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Atlantis (in Greek, Ἀτλαντὶς νῆσος, "island of Atlas") is the name of a legendary island first mentioned in Plato's dialogues Timaeus and Critias.In Plato's account, Atlantis, lying "beyond the pillars of Heracles", was a naval power that conquered many parts of Western Europe and Africa 9,000 years before the time of Solon, or approximately 9500 BC. After a failed attempt to invade Athens, Atlantis sank into the ocean "in a single day and night of misfortune".As a story embedded in Plato's dialogues, Atlantis is generally seen as a myth created by Plato to illustrate his poli

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Sara B :

i believe Atlantis is between malta and sicily cause there is kinda a bed sea there ....and arcelgists (whatever)they say that atlantis was part of malta but in d past ...lonngg timee ago a huge tidal wave ....carried away part of atlantis and that is found between malta and sicily. ♥ppl sry 4 my bd english but i tried 2 explain it how i could ♥(note) >>>this tidal wave that i metioned really happened in the history of malta so its not invented...and before i said all that i made researches on it not fake ...and there are alot of ppl thinking that atlantis is between sicily and malta(included me )☻ >wat do u think about it? guys my question is what do you think about what i said,exactly. But anyways tks for all your answers ppl.

ravingnative :
"Plato said it was beyond the pillars of Hurcules wich are the Straits of Gibralter or the rocks of Gibralter . This would make it somewhere in the atlantic. But it could have been anywhere around there. He was only telling a story he read from older writings."
Delta D :
"I guess Atlantis could be there. I thought it was off the Greek coast myself. Have you ever read Tom Wolfe's "The Electirc Kool-Aid Acid Test"? You'd like it."
starkneckid :
"I suggest you read J.V. Luce's book Lost Atlantis: New Light On An Old Legend--lots of good information and a thoroughly convincing argument. I never believed in Atlantis until I read this book!"
Shaba :
"everything is possible until proven wrong of course.... who knows if atlantis exsisted though? it would be great if this was true... malta would be the site of one of the most interesting intrigues of histroy!"
*CMR* :

We are concitering going to atlantis in the bahamas for the 1st time. We are looking for some advice on what there is to do, and if it was fun. Also, which hotel do you prefer. There are either 5 or 9 we arent sure yet. ..We want to stay at an atlantis resort

tsull73 :
"Atlantis is a fun place...but it is outrageously expensive...there are no inclusive you pay for everything, and everything is overpriced...If you have kids, they will have fun..but could take them to Beaches, save a bundle and they'll still have a great time."
shaneebug :
"OMG...go for it....if you can afford it why not. I saw this place on the travel channel and it's absolutely a paradise here on earth!! My girlfriend Gail also swears by this resort and she is the manager of another resort on Paradise Island. She said that's one of the top resorts in the Bahamas If I had my choice of all the Bahamian resorts...this would be top of my list and by far it has every amenity you could dream of. Not to mention the architecture is to die for!!! If you go can you update us or post pictures on line!!! Have fun!!!"
michelob86 :
"Everything costs. Everything. And not very reasonably. It's on it's own "island" and does not have shuttles into town, only to the airport and back (to keep you there and anteing up). My advice is to rent a car, and eat (and drink) in town, or bring your own booze and snack stuff ( by having a cabby stop off at the local shopping areas and stock up before going into the resort)"
stephanieamundsen :
"I went with my family to the Nassau last Christmas and had a great time. When I went to book the Atlantis the website said they were all booked. So we stayed at another hotel and had a great stay! We decided to go to the Atlantis and check things out and gamble a little bit. It was gorgeous! Come to find out that the website wasn't working properly and I could have called for a room and got it. Very disappointing. I would really have liked to stay at Atlantis. I saved a lot of money staying where we did. I think you should consider staying somewhere cheaper with all inclusive and just go over to Atlantis to walk around. Good luck with everything!"
Adam D :
"I think you should hit the trip adviser website. I've never stayed at Atlantis but I've spent lots of time in the Bahamas as well as the other islands (I now live in Antigua). The Bahamas is dangerous and Bahamians have a hell of a lot to learn about politeness. Don't take my word for it, hit the travel websites and look it up for yourself."
dandanthecranman :
"Its very expensive, but if you have the money, go!!! That hotel is amazing, but be prepared to see $$ just flash by your eyes"
"Atlantis HANDS DOWN!!! They have the aquarium, man made beach, water sports, casino, mall, yaughts (great people to network with) however!!!! You can stay at the holiday inn/british colonial and still have access to the Atlantis Amenities. Look into it!"
Leannedrufy :

does anybody know the way to atlantis?

PsychoMistress :
"It is speculated that Atlantis is actually an island near the Greece mainland. If that's true, I guess I'm an Atlantean."
craftyjem719 :
"through the stargate"
silverbirch :
"Stand on a beach in Portugal, face the sea, and start swimming."
Duckie64209 :
"The resort in Nassau?"
amber :
"by traveling back in time and space, also known as astral travel"
Lella :
"In all honesty, Atlantis can not be found. Why? Because I destroyed it. You see, it was originally in Missouri, but I decided I didn't like it anymore. And, poof! It was gone just like high test scores and no national debt. I have pictures, though, if you'd like to see. lol. =]"
Ania :
"No one knows for sure, but my personal opinion is that it's through the Bermuda Triangle."
Allahu Akbar :
"mediteranean sea, island of theira"
Phoenix Starfire :
"I'll start at the beginning. First there was Mu, or Lemuria. It is postulated this continent could only have existed in the Pacific Ocean due to it's size. Easter Island is supposed to be the only remnant still above sea level. When it sank the survivors founded Atlantis. There are numerous possible locations for it, however, the most promising for mine are the ones suggested off the Azores. The water is so deep we have not yet been able to do proper study down there. Atlantis is supposed to have sunk due to some great cataclysm approx 12,000yrs ago, meaning any traces of it would be very difficult to locate."
marcy_ddd :
"It's been said that the Nazca Lines in Peru are the landing strips for the Atlantean cosmonauts. Atlantis it's a beautiful myth. Once it's proved by science that it actually existed then I'll go for it. Meanwhile I just enjoy reading about it as any other piece of mythology, like the ones described in several holy books."
Sparky5115 :
"I believe that it is on the ocean floor beneath the Bermuda Triangle."
AmarDrifter :
"so there are atlantean cosmonauts..maybe the ufo that u see today is actually the atlantean.."
guidikc :
"Try MapQuest!!"


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Date: 2008-02-04 21:43:21

Review of the Stargate Atlantis Episode Outcast ...

Date: 2008-02-04 21:43:21

Rain, low-laying clouds may signal delay of Atlantis' launch on Feb. 7.

Date: 2008-02-04 21:43:21

The Space Shuttle Atlantis is set to blast off to the ISS on Feb. 7. However NASA officials say a new, as of yet unidentified "Launch Configuration Glitch" could delay that launch even further. Engineers are looking into the glitch, which causes the "Big Red Button" in Mission Control to light up whenever Atlantis' computers are switched on.

Date: 2008-02-04 21:43:21



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