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Coordinates: 30°33′N, 115°10′WBaja California (English: Lower California) is the northernmost state of Mexico. Before becoming a state in 1953, the area was known as the North Territory of Baja California. It has an area of 71,576 km² (about 27,600 sq mi, or 3.57% of the land mass of Mexico) and comprises the northern half of the Baja California Peninsula. The state is bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean, on the east by Sonora, the U.S. State of Arizona, and the Sea of Cortez or Gulf of California, and on the south by Baja California Sur. Its northern limit is the U.S.-

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brownsucrose :

Do I need a visa to enter into deep Baja California? Do I need a visa to travel from La Paz to the mainland?

tijuanaguy :
"You can travel freely from the US to the northern part of Baja, but you do need a visa to go south into Los Cabos. Many tourist don't really get this visa, but if you get in to trouble, it can be a double trouble. You can get this visa in the Mexican Customs Office, just when you cross the border. If you're traveling in your car (with US license plates) you also need a permit. I believe you can ask for it in the same Customs office."
sparks_mex :
"Border Zone -- No permits required for tourist travel up to 72 hours. A passport and visa needed for business Remainder of Baja -- For tourist travel, obtain a TOURIST CARD and have it validated after entering Mexico Traveling by Auto -- No permits required for cars, campers, motor homes, motorcycles or other motorized vehicles. You do need auto registration to enter the mainland from La Paz. Immigration is at the ferry dock"
High Jack :
"Baja California (Span.: bä'hä kälēfōr'nyä) , state (1990 pop. 1,660,855), 27,628 sq mi (71,576 sq km), NW Mexico, on the Baja California peninsula. Mexicali is the capital. A rapidly growing state, Baja California is a center of development for maquiladoras, foreign-owned assembly plants that produce finished goods for export to the United States. The plants are centered around Mexicali and Tijuana. Mexicali also serves as the center of a rich cotton producing area, while Tijuana is a noted tourist center and point of entry from the United States. Ensenada is the state's most important port and is also a manufacturing, fishing, and tourist center. Baja California became a state in 1952."
Lemonade Happy PEEPS :

Please, is this a part of Mexico and North America. Please clarify it for me. Do you need a passport to visit in Baja, and what else. Is it different than Mexico? How come not much is heard of it? Thanks.

punkera1977 :
"Baja California is a State in Mexico. So yes you need a passport to visit. oh and it's sorrounded by water."
Michael G. :
"Mexico is part of north america, and baja california is part of mexico. I don't think you need a passport untill next january. If your driving go to puerto Nuevo 15 minutes away from rosarito. another thing if your driving. Don't drive back unless its really really late or really really early because you don't want to get stuck in that border line for a few hours. it's hot as helll."
Wally Y :
"I don't know where you are from, but Baja California is about as well known as Los Angeles. There is so much to do there. There is Tijuana(not Tia Juana, like the Newspeople pronounce). and all the other neat places. History is part and parcel of the entire region. Some of my favorite people have been living there since forever. The Seri Indians. In history in America the most feared Indians were always the Apache. However, when the Seri Indians were on the hunt even the Apaches fled. Why, because until 1948 they were cannibals and headhunters."
Rafa Méx D.F :
"Baja California is a state of Mexico and mexico is parth of noth america!!"
ArTeKS :

How come there is California, Baja California and Baja California Sur as three different states (separated by horizontal borders)? Did they ever form a single State/Country/Republic, or why is it that they all are called "California"?

Gaspode :
"When the western part of North America belonged to Spain, the west coast was thought to be an island, they had not made it all the way up the Gulf of California. So yes it was all one, first under Spain, then Mexico, then the U.S. took it by conquest during the Mexican War. The name came from a work of fiction where the mysterious land of California was an island kingdom ruled by amazons. The legend has become partly true 8-)."
Walter E :
"They are all "California"s because they are geographically linked but never were linked by a single government except when the Spanish held lands in the Americas."
waggy_33 :
"no, mexico owns it"
Oleg E :
"Yes. Alta y Baja were once one California"


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Date: 2008-02-04 21:55:55

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The leaders of Baja Softball, a new organization for Girls Fastpitch Softball in Baja California Mexico have announced it's ambitious and assertive 5 Year Plan for success.

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A new year brings new goals, hope and energy. And, what better way to feel reinvigorated in the first few months of 2008 than to witness the 5,000-mile journey of the California gray whales! From now until March, tens of thousands of these "peaceful giants of the sea" travel from the Alaskan seas to the warm waters of Baja California.

Date: 2008-02-04 21:55:55

Baja California Has the Most Trash on the Floor Per Capita in all of Mexico! Where is the Iron Eyes Cody of Mexico? Can he save Baja California Mexico from it's own garbage?

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