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Areas and districtsBelfast expanded very rapidly from small market town to industrial city during the course of the nineteenth century. Because of this it is less an agglomeration of villages and towns which have expanded into each other than other comparable cities, such as Manchester or Birmingham. The city expanded to the natural barrier of the hills that surround it, overwhelming other settlements. Consequently the arterial roads along which this expansion took place (such as the Falls Road or the Newtownards Road) are more significant in defining the districts of the city than nucleated

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Hail Hail It's Celtic Ciara! :

Ok, call me stupid but last time I was in Belfast was when I was 8 (2000). Is it safe for a group of 15 year old boys and girls to go by themselves for the day? We'd be going from Co. Derry

make tea not war! :
"yeah I went up on the train with my friend to a concert and it was fine. we are only 14!"
Orla C :
"Yes, as long as everyone has each other's mobile phone numbers, and takes the normal care you would take anywhere."
Courtney B :
"Sure. In fact, Belfast is a safer city than Dublin. Many people are surprised by this fact. City centre is a fantastic place. Many teenagers come up from the other towns (esp the country areas) to shop, go to the cinema, or go to concerts. Many kids hang around the city centre at weekends. I once took my friend's 15 year old sister visiting from California up the Falls in a black taxi from the city centre. I also walked another mate visiting from America up the Falls Road, had a drink in a pub, and took the black taxi back to city centre. I used to go there and Derry City alone as a teenager myself, and I had no problems. As long as you al have mobiles (in case you spilt up), you will be fine!"
greenorlagh :
"Yep - my sister goes down there now and again. Perfectly safe. Sister is 16 by the way."
»¤●°кιωι gяáçỤ●° :
"Yes just be careful."
babamc4 :
"No problems at all just stick to the city centre"
Stargazer :
"Belfast is OK, but it is the long journey on your own. Ask some parents to go along, they could go off shopping and meet up with you before returning on the train. There is not really that much in Belfast worth travelling so far for. Believe me, i live not far from it. Shops are the same wherever you go."
sasa :
"Yeah i'm 16 and i go all the time. Sometimes the late train home is dodgy on a friday or saturday night but if you're in a group it'll be fine"
Paul A :
"Belfast is safer than Londonderry, just take the same precautions you wold in most Northern Irish cities, ie, dont wear Rangers/Celtic/GAA tops etc, you'll be fine! :D"
sfc :

any ideas on what clubs me n mates should go to when we visit belfast?

paula the blue cow :
"dead head"
AK81 :

I'm going to N Ireland next week and will be going into Belfast for a night out with my girlfriend, where are the best places to go? I'm from N Ireland but moved away 8 years ago to go to uni...

sharon_leto :
"everywhere in belfast is good...just remember to wear your bomber jacket....only jokin"
rodandalisonthompson :
"Crown Bar is a must for a few pints....oldest bar in Ireland. Ulster Folk and Transport Museum at Cultra is a great day out. You dont say what age group you are in - difficult to recommend anywhere."
Mickey M :
"Theres a load of good places in the Odyssey complex. I don't think it was built 8 years ago. The Beach club and bar 7 are good places there. Its on the site of the old shipyard. None of the places at Shaftesbury Square are any good. Personally I also like the Chester on the Antrim Road"
tinklestarling :
"You should go to Shine or The bot. They are both really good bars."
needin sum help :
"YES! i live there woop woop! ok.. for dinner... try the odessey its new complex near the river lagan with cinema clubs bars and restaurants. they cater for everyones taste - The Red Panda (a personal fav) - Pizza hut - Bar Budda - La Tasca i would personally pick the red panda yum yum! going to the oddyssey would also be great because it's all indoors you don't have to get a taxi onto a club! clubbing in the odyssey!... - the Bamboo Beach Club is great craic - The Box (this is a new club just opened in the oddyssey and is VERY popular i havent been myself yet but everyone who has been says it great. If the oddessey doesnt sound the place for you you could try Cafe Milano or Ratz or the cloth ear is good if you want to take her somewhere really fancy. other clubs you might like are the M club, The Parlour, The Bot for a few drinks. hope you have a good night wherever you choose to go =) xoxoxox"
Thomas K :
"add a few more details (age, musical tastes etc)"
matto_uk :
"It's all good in Belfast now - although the days of the Fly being the only choice for non-traditional bars are missed. I'd personally ignore the Odyssey complex as it's full of franchise bars and spotty teens (not exclusively, but generally). The Lisburn Road has plenty of bars and restaurants, including old favourites like the Chelsea and Greens Pizza - but the main change is the amount of new boutique shops. The Cathedral Quarter is where most of the attention is right now - check out the Merchant Hotel (old Ulster Buildings) and a few spots within spitting distance - the Taps tapas franchise opposite (also one on the Lisburn Road), the Pot (more of a clubby bar over 3 floors) and the Spaniard. The old Macausland Hotel has had a Mal Maison facelift and draws a busy crowd to it's black, velvet lounge bar. Back in the centre, there is also Café Vaudeville (the former First Trust bank building in Arthur Street), the Apartment (opposite the city hall, which opened around the time you left) and Ten Square (boutique hotel, bar, restaurant opposite the City Hall). James Street South, is a smart, minimalist restaurant that has established itself over the past couple of years. If you are only heading in for the one night, you'll have plenty of options for great craic in the new Belfast. Hope that helps."
"the garrick in chichester street is a good starting place, traditional belfast pub with character. then madisons botanic ave bit more up market, maybe up to the bot, and finally if you can get in "the milk" down at the old post office, across from the old dubarrys."


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Date: 2008-02-04 22:25:42

Mairead is 20 years old and a Catholic. She has never interacted with a Protestant in her life. Painful memories from her childhood have left her with a deep sense of distrust towards ‘the other side’. When she meets her flatmates new boyfriend, Mairead’s views and feelings towards ‘the enemy’ begin to change.

Dean Jakson
Date: 2008-02-04 22:25:42

Belfast Airport parking is set to become a topic of debate as the increase in parking prices and the decision to scrap free parking for those picking up passengers has caused outrage.

Date: 2008-02-04 22:25:42 held their first, successful event for Northern Ireland Digital Content Creators. Speaking to a full house of creative, media, production and IT companies at %u2018New Ways to Create Revenue Online%u2019 event held in Belfast Wednesday 30 January 2008, the Californian multi-millionaire and former Dragons%u2019 D

Date: 2008-02-04 22:25:42

Some of the most famous names in tennis are set to light up Belfast's Odyssey Arena in February.

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