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canjechick2004 :

hi how do u get from bayonne to hackensack new jersey

Michael M :
" buses and a light rail system"
NYC Chutzpah :
"get on the tpke north follow signs to GW bridge, right after the last rest stop stay to your left and get onto rt 80 west, hackensack exits are hudson st and green st."
informatica 4 :

Hi I moving from west coast to Bayonne,nj ,is it a safer place ? just worried about living standards.What about crime rate? Please answer me ,your response is apperciated.

"Do you realize that it's 2 am on the east coast? "
Beaner :
"I lived in Bayonne for 49 years. The standard of living is middle class, but housing is very, very expensive. Within the last 10 years a light rail system was built that provides convenient transportation to NYC, and housing prices went through the roof. Property taxes on new (and old) homes are sinful. There is a very diverse population. Many of the older citizens are of Polish, Irish, and Italian heritage. Many new residents are from Latin America and the Middle and Far East. The city, due to it's geography is very safe. The police and fire departments are top notch. It is very difficult to find a parking spot in many neighborhoods and it is very congested. It is a hard-working, no nonsense kind of town. There are many mom and pop businesses. If you like the sounds of sirens and jet planes Bayonne is the place for you. 49 years was enough for me, but I still like to visit."
robertmusyt :

looking for plastic christmas lawn decorations only in bayonne, nj need store name and exact street address

EnviroDude :
"Walmart carries nativity BlowMolds. I do not know if there is a Kmart there or not, but they will too. For more information about where to obtain Blowmolds (other than ebay), check out forum and ask around there. I am not a big blowmold person, so I am not an authority. But you will find them on PlanetChristmas."


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Date: 2008-02-04 22:19:37

A new web site, Cruising From New York (, providing all the information travelers need to plan a cruise from the three New York area ports, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Cape Liberty (Bayonne), N.J. was launched today by Anne Campbell, a veteran cruise industry journalist.

Date: 2008-02-04 22:19:37

Enjoy 9 nights aboard Royal Caribbean's Explorer of the Seas departing on August 28, 2008 from Bayonne, New Jersey. Group amenities include $100 onboard credit. No forced socializations, your reservation is treated as an individual booking and you are not lumped into a "group" situation.

Date: 2008-02-04 22:19:37

A Bayonne woman was a little hot under the collar after a flaming squirrel detonated her car

Date: 2008-02-04 22:19:37

A kamikaze squirrel fell from the sky and detonated a Bayonne woman's car yesterday, police said today. Wow.

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