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Coordinates: 33°53′13″N, 35°30′47″EAfter Ibrahim Pasha captured Akka in 1832, Beirut began its early modern revival. In 1888, Beirut was made capital of a vilayet in Syria, including the sanjaks Latakia, Tripoli, Beirut, Akka and Bekaa. Beirut became a very cosmopolitan city and had close links with Europe and the United States. Beirut became a centre of missionary activity, which was generally very unsuccessful in conversions (a massacre of Christians in 1860 was the occasion for further European interventions), but did build an impressive education system. This included the Syrian

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Meekha :

I went to Amman last summer and I'll be there again this summer. I'll have more time over there this time and I was thinking about trying to get out of there a weekend or two to go to places like Egypt and Lebanon, is Beirut worth going to? I'm a 24 year old black guy and even though people say Amman is boring I had a ton of legal fun while I was there. I liked the reception I got while I was there and I thought the women were beautiful AND nice, even though I think it helped that I speak Arabic. I've heard plenty of great things about Beirut, but with the recent events is that a good place for someone that gets along with people well to go? Is there a lot to do for a young person? Are people racist or stuck up over there? I'm American, but since I'm a medium toned black person that can speak Arabic aight I got mistaken for a Moroccan, Egyptian, Palestinian, Libyan, Brazilian, Nigerian and South African while I was in Amman. I know Amman isn't Beirut but I told everyone that asked that I was American and I didn't seem to have any problems. Equivocal and Decisive what's the date on that article? I'll look it up that way.

drgoodhi :
"no, too dangerous"
fredtubbs :
"Are you American or British? I wouldn't go if you are."
Equivocal and Decisive :
"There was a great article in the NY Times about Beirut singles last month... apparently girls are *very* friendly in November-December. I think you need to pay for the article now, but it's at the following link: I don't think there's active violence there since the war with Israel ended.... but it is Beirut, after all. Date on the article is November 2, 2006 - "Beirut Journal: Where the Boys Are, at Least for Now, the Girls Pounce ""
aj_lets_go_shopping :
"I had a geography teacher once say that Beruit, Lebanon is the most dangerous city in the world, because they really don't have any law and order."
Adam :
"Beirut is too dangerous. Too many terrorists and rumor has it the country is on the brink of a civil war."
Kate :
"Because what is going on right now, I don't advise you to come to Beirut at this moment. Maybe in summer things would cool down (political-wise). I guaranty you Beirut is way better than Amman. Beirut is the capital but Lebanon is very small so you could visit all of Lebanon if you come for a long weekend. You have to go North from Beirut to Jounieh, Geita, Jbeil and Cedars on 1 day. Then you can go South on another day. Beirut itself has the best night life in the Middle East, hip night clubs and great food and shopping. In addition to sight seeing. Also if you come in summer, lots of fun at the beach and loads of concerts (Ricky Martin and 50 Cent were here last summer b4 the war, Snoop Dog was suppose to bethere too but in July the war broke out) People are friendly and not dangerous like some think. The only thing dangerous is the whole situation in the middle East so might as well be in Amman or in Beirut it's all the same. Only better here coz we the Lebanese can manage during a crisis, we are used to it. And like you said speaking arabic helps a lot."
john_smith99912 :
"Hi, well I am an American who is now currently in Beirut and I wany to tell you that Beirut city is the safest and the best city I have been to. I advise you to come visit it and enjoy it."
biscuit :
"I don't think it would be dangerous for you to go there. The war is over but the people are still in a state of shock, you'll hear some people talk about war and stuff but that doesn't mean there's no fun and normal life."
cookie :
"I live in lebanon, and to me its safe...Of course theres a risk in going but im sure if you go you'll love it. The food is amazing and the shopping is too. If your scared about Beirut you can stay anywhere else. Where-ever you go in Lebanon you will love although its quite cold rite now."
Me :
"used to be a great place to visit, not sure now. I hope one day all world will be safe to go"
Pinky :
"Well Im from Australia living in Lebanon for years and its a beautiful amazing country, and believe me as soon as ppl know im from Australia they welcome me in a warm way and their so friendly cool ppl. So yes u would love beirut for sure without a doubt,but i think u should just wait until everything settels down in Lebanon! And good Luck!"
lizincali :

How would be a good way to find out about some family I have in Beirut? My great grandparents came to America from Syria in the early 1900's some time. My grandma (born 1926) was the youngest of six kids i believe(including a twin sister) her oldest sister was born and stayed in Syria when her parents came to America (something to do with money and when the money was sent she had been married by her grandparents) she has told me that i have (2nd) cousins that live in Beirut and I am interested in that side of my family. can anyone tell me what a good way to find my family would be?

Aussie :
"I tracked some of mine down by searching on skype ! You may go up a few wrong paths but if you have the family name , that's where I would start. Lots of luck !"
" Good Luck"
Shari :
"I'm sorta in the same situation. My gramps didn't talk much about the family over there but I'm sure we have plenty. I don't know how to even begin. Sorry."
حلآمبرا :
"There's a link You can post there the pple you are searching for, or even look in the persons that already are registered. You can look for the family name, or the village they were from, or by the name they took when reached America. I got them that way. Good luck !!!!!!!!"
Reikominder :
"ya , i agree with josh , try to find them on facebook or myspace or msn or skype , it really works sometimes. Wish u luck , pls tell us what happened ok, take care, bye"
zarzoorner :
"Call the Lebanese embassy, they will help you, or guide you, how to search for a relatives in Beirut."
k.kingtut :
"Best option to visit there."
maherhadad :

about lebanese / who loves beirut, and what they see in the upcoming future.. is it bad .. or good?

edmdood24 :
"beirut is the best , i see nothing but good things for the lebanese and the beautiful city of beirut."
sun_raise92 :
"why tell us"
beirutsurf :
"Well beirut is going to be in the 2018 Olympics so therefore Beirut is going to be cleaned up and be more fancy. also I've seen billboards around here saying that this company that has built buildings in Dubai is coming to Lebanon to make it great."
Ninamore_7 :
"Beirut is the best city around! it is the mix between the charm of the East and the modernization of the West. People are jovial, like to have fun and socialize. nature is amazing, social life and night lief are the BEST, not to mention there is the high hospitality feel that you get the moment you step on Lebanese grounds!"
me :
"Beirut ,,,i love it veryyyy much ,every thing there is perfect & enjoying,,i wish i could visit it again this summer,"
baby_love :
"i love beirut but im from baalback so i've been there but i like it it's gonna be really bad"


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Date: 2008-02-04 22:24:59

One of the greatest Crusader castles located on a 650m (2130ft) cliff sits on a strategic corridor from Antioch - Syria to Beirut and the Mediterranean sea.

Date: 2008-02-04 22:24:59

The Lebanese Army on Saturday arrested 17 people over killing of seven protestors in Beirut a week ago, the official National News Agency reported.

Date: 2008-02-04 22:24:59

Every now and then, Comme des Garcons will open up a guerrilla store for a while then close it down and move onto another city. Currently there three guerrilla stores in the world including Athens, Beirut and Warsaw. Last Friday, Comme des Garcon opened their fourth guerrilla store in Singapore.

Date: 2008-02-04 22:24:59

How to play Beirut - aka Beer Pong - beer drinking game.

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