunday.

Dean Jakson
Date: 2008-02-01 20:47:26

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Apr 28 2007 - World Cup match referee Jeff Crowe admitted on Saturday that Sri Lanka had been mistakenly asked to come back on the field for a final three overs in the rain-reduced World Cup final against Australia.

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