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People CulturesAuckland is home to many cultures. The majority of inhabitants claim European - predominantly British - descent, but substantial Māori, Pacific Islander and Asian communities exist as well. Auckland has the largest Polynesian population of any city in the world and a higher proportion of people of Asian origin than the rest of New Zealand. Ethnic groups from all corners of the world have a presence in Auckland, making it by far the country's most cosmopolitan city. DemographicsThe proportion of Asians and other Non-European immigrants has increased during the last decades due

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Printer :

Hey. I have just moved to Auckland from Nelson and the first thing I have noticed is how similar it is to Sydney. Harbour bridge, north shore (etc.). I don't really like Auckland and prefer Nelson but I have such a good job here and my kids are pretty happy at their school and we have a good house in a nice area but still Nelson is the best lol. Who else thinks sydney is similar?

Luke L :
"they seem to have ripped off sydney a little with its sky tower, its harbour bridge and its north shore, but lets not tell the aussies that, they have big enough heads about themselves already"
davie :

I will be landing in Auckland and I hope to stop a few days at Auckland YHA. Can you advise of the distance from airport to the YHA? Also can anyone give an approx cost of taxi for this journey as well. Thank you.

Billan :
"A taxi is expensive around NZ$50-70 depending on traffic and taxi company. Best to take the blue Airbus from outside all 3 terminals - the driver will drop you close to the hostel. Cost is around NZ$20. Distance about 23km and takes about 45 - 60 mins Have a great trip"
Lee12 :
"Don't think about using taxis frequently in NZ unless you're loaded!"
Doug :

I have been going to nz on holidays, and had never been to auckland until last trip. New zealand is quite compared to australia. But when i went to Auckland i found it like home, busy and pushy like sydney Why is auckalnd different to the rest of the country Not saying i didn't love auckland! Cheers

mareeclara :
"Its also what the rest of the country thinks!! It has a third of the population... which would account for quite a bit of that and being large it attracts the wheelers and dealers from all around the country to it for work etc. We call them either Dorklanders or JAFA...Just Another F******g Aucklander and they do get a lot of stick just for living there (as we think they are selfcentred and don't care about anything south of the Bombay Hills!!!).....however I guess its just lifestyle."
Sarah L :
"It's greeener and there's less shops so everyone wears the same clothes. THere's only 1 themepark (Rainbows End) and Wairau Pools is considered as a tourist attraction. That's compared to Sydney... But compared to the rest of NZ, Auckland is better, bigger and richer! Plus there's the Sky Tower and the Viaduct Basin. Wellington is a major disappointment so that's why I'm in Auckland."
cernunnicnos :
"It's simply a numbers thing. If you haven't already, check out Rangitoto island and some of the volcanoes around the city like Mt Eden and One Tree Hill (sans tree!). Have a look at Howick Village too, both the colonial building collection near Lloyd Elsmore park and the township of Howick a few minutes further down the road."


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Date: 2008-02-04 21:44:52

Apparently Auckland, New Zealand’s Brunettes have this live shtick that involves spelling out the big capital letters in “BABY,” and getting the whole crowd into it, too. We haven’t seen this yet, because the Heather Mansfield, Jonathan Bree, and their rotating cast of collaborators are always playing in Brisbane, Australia when we wish...

Date: 2008-02-04 21:44:52

Get direct links to 40 of the Best Alternative Radio Stations streaming music 24 Hrs. a day and we threw in the Alternative Slide Show with over 400 CD covers from the most current Alternative artists & bands.95B Auckland NZAFK Hamburg DECFOX Vancouver BCCONEXION Costa RicaEDGE Toronto ONERREUR Paris FRFBI Sidney AUFREQ Winnipeg

Date: 2008-02-04 21:44:52

An international hip-hop showcase in Auckland has been canceled less than 48 hours out, because of an organizational blunder.The Get Served Tour, featuring US artists Omarion, Marques Houston and Avant, was due to take place at Vector Arena this evening.

Date: 2008-02-04 21:44:52

A study into how people can be made to forget offers hope for the treatment of memory loss. Auckland Hospital neurologist Barry Snow said identifying the parts of the brain involved in repressing memories would be a big step forward to new treatments for memory loss.

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