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Moto Hospitality is based at Toddington service station. The Kier Group is based in Sandy. Whitbread is based in Dunstable. Education

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flywithme3372004 :

I met someone a long time ago whose address was Keysoe, Bedfordshire, England. Does anyone know what that is? It doesnt seem to be coming up when I do a search for it. Thanks.

paul h :
"it's near ampthill, lidlington, flitwick, houghton conquest, and ridgmont."
phantasy_one :
" "
Paul B :
"About 6 miles west of St Neots and 9 miles north of Bedford"
alan88 :

My dad got caught for speeding 50mph on a 40 mph road. He filled in the form the NIP Notice of Intended Prosecution. But its been about 30 days since we last heard from them. Is there a contact number so we can chase up on whats happening? He is scared that it may have been lost in the post. We need a contact for speed camera around bedfordshire area.

hajman :
andy d :
"i had this problem although i dont live in bedfordshire .. i got caught in flitwick ... you need to call the HQ in kempston . hope this helps"
s_coolgirl777 :

How far is Campton (Bedfordshire) to Luton? How much time does it take to go there? what is the fastest mean of transport from Campton to reach Luton?

Pontac :
"Its about 13 miles. Car would be the fastest, taking 20-30 minutes depending where in Luton you are going (its a big place). If you don't have a car, suggest you call for a taxi. There are bus services but I can't see a regular one, and it won't be faster than car -- see this site for details on Campton and links to bus services"


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Date: 2008-03-28 22:48:16

Come and meet top chef Nigel Brown at Potton Craft and Food Show in Bedfordshire. These mini masterclasses provide the perfect opportunity for a taster of Nigel's cookery school courses that he runs from his home in North Lincolnshire.

Date: 2008-03-28 22:48:16

Cookery mini masterclass with top chef Nigel Brown at Potton Craft and Food Show, Bedfordshire. 4th/5th May 2008. This fantastic opportunity to work with a top chef is brought to you by GMS Events and is available on a first come first served basis at all their top quality food and drink shows around the country.

Date: 2008-03-28 22:48:16

Engineers from Cranfield University in Bedfordshire have converted a Hummer H3 so it can be driven and manoeuvred using a hand-held device...

Date: 2008-03-28 22:48:16

It is clear from the recordings of the conversations between Lion Heart and the Hate Crimes Unit of the Greyfriars Police that the warrant for his arrest is being issued.If he returns to the UK, Lion Heart will be killed by the al-Qaeda-supported Pakistani group in Luton while he is serving his sentence. Or maybe before he makes it to trial.

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