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Rock_chickie_rock :

there is a bath, that you can buy, but its amazing because its like a bath within a bath, there is a base bath with a smaller bath inside of that one, the reason why there is a bath within a bath is because if you bathe in the smaller bath and the water over flows in the bath and then goes into the bigger bath around it soz not very well described i just want to know what they are called.

BritishStephen :

Hey everyone, This has been going on a while but ive never realy thaught about it much, I just clean the bath before every use (Twice a day...) and assumed it to be normal. But today after having a bath I cleaned it before (Using Cif Bath cleaner) , had a bath and when I got out - there it was; this horrid yellow bath scum (Plaque like forming on the water line).. Its so frustrating and before you say; no its not off me because other members of the household also experience this. Im pretty damn sure that bath scum shouldn't be forming so quickly after just one use so I can only assume something must be wrong. Does this strange occurance indicate theres somthing wrong with our well water or is it somthing else? Thanks everyone Stephen.

(:♥TayLee♥:) :
"It's probably a combination of body oils and the type of soap you are using. Usually moisturizing soaps don't leave behind a lot of scum, but soaps like Safeguard, dial.. do. You could try adding a tablespoon of baby oil to your bath to see if that helps. Good Luck! =)"
tony testa :
"My guess is that your water supply is very hard. You can get it checked and solve the problem by fitting an in line water softener."
CoRaLreeF :
"it could be because of the products you use? or hard water."
emgeealex :
"Hard water and soap leave a film. Use body wash. Body wash is a detergent like shampoo and will not leave ring around the tub. Try it."
paul h :
"Could be the types of soap, imperial leather is renound for leaving a scum on the bath. Change your soaps"
lix :
"The fact that you've said it's yellowish makes me think you may not be rinsing all the Cif off properly. It may look as though it's rinsed but you may have residue in your bath after cleaning :)"
Steel Lady :
"It's soap scum pure and simple - as suggested by others change to a liquid soap or body wash and you will immediately stop any scum forming... unless you shave in the bath or use a good exfoliator. You will also find changing to a moisturising body wash will be a lot kinder to your skin, especially if you have two baths a day which does seem a little excessive - after all we are British!! :-)"
Stacey-Marie J :
"That scum is formed by the soap/shower gel you use, after a bath immediately rinse it with the shower head - turn the cold tap on so it blasts out fast and rinse the bath."
lushious :

1-bath salt 2-bath bombs 3-bubble bath 4-bath oil 5-bath poporri 6-herbal soaps 7-bath fizzies 8-bath milk 9-bath powder 10-bath pearls

thickness :
"johnson and johnson"
rajan naidu :
"1, 4, 6"
sarabear :
"all of them r good"
CaliforniapRIncess24 :
"1,3,7,10.... and I'm addicted to Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash (the blue lid smells heavenly..and works great!) God..Im in the mood for a nice bubble bath now,thanks!! haha"
Brianna F :
"Number 3 (Lavander baby bath), and number 1 (the Calgon bath salts which come in different scents)"
loveless_sk8er_grl :
"i like them all!!"
depoetic_sbc :
"I use them all! Why limit yourself when you can indulge? Hey... Where's the Calgon? TAKE ME AWAY....!!! Peace."
1401 :
"i like to use calgon and sea salts"
Suzanne :
"Dude, taking a bath would require cleaning out my bathtub a little more thoroughly than I have to clean out my shower. But if someone were to clean it for me, BUBBLE BATH!!!"
♥iilovetuelxo :
"i use 1 calgon bath salt and i light candles adn turn out the lights and have a nice candle light bath =)"
Slim Shady :
helner2 :
"my favorite bath product is the awaken sea salt scrub."
Daisy<3 :
K :
"8 - bath milk"
sarrah_kiim :
"bath and body works is mmy FAVORITE!!!..if you go there there is everything you need to take a bath!!.."
Sierra :
"6-3 a good soap dove or aveeno."
clare c :
"1-bath salt 3-bubble bath 6-herbal soaps 9-bath powder 10-bath pearls are good too and others i don't remember"
queen_angel_23 :
"i love the products of bath and body works and i usually use cucumber melon fragances they are my favorites."
ann2278 :
"I use aromatherapy soaps almost every day. I use bath salts once a week and body scrubs twice a week to continue exfoliating dead skin to maintain my smooth soft skin and I use body butter after bathing. check this out"
Anne :
"All are good. However all for different purpose. Use moisturing products everyday. Love them all. and Indugle like a princess............"
kelly e :
"I use Arbonne's Awaken Sea Salt Scrub (it's amazing) fresh smelling and leaves my skin feeling fresh, clean and soft. It's natural - One thing I have learned is never use any products that contain mineral oils to them. (they dry skin out) not help it (baby oils, vaseline, etc) I also use a nutrimin c bath gel (arbonne) used it two days now it comes with a "puff" love it, So foamy and fresh. I have very dry skin so it's refreshing to use products that are 100% pure, natural."
lilkat205 :
"3-bubble bath"


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Date: 2008-02-04 22:15:08

Gorgeous new construction in Oak Hills 2400 sq.ft. 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths on 4.2 acres

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A Glorious 5 Bedroom, 4.5 Bath Home Located at the end of a Quiet, Secluded Cul-de-sac in one of Carmel Valley

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Date: 2008-02-04 22:15:08

Seven women sampled lotions, powders and creams as an in-home representative showed them her line of products, allowing them to smell, feel and taste what they were buying. Instead of the latest Bath & Body Works products, however, the wares were more along the lines of Bosom Buddy nipple cream and Lickity Stiff lubricant.

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