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Benidorm (pronounced ] in Valencian, in Spanish) is a Valencian coastal town and municipality located in the comarca of Marina Baixa, in the province of Alicante, Spain, by the Mediterranean Sea. According to the 2004 census, Benidorm has a permanent population of 64,956 inhabitants, ranking as the fifth most populous town in the Alicante province, although the population exceeds half a million in the summer, since it is one of the most important holiday resorts in Spain. It has an area of 38.5 km² and a population density of 1,593.56 inhab/km². It is sometimes referred to as the "Manhatta

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yanto1 :

hi,off to this hotel in benidorm for 2 nights (fri/sat) at the end of nov.i know it sounds nuts going all inclusive in benidorm,but we had a bargain.we are 2 couples(late forties) and we are out to party.been to benidorm once b4 but stayed at the crystal park.not sure what pubs/clubs in this area.any info would be great.we are very easy to please happy to sit in a fun & friendly bar and get slowly steaming.last bit of winter sun plus a ciggie run(you know it makes sense).any ideas folks.thanks

pig8you :
"hi;from what i know its a very nice hotel lucky you 2 days are better than none and especially if your doing a ciggie run we were there not that hotel xmas gone and everywhere is still open and dont forget to take advantage of that all inclusive as when your back home its full price for your alchol again one more thing got room for me and the missis have a great time"
Emma :
"Hiya If you book as soon as you get there go to benidorm palace for 1 evening it is an amazing show its about 50€ with a 3 course meal with drinks, wine, beer, cava. If not just go down to the front and there is lots to do and see down there. Enjoy your trip"
catcrazykitten :
"I live and work in Benidorm, and Ive heard good and bad reports about this hotel, mostly that its a bit run down but the staff are very pleasant and helpful. Its very central for nightlife/bars etc. You wont need a taxi! Its more basic than Crystal Park and miles away from it as well - in Levante (new) area. Theres lots of small bars around the area, some have karaoke, some bingo etc. Also a lot of cabaret bars with loads of tribute shows. (im in Abbafever if you like Abba!) Try Rockerfellas and Jail Rock (next door) for cabaret such as Take That tribute, Robbie Williams tribute, Motown tribute, The Beagles (Beatles + Eagles), Michael Jackson tribute, Abbafever!!!!Theres loads! Some nice pubs altogether are The White Horse, Triangle, Plaza and the Malibu - one on each corner. Malibu has live jazz musicians backing the solo acts, so its a nice change - approx 10 min stroll from where youre staying. Quite a few Happy hours/2 for1 around 9.30 so dont miss out! The Market is not far from you either on Sundays and Wed. Weather will be quite mild then, so bring a jacket for night time, but still sunny during the day, but not hot. Hope you have a lovely time! At least you can still have a ciggy with your drink here!!"
nanny chris w :
"'catcrazy' knows what she's talking about ! Just a couple more things:- change your money with 'sheila' in the market in Benidorm - you get a much better rate over there than here. Just take a few with you for taxis etc. Secondly,we have friends who own a bar on the front at the far end of Levante Beach called 'BAR SOL' .They open up early and are really busy all day -good music,good food,good company, ciggies allowed inside and out. If you get there, just say Chris and Brian from Wales say'hi' !! They close early too My cousin who emigrated there a couple of years ago told me , this week, to go on YOUTUBE and check out Javea(just up the road) weather. For the last 3 weeks or so ,it has been bucketing down causing devastation all down the coast but the sun came out on Thursday again !! Enjoy yourselves !!"
liz c :
"I have stayed in the hotel it is basic and the rooms dont have balconies and the pool is very shaded but it is in the best street in levante area for the surrounding nightlife - all major pubs/clubs within a 5 min walk of the hotel. The food was ok but not amazing but edible but if you got it cheap you have done well as the location is fab.The outdoor market (I think its a sunday) is amazing value for money and a 10 min walk away. At night go to a wee pub round the corner called the pheasant plucker where you get huge 2 4 1 deals on drinks then 3 doors up is the talk of the town where there is great entertainment/tribute acts on nightly - I must make a special mention to the geordie elvis ."
Kirsty S :

Its our first holiday and we wanted to visit spain. I have been searching all day for places and i came accross benidorm. Do you think its a good couples holiday there seems to be alot to do. I just want to go on a holiday and speak the spanish language.. what do others think... is benidorm the place? Thanksssssss love kirsty xx

brownie :
"Benidorm is a place with many, many tourists(millions?) and a lot of things to do.Anyway is a very funny place."
jo jo :

I have a member of my family going to Benidorm soon who is having dialysis at the Clinica Benidorm, address is Avda. Alfonso, Puchades no8. I have been trying in vain to get a map so I can see which hotels or attractions its near. Has anybody been, or know of a web-site that has a map showing the above?

Avril L :
" Try this web site"


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Date: 2008-02-04 22:28:57

Benidorm may be massive, over-run and over-done, but that dosn't stop people from crowding the Benidorm beaches and queueing for hours to get into Terra Mitica! If you are renting Costa Blanca villas, visit Benidorm - but make the effort to go further afield. Visit Moraira or Javea.

Date: 2008-02-04 22:28:57

Don’t write of Benidorm just because of its less than positive reputation, it is a great place to base a holiday due to its location near to lots of sites and attraction both in and out of the town.

Date: 2008-02-04 22:28:57

Benidorm has some of the finest beaches on the Costa Blanca. The Levante and Poniente (sunrise and sunset) beaches are the two long golden beaches which characterise the seafront of the resort. By day the beaches are the top destination of holiday makers

Date: 2008-02-04 22:28:57

Whether or not it is your cup of tea, there is no denying that Benidorm boasts a nightlife of international reputation and some argue the most varied and vibrant nightlife in Spain.

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