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Mainholm Academy - On the 24 November 2006 it was revealed that Mainholm would be closed permanently for safety reasons. Pupils have been relocated to Ayr, Kyle, Belmont, and Queen Margaret academies.Pupils living in North Ayr may happen to attend Prestwick Academy instead of Ayr's secondaries.Wellington School is an independent day school in the Seafield area of Ayr. The school opened in 1836 providing private education for girls. As of 1994, Wellington has welcomed male and female pupils. It is the only independent school in Ayrshire. Further educationAyr College, formerly named Ayr Technic

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Madina :

This is proberly a long shot but can anyone tell me the nearest pay parking to Ayr Sheriff court. Thanks,

imdashti :
"Please check this site: "
fiona :
"There are on-street spaces on Wellington Square, outside the court, but it is restricted to two hours and you need to buy vouchers from shops beforehand. Better to use Charlotte Street off-street car park (£3 maximum for 24 hours). Come out of the car park via the vehicle entrance, turn right and then left and the courts are straight ahead. 300 yard walk."
Sluttty McSluttt :

I am Killie till I die and feel so jealous of all the old firm in fighting out there! Is there any Ayr Utd supporters out there I can pick on or am I gonna have to turn on Jeff C and his Paisley Slums? I'm doin just fine babe! Hey Fudgster, not angry, you'd probably like me if I was cause i'm very mean!!!

M6Kenzie :
"the only good thing from ayr united johnny doye. god bless him. hail hail"
L F :
"they dont have electricity down there yet,so no computers,no yahoo answers,no fighting with killie tarts.x how you doing babe?"
dicko :
"Na, nae Ayr Utd supporters out there,(at least they won't admit to it), so let's keep rippin' the pissssss oot the Old Firm, and the paisley saints as well."
Fudgie :
"Hahaha.....Why are you so angry. must be something in the water. Slutt...yummy..I love a mean woman.x JeffC...Barrhead...`thats the best joke you`ve came out with...lol"
ianforty3 :
"Why not"
gaz :
"Best team in ayrshire isn't killie I will say that Naismith is going already and the rest cant kick a football"
jeff c :
"turn on me all you want sluttt i'll take you around Paisley and show you the sights....believe me it doesnt take long a nice romantic trip down into feegie park where you gotta have a hard hat on to avoid the bricks....lovely.trouble is i'm an ootsider i stay somewhere worse........lmao ...........in sunny barrheid btw do you like my goofy look aye fudgie its a fookin' hoot aint it but the sad thing its true......lmfao......and cheers dicko its always nice to be told you will be getting the p*sh ripped out of you.....hahaha....keep it coming ya spangle.........fudgie and dicko stop it my jaws are getting sore laffing"
Rod Stewart :

Is Butlins in Ayr, still Scotlands No 1 holiday destination? Anywhere better?...

sharon :
GemGem :
"Hiya there is only 3 butlins resorts in the UK which are skegness, Minehead and Bognor regis. I know there is a haven in Ary which i have been to a couple of times which is nice. I have also been to the butlins in skegness a few times and we really enjoyed it lots of activities to do especially for the kids i have to say we preferred butlins to haven. Hope this helps. x"
peter j :
"butlins as in hi-de-hi doesnt exist anymore, cost cutting, spanish holidays and so on. butlin reduced to the most profitable (about 2 or 3 camps in south england) haven is an expanding company who took over a few holiday camps and ayr is now called craig tara. it is probably the biggest of its type in scotland. it depends on the type of holiday you require but we liked it."
Pit Bull :
"No longer Butlins....they pulled out years ago. Site is now called Craig Tara and is all privately owned."
Madina :
"I live 30 miles from Ayr and Craig Tara is their now. There was a lot of scandal surrounding the Ayr Butlins so maybe its for the better that its gone."
Fat Bob :
"Hey,Rod,you're in the wrong section."


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Date: 2008-02-04 21:53:03

Ayrshire, Scotland, 1 February 2008--AYR UNITED Football Club has been awarded planning permission to build its new stadium.The facility, to be developed at Heathfield, will mean fans can enjoy a 7,650 capacity stadium on the northern part of the site.

Date: 2008-02-04 21:53:03

Ayrshire, Scotland, 29 January 2008--Ayr Racecourse's next meeting takes place on Saturday 9 February with the seven race card offering a healthy £51,000 in prize money. The Valentine's Raceday will be the first of two held in February (there is also a meeting on February 21) and there is some great racing in prospect.

Date: 2008-02-04 21:53:03

Rabbie Burns The Scottish BardRobert(Rabbie)Burns,was born in Alloway near Ayr Scotland,on January 25th 1759. In his short life ,Burns took the literary world by storm and became a Scottish legend

Date: 2008-02-04 21:53:03

As an historian compares a Tom Cruise PR video for Scientology to the work of Goebbels, Chris Ayres reports from LA: is the organisation a dangerous cult, or a harmless celebrity club?

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