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Avoriaz is a French mountain resort in the heart of the Portes du Soleil.For visitors it offers both winter skiing and snow-based pursuits, and summer walking, golf and other outdoor activities. Cars are forbidden in Avoriaz, the station is designed to be fully skiable. ArchitectureAvoriaz is rather distinctive amongst the 60's purpose built ski resorts. Jacques Labro built the Dromonts hotel in March 1966 and this design set the tone for the rest of the development. The design of this building eschewed the Alpine Chalets more commonly found in this region in favour of a bold and unique desig

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thenew p :


c'est.la.merde :
"Yes I have already skied"
bittersweetnyc :
"Yes i live close by, It's nice overthere if you do like skiing during the day and party during the night, you'd better rent a car as well unless u don't mind being stuck your all holidays there... Are u planning to go there for holidays ? Have fun"
katya :
"I just read a book that takes place there! (Still thinking of you, even though I shouldn't be), It sure makes me want to go!!"
Louise O :

alternatively we could do 2 nights 23rd and 24th feb [two of us only]if a week accomadaton cannot be found?

Thierry :
"Try Hotel.com, they have places everywhere"
angelica :
"try in here"


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Date: 2008-02-04 21:50:36

It's a revolutionary invention for European snowboarding, but we almost miss it. Ripping through a foot of soft snow at the edge of a blue piste on our first morning in the French resort of Avoriaz, we are halfway back to the chairlift when I glance over my shoulder and spot something through the trees.

Date: 2008-02-04 21:50:36

French luxury ski resort Avoriaz

Date: 2008-02-04 21:50:36

January 26th – February 2nd, 2008 the ski resort Avoriaz in France invites those in search for their “half” for a “Singles Week”, organised by Dating direct international dating club. Special packages cost 395 Euros for two and include apartment accommodation, entertainment and candle-lit dinners......

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