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findtriny :

What is the climate like in the Atlas mountains?

paulinari :
"nice, there is snow in winter, but in the spring and summer is very pleasant to go there to chill a little!"
kalizzi :
"In the high Atlas mountains the weather and climate are much influenced by height. The Atlas mountains here are at their grandest with the highest point (Mount Topkal, nr. Marrakesh) rising to 4,165 m/13,660 ft. Winter snowfall can be heavy and the highest areas are snow-covered well into the summer. The nearest location to the Atlas mountains is Marrakesh, whose weather is available under this link: If you are going north, then knowing the weather of this city is also useful (Taza) The climate paragraph of this page may also help: Hope this helps, and good luck."
Yassinou :
"cool weather, I mean rather very cold in Winter and fresh in summer. You mean the High Atlas (near Marrakech, cold) or the Middle Atlas (near Azrou, cold) or anti-Atlas in Agadir (warm)."
richie1383 :

We are looking to go to Marrakech which we already have a Riad, but then going to stay in the Atlas Mountains for one night, perhaps incorperating a Camel/Horse ride. Are there any places for this?

essayedfr :
"Search the web for "Ourika valley". I liked Le Maquis, see the hotel search linked below."
rosie :
"I agree Ourika is amazing!!! We visit Morocco every year and Marrakech is my favourite but even more so because Ourika is not far from Marrakech. Enjoy!"
bumkin :
"if you want to spoil yourselves check out the Kasbah toubkal very very nice!"
cheriftrans :
"HI , i can mannage this for you , but i need to know the date .i will make sure that u guys u will love the place when u will stay for one night , for sure when u said atlas montains there is ''ifrance city and Imozar and AZROU CITY AND THERE IS A BEAUTIFUL CITY CALLED Midelt u will love to spend a night there . you have my email , will wait for you answ er +i have a tourist Bus for 8 seats .incase you are interrested . my email is : . Sincerely , cheriftrans."
VS Prasad :

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Comments on Atlas Mountains

Date: 2008-02-04 21:44:01

Stand in Marrakech and you can see the Atlas Mountains looming in the background. So why is it that Morocco is associated with souks and sand, but not snow? Ok, so it’s not Aspen, but the ski resort at Oukaimeden is easily accessible, functional, and, most importantly, cheap.

Date: 2008-02-04 21:44:01

It's the planet inside your computer, a virtual world atlas. Just point and zoom to any place you want to explore and google earth will fly from Cities to mountains to valleys in high-resolution 3D all with its exact information like location, name of the parks, streets, mountains, valleys, building.

Date: 2008-02-04 21:44:01

Marrakesh the land of the red ochre, since most of the buildings are covered with it and then you have the snow clad Atlas mountains for contrast. I have to say that when I travelled to Marrakesh I cam here with certain preconceptions about this palace and the Moroccan culture. I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised with the way my en

Date: 2008-02-04 21:44:01

beneath the high mountain range of the African Atlas is the red city of Morocco known as Marrakech. With a culture that has grown to be so vibrant, free, and pure, who would have known that this imperial city only started as another pit stop for medieval caravans? However, regardless of its humble beginnings, you’ll still be bound by its magic spel

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