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Bilbao, (Bilbo or Bilbao in Basque), in the North of Spain, is the largest city in the Basque Country and the capital of the province of Biscay (Basque: Bizkaia). The city has over 354,000 inhabitants (2006) and is the most economically and industrially active part of Greater Bilbao, the zone in which almost half of the Basque Country’s population lives. Greater Bilbao’s 946,829 inhabitants are spread along the length of the Nervion River, whose banks are home also to numerous business and factories, which during the industrial revolution brought heightened prosperity to the region.Bilbao

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R T :

I will be in Rotterdam, Netherlands and need to stop at Bilbao, Spain for a couple of days and then fly from Spain to the United States. How can I take a train from rotterdam to Bilbao, is this possible?

Barry :
"Taking the train from Rotterdam to Bilbao should be possible, but the "search Rail" function on Travelocity can't find the route. Note that Rotterdam to San Sebastian is about 11 hours and the one-way cost is about $135. You may have to take a bus from San Sebastian to Bilbao. Bilbao to Madrid takes about 6 hours by train and the one-way cost is about $65. However, you can fly from Amsterdam to Bilbao. Iberia has 9 flights a day and the one-way cost is about $330. Bilbao to Madrid by air takes about an hour and costs about $115. Good luck!"
haswena :
"It's a long way by train from Rotterdam to Bilbao, more than 20 hours. So I think the previous answerer has a point suggesting you might better take a plane. For if you decide taking the train: The site of the Dutch Railway (NS) has a travel planner you can use. Only when I checked it didn't work in English. Maybe you can figure it out in Dutch :) -> The total costs of the journey don't show on this site. You can call the international office of NS and ask them about the price (0031 (0)900 9296)."
Willeke :
"I checked this travel on the German rail planner, (one of the best for long distance travel in Europe,) It give a travel time of about 22 hours, but no price. The Dutch travel planner gives the same, but also for me the English version of the site did not work: You take the train to Paris, change there, take the train to Irun change and go to Miranda de Ebro where you get the train to Bilbao-Abando The only 'problem' is that a change in Paris means that you need to go by Metro from one station to the other. So it is about 4 or 5 changes, depending on which station in Paris. But as several of the trains have a price structure where the tickets change price when more people travel it will be hard to give you a price indication, you will have to contact a ticket seller to get the right price. Many travel agencies can help you to get the tickets, or you can contact a travel shop of one of the train companies in Europe, even those you do not use for your travel will be able to get you the ticket. (In the Netherlands you need an International ticket office, not the ones at each station.)"
Gaby :
"there is no point in taking the train when u can find cheap flights for a lot less money. try ryan air, wizz air, sky europe!! they have good deals!"
Kenny B :

Is there a train from Bilbao to Santiago? Is it near the ferry port and how much does it cost?

jette n :
"Yes and it is a wonderful travel but you can walk too then you meet a lot of wonderful people"
ni5ek_c :

I am going on a mini cruise to Bilbao (Spain) and will only be there for one day (Wed). Can you please recommend a good place to eat and some interesing things to see and do. Are there any Goudi buildings there? If anyone lives in Bilbao I would welcome a tour-guide.

Touchlight :
"You must go to the Guggenheim Museum, it is a must see!!! As for places to eat, try the nearest Tapas bar, they are great."
Gem :
"You have to go and see the Gugenheim Museum - i went last year and it was absolutely fab. Have a good time"
dinodino :
"Guggenheim, yes! Also, walk around the old part across the river south of the museum."
Sunshine1601 :
"I studied abroad in Bilbao for a semester in '04. You can go to the Guggenheim, but personally, I was more impressed by the outside of the museum and "el Pupi", the giant flower/bush puppy sculpture, and the spider sculpture near the river, than any of the art on the inside (i'm not a huge fan of [strange] modern art). The museum's restaurant has good food too. More traditional art can be found at el Museo de Bellas Artes. You should also visit "Casco Viejo" the old section of the city. You'll find a bunch of different shops including H&M, as well as several bars. I recommend stopping in Cafe Bar Bilbao for vino (or cerveza) and "pintxos"- the Basque word for "tapas". The pintxos are delicious, the waiters behind the bar are friendly, once you get their atention, and the bar is bright and full with locals and perhaps a few extranjeros. There's also this ski-lift-type tram (it's almost like a roller coaster) that's not too far from the University of Deusto, which takes you up into the mountains for some fantastic views of the city from up high. Oh! And there's the Puente Colgante, Europe's oldest suspension bridge, which is located in Las Arenas (a "suburb" of Bilbao, easily accessible by the metro). UPDATE: Like adamvelasco and abuela Nany said you could also go to the beaches in Getxo. My host family lived in Algorta (part of Getxo) right of the beach. Nice beaches w/ a fantastic view of the sea. In the northern part of Algorta (metro station Bidezabal, not Algorta) there's a walk trail along the coast and up the hills and this giant windmill turned restaurant. I never ate there, but it's a great sight."
adamvelasco :
"I would go to the same town of Getxo. It's a suburb of Bilbao, but there are awesome beaches there and really good places to eat. Definitely check out the Puente Colgante."
abuela Nany :
"I was going to give you an answer, but Sunshines is perfect... Defintely try the Pintxos... And the Guggenheim is great if you enjoy modern art. I didn't really enjoy it myself..My favourite was also the flowering bush puppy outside the building. The old town is lovely for a walk. And the Museo de Bellas Artes for less modern art... If you have the time, take a drive to Leioa, and see the beach there, which is quite lovely, that is one of the areas where some of the wealthier basques live... Some of the houses are architecturally very interesting."


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Date: 2008-02-04 22:39:11

Match report of Athletic Bilbao vs Barcelona with both the goals....

Date: 2008-02-04 22:39:11

Barca's title hopes were severely dented as the Catalans were held to a 1-1 draw at Athletic Bilbao.Bojan Krkic put Barca ahead 10 minutes before halftime, but Fernando Llorente shocked the visitors with a late equalizer.

Date: 2008-02-04 22:39:11

Real Madrid defeat Villarreal and consolidate their La Liga lead after Barcelona's draw in Bilbao. Watch the highlights and all the goals over here.

Date: 2008-02-04 22:39:11

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Bilbao , ( Bilbo or Bilbao in Basque), in the North of Spain , is the largest city in the Basque Country and the capital of the province of Biscay (Basque: Bizkaia
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Athletic Club is a Basque football club from Bilbao in Biscay , Basque Country , Spain . The club has played in the Primera División of La Liga since its start in 1928.
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