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The Bangkok special administrative area covers 1,568.7 km2 (606 sq mi), making it the 68th largest province in Thailand. Much of the area is considered the city of Bangkok, therefore making it one of the largest cities in the world. The Chao Phraya River, which stretches 372 km (231 mi), is Bangkok's main geographical feature. The Chao Phraya River basin, the area surrounding Bangkok, and the nearby provinces comprise a series of plains and river deltas that lead into the Bay of Bangkok about 30 km (19 mi) south of the city center. This gave rise to Bangkok'

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None :

I am taking a trip to Bangkok, Thailand in August and planning to do a lot of shopping. I am not interested in the regular malls because I can find that in the United States. Can someone recommend me some markets around Bangkok with a variety of items? Also I just finished watching the travel channel they said Cha-Ta-Cha was the hugest market. Where is this place and am I hearing it correctly?

visualthailand :
"1. Street shoping (Night time) Sukhumvit Road Soi 1 to 20 2. Chinatown and Klong Thom Market (Electronics and everything from China) 3. Ploenchit-Ratchaprasong (clothes, local stuff) 4. Silom-Mahesak-New road (clothes, local stuff) 5. Silom-Surawong-Patpong (clothes, local stuff) 6. Ratchadapisek Road (clothes, local stuff) 7. Bang Lamphu 8. Pratunam-Phetchaburi (clothes and ladies accessories) 9. Nai Loet Market (clothes, local stuff) 10. Baiyoke Tower (clothes) 11. Bo-Be Market (clothes) 12. Thailand Export Center Ratchadapisek Road Soi 32 13. Suam Luun Night Bazaar (clothes, handbags, jewelry, local crafts, etc) The place you are referring to from the travel channel is Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok, and they have almost anything you can think of there so it is definitely worth a trip to visit there. Very huge place, can take all day to see everything. If you want to get some idea of what you can buy in Bangkok, check out all these actual photos from here in Bangkok. This will tell you the location as well. This is the best I can think of to show you actual products that you can buy here. Have a great trip"
Kelly C :
"What the Travel Channel was describing was "Chat-uh-chuck" market, also known as the Chatuchak *Weekend* Market. It is a mind-blowingly large market with just about anything and everything you may want to buy for both things Thai and, well, almost anything else. Your problem will be *finding* what you want at Chatuchak as it is very easy to A) get lost, B) get turned around, C) not know where you are in relation to a map... you get the idea. If you go with people and split up, be prepared to never meet up again and find your separate ways back to wherever you are staying. I read that the market is open Friday as well, but I shopped during a Saturday, so can't speak to what it is like (see 2nd link below regarding with specifics.) One other thing, you will find yourself in narrow, crowded corridors between booths, with many walls and roofs, almost no airflow and temperatures approaching 100F. An easy recipe not only for overheating, but just plain passing out. *Cold* water recommended. Bathrooms are available along the larger open-air "streets." There are also certain areas in Bangkok that cater to a particular type of item: clothes are in Petchburi & MDK and *ahem* questionably-sourced very expensive watches & purses for an amazingly smaller price are found at Patpong Night Market (they'll only have obviously fake purses visible, you have to ask about anything else) - buyer beware. Don't discount the things you see in the sidewalk vendors' booths as you walk along. I saw some things there that I actually didn't find anywhere else - though they were probably at Chatuchak...somewhere. I've listed a website or two below that you can use to read more. And I recommend you do a search something like "Bangkok" best places to shop or something similar. You will have a blast!"
The_Mouse :
"You said "I am not interested in the regular malls". Don't be turned off by the world "shopping malls". Some of the malls in Bangkok are not like what you might have in the states. MBK shopping mall is a huge mall but I still like shopping there. It is an experience in itself. There ARE bargain to be had if not just to go in and take in the atmosphere. When I am in Thailand, I still go there for a look around. At least I can look for some great clothing bargain in air-condition comfort rather than the heat of Pratunam clothes market (although I will still go to Pratunam). Across the street from the MBK is another mall which is even more crowded and geared to younger, less money-to-spend crowd and there are bargain there too. Siam Paragon mall - diagonally opposite MBK has an aquarium in the lower level. A great place for a break day from all the shopping. The food court (on the same level) had fish tanks to enjoy while you sit there having a relaxing lunch for cheap (one of them has these amazing pure white gold fish in them). Go. Explore. Enjoy. Be warned - shopping in Bangkok is NOT for the faint hearted. It's shop til you drop - and then some more!"
nowhereman :
"check below for a list of all the shopping areas in Bangkok. Lots to choice from. Happy Shopping"
peanutz :
"Chatuchak Weekend Market or also written as Jatujak Weekend Market. Opens on weekends with 1000+ shops and stall."
msculit :
"Try MBK store or the night market - Suan Lom"
Sniper :
"Chattuchak market!"
Faez G :
"Visit chattuchak market if you are looking for handicrafts. Bought several, 7 to be exact, wooden vases the last time I was there. Only cost me around 1500 baht. Go to MBK if you wanna buy some clothes or fashion accesories. Do not buy handicrafts at shopping centres. Prices are jacked up to 100%-200%. Happy shopping."
ddkreft88 :

Can someone also give us what to do in Bangkok as this is our first time.We shall be with 2 kids aged 8 and 6 so what tourist spots would interest them?

Cheaters are losers :
"The Sofitel Centara. Near the Pahonyothin Subway station. However I would suggest you not stay near Chatuchak as it is really North of Bangkok and away from most of the other places you are likely to visit. More centrally located would be Silom for shopping. Sukhumvit near the Embassy (assuming your American or British) or Siam Central. From where ever you are you can take the Subway to Kamphaeng Phet or BTS to Mo Chit and easily reach the Chatuchak Market on the weekend for about 45 baht ($1.50 each). The BTS and the subway are new and modern and a fast way to get around Bangkok. Heres a map of the subway and BTS. My suggestion would be to stay near Siam Square (Siam Central) or Rachahawi (ratch-a-two-we). There are also some nice 4-5 star hotels near the Embassy. Many people like the Silom area because there's lots of shopping around there also. Check here for a list of things to do. I recommend: Wat Po (Thai massage 150 baht $5 1/2 hour) and the reclining buddha. The Grand palace and Emerald buddha. The Aquarium at Siam Square. JIm Thompsons House (silk) 1/2 half day crocodile farm and elephants rides. Dusit Zoo Muay Thai (Thai boxing) Dreamworld for the kids (Amusement park)..."
beatingupmybrain :
"I suggest Sofitel Central Hotel. It is part of shopping mall on seperate building you can enjoy shopping just walk across the parking area."
Anavat K :
"There are several hotels around Chatuchak, but only Sofitel Centara is 5 star grade hotel . The hotel is a short walk to the subway, which connects to the skytrain. The skytrain can take you to major shopping attractions such as the MBK, Saim Square, and Siam Paragon... don't miss Siam Paragon, a upmarket mega mall with a department store and many high end boutiques and shops. This is a family destination with something for everyone - Siam Ocean World at the basement should keep the kids busy while the serious shopper is at work. Exit at BTS Siam Station which leads to level 2 of this mall. Connected with other shopping mall : Discovery, Siam Centre and MBK. So if you want to have some serious shopping, this is the perfect place."
snakeheadjake :
"You would enjoy yourself more by staying in the Sukhumvit area where you can walk or take the Skytrain to most other places, Your kids would probably enjoy the Skytrain. I also recomend hiring a long tailed boat to take the family across the river through the canals in the old part of Bangkok. If you go on a tour be sure it includes the Floating Market and the Rose Garden, most tours will insist on bringing you to some jewelry shop. There are children's areas in some of the new shopping malls around Siam Center."
Bluemarine :
"I suggest The Sofitel Centara Grand Bangkok (formerly Sofitel Central Plaza Bangkok), complex in Bangkok is in an ideal location by the Vibhavadi Rangsit Highway, opposite the Railway Golf Course and Picturesque Chatuchak Park. Distance from city centre: 5 km Distance from historic area: 5 km Distance from city centre: 15 minutes drive Distance from historic area: 15 minutes driveSofitel Centara Grand Bangkok is 30 km from Don Muang AirportSofitel Centara Grand Bangkok Interesting things to do in Bangkok 1.AMUSEMENT PARKS These are always favourites with the kids and Bangkok has a number of such establishments. One of the more popular of these is the Siam Park, which has a number of pools, water slides and a wave pool, located around 10km outside Bangkok. 2.Another park is DREAM WORLD - Bangkok's newest and largest amusement park. The most popular ride is the "Big Splash" water flume, supposedly the largest in the world. Dream World's rides are the most technologically advanced in the entertainment industry in Thailand, while its Dinotopia exhibit takes visitors back 150 million years to the Jurassic era when dinosaurs ruled the earth. 3.ANCIENT CITY and CROCODILE FARM is the only crocodile farm located close to the city in neighbouring Samut Prakan province. The farm has a regular shows, lots of crocodiles and a tiger that you can take your photo with as well as other animals. 4.CHATUCHAK PARK Situated next to the better-known Chatuchak Weekend Market on Phahonyothin Road, Chatuchak Park is a nicely landscaped park and is considered one of the major parks of Bangkok. This is a nice spot for relaxing after an exhausting shopping at the market and like Lumpini park, boats can be rented to paddle around the waterway. Take the Skytrain to Mo Chit Station. 5.SAFARI WORLD One of the largest open zoos in the world the park also houses a marine park. Residing inside its protective boundaries are both African and Asian animals including rare white pandas. Best reached by taxi. 6.ZOO Originally a private botanical garden for Rama V, the Dusit Zoo is now one of the premier zoological facilities in South-east Asia. Small circuses perform on weekends and public holidays between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Best reached by taxi or from the Wimanmek Golden Teak Palace situated across the street. Admission to the Teak Mansion is included in the price of the ticket to the Grand Palace. If you start early, you can visit all three places in a day. 7. Chatuchak Market is a huge market where you can literally buy just about anything, if you can find it in its massive maze of alleyways. Best on a quick trip or if you are stocking a store back home, it’s easy to spend an entire day here. To get there take the Skytrain to Mo Chit Station. Saturdays and Sundays only. 8.Grand Palace If there is just one sight worth seeing in Bangkok, it is the Grand Palace. Without doubt, the Grand Palace is the best of Bangkok's tourist attractions. Here you will find a collection of ornate temples and other buildings constructed in a variety of Thai styles. The palace loans free clothing and shoes to tourists who are not dressed “appropriately”. Tickets to the Grand Palace cost 125 Baht and include admission to the Wimanmek Golden Teak Mansion, located a short distance from the palace"
DhanaS :
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Snowman1234 :
"5 Star Hotels in Chatuchak : Map of Chatuchak 5 Star Hotel : But look further as not much right here. Try this : Good Research : Things to do and see : Grand Palace / Wat Phra Kaew Wat Pho Wat Arun (Temple of the Dawn) Chao Phraya River Floating Market Chatuchak Weekend Market Chinatown Jim Thompson's House Wat Traimit - Temple of the Golden Buddha Shopping / Local Markets"
KhanhNguyen :

Since I am moving to Bangkok to work from July, I would like to know the minimum expenses I need to live in BKK per month, including housing, transportation, food, entertainment, etc. Is $150/ month enough to rent an apartment in BKK? I am also looking for a place near skytrain or mrt to live in BKK, if you know, pls let me know. My office is on Silom road. Thank you.

Khun Bob :
"$150 a month for an average apartment in Bangkok near the skytrain or subway. You got to be joking me. Good luck finding a place at that price."
karazyal :
"How about checking with some of the people who work in your office and see what they recommend. Perhaps you can share an apartment with a co-worker. Bangkok is cheaper than many cities but I don't think you will find something in that price range that would suit you! A place with cold water, no A/C, squat toilets and in a block of apartments with local Thais as neighbors might be the cheapest apartment you can get. Maybe some local expats on the Thai Visa Forum can help you out a little. Good luck."
emmajay83 :
"you can live comfortably on 30,000 baht a month, but not in the silom area of bkk. as a farang, you'll most likely make a lot more than that."
Elizabeth L :
"150 near the BTS or MRT is pretty tough. Maybe Maybe Maybe by the On Nut or Mo Chit station if you know some people but highly unlikely. I have a friend who pays 4000 and lives fairly close to Mo Chit. You should find an agent. Na Kha."
Tom yum goong :
"Think you would be hard pressed to find a place for $150/month...think you should be doubling that as a minimum For a farang working in BKK, need to be looking at a diposable income of around THB 40,000 to THB 50,000 a month (rent,food,transport,fun etc)"
Olivia JC :
"The lowest I found is around 8000 Baht. it's on Soi Suanplu, 20 minutes by walk to Saladang Station. Can't rememner the name but just check out any service apartment around there."
nadear :
"for rent a room near MBK about 30000baht/month for food and living about 20000bath/month"
visualthailand :
"You are not going to find anything you would dare to live in for $150 (4500thb) per month near Silom road. Silom Road is horribly congested, high pollution due to the backed up traffic, etc. If you are going to be in Thailand for a while, try to remember you only work on Silom road. You do not need to live there. You can find a nice, new, clean aircon flat with bathroom and small outside balcony (no kitchen) all over Ratchadapisek for that amount 4500 to 5000 thb plus utilities cost. As long as you live near the MRT or BTS anywhere, getting to Silom to work will not be that painless. But you have to figure in the cost of the BTS or MRT monthly to get back and forth to work. If you can live like a Thai, you can survive on allot less, maybe 15,000 thb per month. Eating thai food on the street, limited entertainment, etc. Shopping for things you need on the street. However, if you need to live like a westerner here, you are going to have to make a whole lot more. The average foreign English teacher might make 40,000 thb average and they are NOT living the highlife, barely surviving. I think if you can pay all your living expenses, rent, food, utilities, etc. and have at least 25,000 per month left over for fun and entertainment, you would be able to have a decent time here. It might wear off after a year though due to not enough income. Each person is different and it depends on what background you are coming from. The trick is being able to live like a Thai. If you can do that and save on housing and food, you will have something left over for fun and entertainment Good luck"


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On the 28th of August 2008 the Royal Danish Embassy in Bangkok signed Letters of Intent (LoI) on behalf of the Danish Energy Agency with three Thai companies to develop three large scale wind farm projects under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

Date: 2008-09-03 12:19:15

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