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Coordinates: 46°57′N, 7°27′EThe city of Berne or Bern (German: Bern , French: Berne , Italian: Berna , Romansh: Berna , Bernese German: Bärn ), is the Bundesstadt (federal city, de facto capital) of Switzerland and, with 128,041 people (agglomeration: 344,000), is the fourth most populous city in Switzerland (after Zürich, Geneva and Basel).Most of Berne's residents speak German, or more specifically, Bernese German, which is a high-Alemannic dialect. The Canton of Berne has a French-speaking part. Very few people still speak the Mattenenglisch, a language game used in the former wor

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this question was for anyone who ever attended new bern high in north carolina is it a good school?

Jen D :
"I'm not sure why you posted on the Insurance & registration board. Repost this on the education boards and you will probably have better luck getting an answer."
mary :
"Its okay, alot of my friends go there and seem to like it."
maxinkuaye :

My friends and I are taking a 16-day tour of Europe by rail. We have only about 3-4 days to spend in Switzerland and I do want to make the most of it. My plan is to arrive in Bern, and go on to Luzern (spend the night) and onto Interlaken. Most of the time will be spent in Lauterbrunnen (sp?) and the surrounding mountain villages. Should I leave some more time for Bern, Luzern and Interlaken? Thanks much! What about Gimmelwald? Is it a place we would want to stay for a few days? Or should we make Lauterbrunnen our base and visit the villages during the day?

Hans B :
"I've been living in Fribourg, its about 20 minutes by train from Bern, for the last year and half and I'd say the times I went to Bern and hung out were pretty well spent. It a very easy going and liberal town. Its a very small town. If the weather is nice (in the late 70's at least) then I would suggest going to the Aare river and swimming. Its amazing. They keep the river free of debris and it flows really fast so its more like you're floating. Ther are plenty of places to get out too and you just walk back to where you started. The easyest place to do that is across from the zoo, any local should be able to get you there, just tell them you want to swim starting from the park across from the zoo. As far as a nightlife its pretty nice too, really a charming place to hang out. Have fun."
Starwalker :
"Interlaken is not worth a visit; it's not particularly pretty or scenic, and mostly a tourist trap. as for Luzern, it depends... it can be very crowded with tourists (which i never like when i'm traveling), but it is one of those cities that anyone visiting Switzerland should see, at least once. the same could be said for Bern. i suggest, visit Bern on arrival. it doesn't take much time to see the city, unless you want to go to every museum/attraction. 2 hours is fine; you'll get a feel of the incredibly fairy-tale feel of Bern, the seemingly infinite covered walkways, and the major sights like the Parliament building, Einstein House, Bear Pits, and the plentitude of charming fountains that line the streets (start at Spitalgasse when you leave the Bahnhof, and it will go straight into Marktgasse, Kramgasse, and Gerechtigkeitsgasse -- remember to get a nice map from the tourist office when you arrive). another tip, you can rent free bikes (just put down 20franc deposit which will be returned) to peddle around town, right in front of the Bahnhof. after your city tour, continue onto Luzern and spend the rest of the day/night there. next day, head into Jungfrau region and don't waste time at Interlaken. Lauterbrunnen valley is very pretty, and Trummelbach falls is considered a highlight (though i wasn't crazy about it when i went). Wengen is, imo, the most picturesque of the mountain towns. Grindelwald isn't the prettiest town in the region, but the Trottibikes (take the Firstbahn to Bort, where you can rent scooterbikes that lets you roll down a narrow gravel road, while enjoying incredible view of the mountains/glaciers, rolling green fields, wandering cows, etc.) are a lot of fun. an easy way to reach Grindelwald would be if you were going to Jungfraujoch, then on the return at Kleine Scheidegg, take the train to Grindelwald. you want to make sure you spend most of your time in the mountains, otherwise, you'll regret it once you're home (really, it's that amazing). if you get really bored, you can always visit Thun, Spiez, Brienz, etc which you'd need to come down from the mountains for, though they're interesting cities in their own right."
coz the stylist :
"my parents went to bern they said they enjoyed it very much ,they also enjoyed luzern . i think you should discuss it with your friends and decide from there have a wonderful trip"
AlpineAlli :
"Starwalker's answer is great. Generally speaking, compared to either other cities in Europe or mountain villages in Switzerland, cities in Switzerland are not worth visiting. I'm almost sure you can use the Eurrail pass on most boats in Switzerland, not just trains, so definitely look into that. The Brienzersee is really beautiful; you can take the train from Lucerne to Brienz and then a boat (between about April and October) on to Interlaken."
Boaz :
"Interlakken is very interesting --great lakes ship cruises and wonderful restaurants. Bern is huge and has great shopping. However you could get just about the same shopping in Lucerne and Interlakken. Get maps. The architecture in Bern and the Aare river. You can spend a few hours in Bern since the trains run until very late at night. Go over your maps and circle the things you love and plan it that way. Boaz."
stacpa17 :
"I just came back from Switerland and yes Bern is an interesting city to spend a few hours in though I would stay my time in the Berner Oberland. Skip Luzern. I stayed in Lauterbrunnen and was happy there as I was able to easily travel to both sides of the valley. My hotel was $140 a night for two in 2 beds. Interlaken is expensive and there is not much there excepting shopping. I went there at night. Gimmelwald is kinda grungy. The valley hostel is very neat and clean in Lauterbrunnen() and I would recomend it if you are on a budget. Wengen and Murren are also nice but more expensive. Also, note the train from Lauterbrunnen to Murren is under construction so you have to take a bus to Stechelberg and then a cable car to Gimmelwald. I am going back next year and am going to spend a week there. It really is unbelievably gorgeous. Good Luck."
Barista :
"i like starwalkers answer. it's basicly what you should do. just one more detail, if you like to shop for a little bit, do it in bern. all the stores are on the main drag. in lucerne or thun the shops are not so nice together. Have a great time!!!!"
R G :
"Hey - I am planning to be there within the next 2 weeks - in Switzerland. Hopefully I will be able to see these places. I wanted those who could to kinda show me around and keep me company !"
Ara M :

Hi everyone! I'm thinking of studying at the Bern University, Switzerland, and would appreciate some feedback/advice on the enrollment or the study process, namely the advantages and possible drawbacks, do's and don't's and so on. I head for the new speciality there called Wirtschaftsinformatik (Manufacturing informatics). Any advice appreciated. Thanks in advice. Ara

swissnick :
"Acutally, you should find most answers on the homepage (see link). I don't know this university myself, Berne is smaller than other universities, but you might study a bit longer. Be aware that the translation of "Wirtschaftsinformatik" should be "informatics for economic applications" or similar - it has nothing to do with manufacturing!! Just send an e-mail if you think I could answer further questions as a Swiss living here."


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Date: 2008-02-04 22:33:05

Ice cores from Greenland and Antarctica show that Earth warmed faster in the 20th century than at any other time in the past 22 millennia, researchers said. Climatologists from Bern University said their study also showed that concentrations of greenhouse gases are increasing at a faster rate, reported.

Date: 2008-02-04 22:33:05

Hotel in Bern is in the last months of a real poker Mecca of Switzerland ascended. The reason is probably because the club particularly for the use of poker and sports tournaments held full zeal - Poker News has reported.

Date: 2008-02-04 22:33:05

Police in the Swiss capital, Bern, have used tear gas and rubber bullets against leftwing anti-globalisation demonstrators taking part in an unauthorised protest.

Date: 2008-02-04 22:33:05

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