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Pollution and EnvironmentAir pollution remains to some degree an issue for Athens, particularly on the hottest summer days. Nevertheless, widespread measures taken by the authorities throughout the 1990s have dramatically improved air quality. In late June 2007, the Attica region experienced a number of brush fires, including one that burned a significant portion of a large forested national park in Mount Parnitha - considered critical to maintaining better air in Athens all year round. Damage to the park has led to worries over a stalling in the improvement of air quality in the city.Athens

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soccerchika78 :

This is a passage but I can't seem to find the answer. In some city-states, most notably Athens, the idea of representative government took hold. In Athens, as in other city-states, wealthy nobles and poor people clashed. The people of Athens avoided major political problems, however, by making reforms. Reformers in Athens tried to build a democracy. In 594 B.C., a trusted statesman named Solon came to power. He introduced far-reaching changes to the government of Athens. He gave citizens a greater voice. He made it possible for any citizen of Athens to join discussions in the assembly, which approved laws. About 90 years later a leader named Cleisthenes took power and introduced further democratic reforms. Athenian citizens, then, we able to participate in a limited democracy. Not everyone was involved in making political decisions, though. Only free adult men were citizens. Women and slaves had few rights. They played little or no role in political life.

redunicorn :
"Slaves and women had no rights."
jiahua448 :
"Only free adut males had rights"
m :
"isn't a democracy the rule of the majority? free men and noble men were not a majority and they were the ones who ruled."
seabhcan :
"Plato's theory was that there were 6 forms of government - pairs of 3, with laws and three without. Plato proposed that a Republic was rule by citizens while respecting traditional laws. 'Democracy' was the chaos that would happen if everyone, citizens women and slaves, could all vote and laws of property were not respected."
Existentialist :
"The reason Athens can't technically be called a true democracy is because both women and slaves could not vote. The passage, however, is incorrect in saying that only free adult men were citizens, as women were citizens, but without the right to vote. Later on, Athenian women's role changed under Pericles' and they truly became of colossal importance in Athenian society. To truly get the feel for Greek democracy, one must remember the period. Nothing of this magnitude had ever been seen, so it should be natural that there were flaws to it. Regarding M's answer about 'rule by majority': "Athens' radical democracy balanced two competing principles; - participation by as many ordinary male citizens and possible in direct democracy and selective leadership by elite citizens." The above mentioned quote is the best quote regarding democracy as we view it now, as opposed to what it actually was to the Greeks."
soubassakis :

Hello dear! Tomorrow I am planning in paying a visit to Delphi, from Athens. I am thinking in driving from Athens through Eleusina to Delphi and return from Delphi through Livadia (?) to national highway to Athens! What do you think/ propose? Thank you Christine, Angele and Alex for your answers! As turned out, I followed Alex's suggestion and I am already back in Piraeus. Thank you Angele! My friend was afraid of ships and thus we did not sail to Italy, next time I will follow the route you advised! Christina, you are absolutely correct (again! - how do you make it without the experience of making mistakes?) Next time I will definitely visit the Osios Loukas Monastrery!

Dellarovere :
"Since you seem to have doubts about the itinerary, let me propose to you another one: Get a boat to Ancona (from Patras). Drive up to Venice, (feed the pigeons at St. Marc's quare), drive to Trieste, drive down through ex Yogoslavia, make a deviation from Skopia to Bulgaria, cross the boarder to Greece, drive from Thrace to Makedonia, eat bougatsa at Thessaloniki, reach Katerini and Larissa, drive to Livadia, Amfissa, Xrysso (where they sloughtered rams for Maria Pentagiotisas' sake), and then drive up Delfi. You can return to Athens onboard the golden charriot of Apollo... Welcome back, Strato...."
cpinatsi :
"I always go to Delphi from the Ethniki odos Athinon - Lamias, through Livadia or Orhomenos. On your way, don't forget to visit the monastery of Hosios Lukas, I know you are more a fan of ancient monuments than of Byzantine, but we are talking about an artistic masterpiece and a world heritage site. Go for me, and then you'll tell me if you have regretted it (I bet you'll be happy you went)."
alexlascari :
"The way you chose is perfect. You will not make the same way back (twice) and you'll see a lot of things. I agree you must visit Osios Loykas, it is a very important Bysantin monument."
Kathryn K :

I have a client that wants to spend a few days in Athens with his family and then wants to move somewhere else for a couple days that is historically interesting near Athens but it doesn't have to be an island? Do you have any suggestions? Then if you think it should be a island, please answer why and how far it is from Athens so I can convince him. I appreciate any help you can give me.

silly goose :
"ive been to greece 2times now i love it try thessilonica its a neat town cuz if your EASTERN ORTHODOX they have a million great churches to go to and the food is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!anywhere in greece is awesome !!!!! maybe cuz im a greek myself!!"
ranger_girl :
"How about Nea Makri? It is a wonderful suburb along the sea, 2minutes from Marathon the big historical milestone and just 10minutes away from Rafina port where your client and his family can go to several Cycladean island IF they desire. It is not a restrictive area and there are plenty of things to do. It is far enough from Athens to have clean beaches, good food and great hospitality yet close enough for Athenian sightseeing. I highly recommend it."
cpinatsi :
"Nafplion is a 2 hour drive from Athens, it is near Epidaurus, Mycenae, Tiryns, and it is a very historic town too. Please ignore the previous answers, Thessaloniki is far away, and Nea Makri is a disgusting non-historic town built on a very historic site, granted, but you can't see anything nice there."
Louis :
"I agree the best place to go near Athens is Nafplio. It is a wonderful city and it's very close to Epidavros and Mycinae!!!"
Kosmas :
"I vote for Ancient Olympia.(300km) from Athens Note good hotels are expensive"


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Date: 2008-02-04 21:42:10

From On Friday Jan 25th after we posted our Tom Cruise Spoof, we started getting these weird emails. We didn't think much about it because we got a ton of negative emails for our Steve Irwin video.I got a call from one of my friends about 8am Monday morning saying that was down. An article ran in the Athens paper on Tues

Date: 2008-02-04 21:42:10

Every now and then, Comme des Garcons will open up a guerrilla store for a while then close it down and move onto another city. Currently there three guerrilla stores in the world including Athens, Beirut and Warsaw. Last Friday, Comme des Garcon opened their fourth guerrilla store in Singapore.

Date: 2008-02-04 21:42:10

"About 400 anarchists barricaded themselves along the main street throwing rocks and petrol bombs," a police officer at the scene said. "Two policemen and two anarchists have been slightly hurt, but there are no serious injuries."

Date: 2008-02-04 21:42:10

First of a six-part commentary on Plato's short dialogue the Crito. The Socratic idea seems to have been that philosophy (the life of the mind) and politics (the life of action) are fundamentally divorced, but philosophy has the privilege of insight rather than hindsight: Socrates can get Crito to obey the law while also showing Athens unjust.

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