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The Basque Country (Basque: Euskal Herria) is a historical region in the western Pyrenees mountains that spans the border between France and Spain, extending down to the coast of the Bay of Biscay. It corresponds more or less –but not exactly– with the homeland of the Basque people and language. Biggest citiesBilbao 354.145 inhabitantsVitoria-Gasteiz 227.568 inhabitantsPamplona 195.769 inhabitantsDonostia 183.308 inhabitantsBarakaldo 95.640 inhabitantsGetxo 82.327 inhabitantsIrun 60.261 inhabitantsPortugalete 49.118 inhabitantsSanturtzi 47.320 inhabitantsBayonne 44.300 inhabitants Non-Bas

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Sluugy :

Has there ever been a point when Basque teams cannot sign Spanish players in the other part of Spain or vice-versa? Someone I know was playing an old Champ Manager game. He was managing Real Sociedad & he couldn't sign a Spanish player because he wasn't from the Basque country. I know nothing about this at all, but after looking on Wikipedia I understand that it was an unwritten law that Bilbao or Sociedad would only sign Basque players, correct? Any info appreciated. Thanks.

Darrenj :
"Real Sociedad did not sign a non-Basque until 1989 and that was John Aldridge (an Englishman). This was an unwritten rule and therefore a self imposed handicap. Other clubs have had similar restrictions (eg. Hibernian and Glasgow Rangers). Incidentally the ex-Spanish keeper Arconada (a Basque) always wore white socks when playing for the national team (unusual for a keeper) and it was suggested that he did this so he was not seen to be wearing any part of the national kit."
sensiblesoccer :
"Real Sociedad signs the last years foreign players. In Bilbao play only players from Basque. "The philosophy of Athletic Bilbao doesn't mandate that a player must be born in the Basque Country to play for the club, but the philosophy does establish rules that a player must meet to be signed, and those rules had traditionally made it easier to sign players born in that region, never the less, players born outside of the Basque Country are allowed to play with Athletic Bilbao if they have Basque ancestry and/or if they have learned their football skills in the Basque Country.""
Nick Y :
"I lived in Bilbao and I know that only Basque players are signed to the team. It could be true for that reason that non-Basque country teams don't sign Basque players"
Grim Strategy :

I've been trying to find this out on the web for the past 3 hours. I think that the three provinces might have different rates and I know some good get a discounted rate. I'm just looking for the general rate for each province or for the Basque Country as a whole. VAT is Value Added Tax also called IVA in Spain. The Basque Country has its own tax regime that is largely autonomous from Spain's tax regime and has slightly different taxes than the rest of Spain.

carina001 :
"Well, if you are in France the tax VAT is the same as in the rest of the country. 19.6 per cent."
hunnieb11 :

I am going to France (two weeks in Paris and one week in Basque Country). I was wondering where, other than the typical places, should I visit in Paris and St. Jean de Luz? I will also be there for Bastille Day in Paris, what are some things I shoudl do that day? Thanks!

Manon :
"can't really help with paris... basque country, on the other hand! love it! the place is beautiful and has a great personality of its own. i have spent lots of holidays there, mostly the coast area. biarritz is a lovely seaside town, nice city beaches and walking along the ocean is great. nearby bayonne feels more authentic, beautiful streets. i would definitely go and watch a game of "pelote basque", a great sport, very cool to watch and you definitely get taken in (and i don't really like watching sports!). all the coastal villages are nice to stop in, lots of good surfing beaches everywhere, go for a lesson if you've never tried before, it's amazing! my favourite part is the road that goes high up the mountain once you're in spain in hondarribia (just on the other side of the border, if you have a car) on GI-3440. asolutely fantastic views over france and spain. sare and ainhoa, well preserved basque villages, are also recommended, although i have never been myself. they are more inland. the little train that goes over the La Rhune mountain is also a great activity. more than anything, enjoy the great weather and the food!"


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Date: 2008-02-04 22:13:46

Mixed drinks based on wine instead of hard liquor are gaining popularity for a variety of reasons. Ever had a Kalimotxo? Wine and Coke = a Kalimotxo (Spanish origin, the Basque country).

Date: 2008-02-04 22:13:46

LEAD: While militant separatists continue to dominate the headlines in the Basque country, another war is being fought on a quieter front, with education as the battleground.

Date: 2008-02-04 22:13:46

Father of the Innovation Journalism concept David Nordfors, visiting the Basque Country, told his views on innovation and the role of journalism.

Date: 2008-02-04 22:13:46

A car bomb exploded in the northern city of Bilbao in Spain's Basque Country on Tuesday, burning the bodyguard of a Socialist councillor, police and government officials said.

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